7 Best Stores for Teens ...


7 Best Stores for Teens ...
7 Best Stores for Teens ...

Finding the best stores for teens is so important for the under-18 fashionistas looking for the newest trends! Shopping is a huge part of teens’ lives and you want to be able to find stores that fit you. Here is a list of my favorite stores for teens that you should definitely check out!

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Forever 21

Forever 21 is definitely at the top of my favorite stores for teens list. Not only do they keep up with new and upcoming fashion trends, but they are also very affordable! Their styles range from crisp and classy to proud and sassy, plus they always have happy mediums in between. The next time you go to the mall, check out this very teen-focused store!



Although somewhat pricy, Hollister is undoubtedly one of the most popular teen stores. Its style is based around the worry-free teen who can look classy and laid back all in one! You’ll see their brand name on most of their pieces so everyone will definitely know how chill you are when they see you sporting your new outfit! Next time you go shopping, put Hollister on your list of stores to hit!


Hollister captures that SoCal vibe that many teens are after. With their selection of cozy, yet stylish jeans, soft hoodies, and beach-inspired tops, they encapsulate the essence of youthful exuberance and the endless summer. Although price points might be higher, the quality and trendiness justify the cost for those looking for durability in their relaxed fashion statement. Seasonal sales and discounts are also available for the savvy shopper, making it easier to grab those eye-catching pieces without breaking the bank.


Hot Topic

This teen store’s name speaks for itself, it is definitely a hot topic! This alternative shop is extremely popular with so many of my friends. You can find anything from dresses with spikes to headbands with pink bows. There is such a large range of items in this store, you won’t know where to start!



Every time I go shopping with my friends at the mall, I make sure we always stop at Delia’s. This teen store always has the newest fashions for all seasons and the cutest t-shirts ever! I always snag a deal and with a little searching you can find the perfect outfit that fits you. A store with fair prices and the cutest teen clothes? Sounds like a teen’s dream come true!


Charlotte Russe

This store, named after the delicious French dessert, also has deliciously fab style! This teen store originated in California and they stay true to their roots by keeping their clothes light and fun! They appeal most to the daring teen girls who aren’t afraid to start a new trend! Head over to Charlotte Russe and become the next trend-setter!


Charlotte Russe is the perfect spot for those who love to stay ahead of the fashion curve. With an array of cutting-edge styles that perfectly blend youthful charm with a dash of sophistication, it's no wonder fashion-forward teens flock to their stores. Whether it's a sparkly dress for prom or just a casual chic top for the weekend, their collections are constantly updated to ensure you're always en vogue. Plus, their prices are super affordable, meaning you can fill your closet without breaking the bank. Step into Charlotte Russe and let your fashion journey begin!



Along with the cutest clothes, every teen needs the best accessories to complete their outfit. Claire’s is the place to go for jewelry, headbands, earrings, gloves and more! And if you don’t have your ears pierced yet, they’ll do that for you too! Although this fashion-forward store widens their horizons to all ages, their main focus is teens looking for the perfect accessories. Go check it out!


Old Navy

Last but definitely not least is Old Navy. I absolutely adore this store and I make sure I go here every time I’m looking for new clothes. They have the best jeans for all sizes and shapes including their own styles like the Sweetheart, the Rockstar, and the Flirt. Not only do they have amazing jeans but they also have the cutest shoes, bags, and accessories! I recommend this store for teens looking for the best quality and the cutest clothes!

Finding the best stores for teens can be tough. You have to find one that fits your style and has the right price for you. Check out some of these fantastic teen stores but don’t stop there! Explore a little on your own and tell me what you find! What are some of your favorite stores for teens?

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Marshall's and target and brandy melville

Would Urban Outfitters also be one? I think so...

H&M is great. Also American Eagle.

All these stores haven’t went out of business LMAO!! Who wrote this ???

I haven't bought jeans from anywhere but old navy for a few year now. They have great basics as well each can be crucial to any wardrobe.

I think Abercrombie and pink would be on there as well as American eagle??

I love American eagle!

h&m has great prices for nice styled clothes! I can always find a wide range of clothes for any occasion there! great finds during sales too.

Some stuff can be expensive but u can get good deals😌

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