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8 Great Flash Sales Sites ...

By Jenni

Flash sales sites are becoming one of the trendiest ways to shops for deals. Whether you are in the market for a new dog bowl or that killer Alexander McQueen gown, chances are it is somewhere on a flash sale for [up to] 80% off. Most flash sales sites offer easy sign-in options and some great deals on clothing, accessories, household goods, food, and more for a limited amount of time. Merchandisers can make three month’s profit in one week while we get ridiculously good prices - Gotta love a win/win!

1 One Kings Lane

One of my favorite flash sales sites for home decor is One Kings Lane. This site offers some fantastic deals on top brands and also brings in designers to sell from their private collections. Ever heard of Emily Henderson from HGTV? Yep, she is one of there contributors as well. OKL is great for inexpensive gifts all the way to one of a kind antiques; definitely something to check out!

2 Fab

If you're a girl who wants all the options, Fab is the flash sales site for you! Fab offers everything from cat toys to clothing to books, and all for an incredible steal. They also have a great iPhone app that keeps you up to date on all things fabulous and thrifty. Unlike OKL, Fab has more of a modern offering geared towards those uber trendy thrifty buyers that would prefer new and shiny over antique and not.


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3 Jack Threads

Jack Threads is the only site on this list that is just for men. As one who buys clothing for those special guys in my family, I appreciate having a membership here. The best part about Jack Threads (other than the prices) is that everything is trending and fun. Quite the perk for the gift giver extraordinaire.

4 Haute Look

Sometimes, if I listen close enough, I can hear my wallet crying while I look at designer frocks. If you are like me and love designers like BCBG, Michael Kors, and L.A.M.B., but hate the prices that follow, you may just love Haute Look. Haute Look gets all of the trending designers and styles together, then reduces the price and sells it to us. Oh how I love getting the shoes and the watch for the same price as just one retail!

5 Moda Operandi

Haute Look has fashion brands, Moda Operandi has high fashion. In the mood for some YSL, Thakoon, or Carolina Herrera but would prefer to not re-finance your home? Check out Moda Operandi before hitting the retail stores for the same duds at a fraction the price. Moda Operandi has all the must haves for this season with a price tag that just screams "must buy"!

6 My Habit

If you have an Amazon account, you are already a member of My Habit. Yes, even Amazon has a flash sale site of their very own. Something great about this site is it has everything that Amazon has but gears your sales to what you buy most. This means if you love sports and outdoors, those are the sales you will see first. This little detail makes flash shopping super easy and just as quick as the name implies.

7 The Foundary

Oh boy do I love this flash sales site! The Foundary has everything this shopaholic cannot resist with prices that make justifying a purchase oh-so easy. This site is one of those "everything, including the kitchen sink" type of retail sites with treats for your kitty to peanut butter to hand made furniture. Beware, one visit here and you will be hooked for good.

8 Jet Setter

I am pretty sure I could change "traveling" to my middle name and be just fine. Traveling to beautiful, exotic, or historic areas is great, but traveling there on a dime is even better. Jet Setter is a flash sales site for travel that gets all the best deals on your hotel, transport, dining, and entertainment. Just pick a place you want to go and see how much you can save.

Flash sales sites are the best thing since sliced bread for all those thrifty girls out there. Killer deals mean we can get the shoes and the trip without living on ramen for the next year! What are some of your favorite buys from some flash sales sites?

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