7 Great Monthly Subscription Boxes ...


7 Great Monthly Subscription Boxes ...
7 Great Monthly Subscription Boxes ...

Whether you’re a glamour girl looking to sample the hottest beauty products or a foodie seeking a tasty monthly treat, there are plenty of fabulous monthly subscription boxes you’re sure to love. Are you an athlete training for your next event? An animal lover looking to treat your pet to a little monthly pampering? There’s a box for that! Read on for a look at seven monthly subscription boxes that are definitely worth checking out.

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By far one of the most popular monthly subscription boxes, Birchbox lets you sample high-end beauty and lifestyle products for $10 a month from a wide range of well-known companies like Stila and Smashbox Cosmetics. Don’t want your guy to feel left out? Sign him up to receive Birchbox Man, which includes samples of top grooming and lifestyle items for $20 a month.


Glam Bag

Another favorite of makeup and beauty gurus is ipsy’s popular Glam Bag. Like Birchbox, this subscription costs $10 a month, but items additionally come packaged in a reusable makeup bag. The creative monthly themes, such as Pretty in Pink for April and Red Carpet Ready for February, also make receiving this collection even more of an exciting treat. Give it a try, and get ready to have fun experimenting with 4-5 new beauty products every time!


POPSUGAR Must Have Box

Do you love beauty products but also want a monthly subscription box that’s a bit more versatile? Check out the POPSUGAR Must Have Box, which comes stocked with items related to beauty, fashion, home, fitness and food. March’s box, for instance, contained everything from a trendy tassel necklace and colorful wine corkscrew to a sugary helping of marshmallow Peeps. Sound like fun to you? Try it out for $35 a month.


Kona Kase

An athlete’s dream come true, Kona Kase provides a fabulous collection of eight nutritional products, along with inspirational quotes and training tips, for $15 a month. From Balance Bars to Clif Shot Bloks and more, each box includes plenty of healthy items specially designed to help you train and perform at your best. Want to stay at the top of your game? Sign up before your next race or athletic event.


Cowgirl Creamery Cheese Clubs

While there are certainly other monthly cheese clubs out there, I’ve stayed true to my California roots with Cowgirl Creamery. With three-month, six-month and 12-month options to choose from, Cowgirl Creamery offers delicious artisan cheese collections tailored to suit your budget. The $199 Give It a Whirl club, the most affordable option, sends you three unique cheeses at a time for three months. Yes, it may be a bit pricey, but once you’ve given these tasty cheeses a try, you’ll surely find yourself hooked!


Stork Stack

New moms are sure to fall head over heels for Stork Stack, a $28 monthly collection of a few age-appropriate items for your baby or toddler. April’s Earth-themed “Go Green!” package included environmentally-friendly goodies like Apple Park plush toys and Green Envee Organics lotion, helping make it the perfect collection for Earth Day. Another great thing about Stork Stack? Every box contains a fun treat for mom, too, like April’s yummy Clandestino Banana Bar.



Who says humans get to have all the fun? Available at a price of $10 a month, PawBox allows you to receive five product samples for your dog. What about your favorite feline, you say? A monthly box designed for cats is in the works, so head on over to the PawBox website and add your name to the email sign-up list.

Do you receive any of these monthly subscription boxes? Are there others you also love and would encourage others to check out?

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Don't forget conscious box! It's great and is jam packed with 13 products each month. All of the products are Eco friendly and from sustainable practices, and some of the things that they include are really useful.

I haven't seen anything like this in Australia :(

I just sent my mom the glossybox for part of her gift. Hope she likes it

I've been seeing the trend a lot more, I might just do the BirchBox!

Some of these don't deliver in Canada :(

I had Bluum box. It's for babies/toddlers. It was awesome but Money got tight so I had to cancel.

Glossybox is amazing too!! Such great stuff every month for only $20. :)

KlutchClub, Bulu are fitness and weightloss boxes and conscious box (i get the regular) and Eco-Emi are ecofriendly and all natural boxes conscious box also has gluten free and vegan boxes available I'm so addicted to these 4 boxes :) but its like getting a present (healthy and good for you) each month.

Witch ones do ship to Canada ?

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