57 Genius Christmas Hacks Everyone Must Know ...


57 Genius Christmas Hacks Everyone Must Know ...
57 Genius Christmas Hacks Everyone Must Know ...

Christmas Hacks are probably the most essential holiday hacks of them all. Why? Because C‌hristmas, although being the most wonderful time of the year, is also the craziest time of the year, when a normal human has to complete the impossible - do all the cooking, gift shopping and gift wrapping on time without losing their sanity or holiday cheer. The genius Christmas Hacks on this list will help you do everything faster and better this year so that you can enjoy the holidays stress- and anxiety-free!

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Use Egg Cartons to Store Your Smaller Ornaments

cash, product, wood, furniture, rDE, toostinkincute.blogspot.com


Making Gingerbread Cookies? Turn Them into Ornaments That Will Last for Years with Three Coats of Varnish

gingerbread, food, dessert, cookie, cookies and crackers, swankydecors.com img.buzzfeed.com


Or Poke Holes in Them and String Them as a Garland

food, dessert, baking, icing, flavor, donnahay.com.au


Old Saran Wrap or Aluminum Foil Containers Make Great Boxes for Gifting Cookies

food, dessert, baking, auntpeaches.com


Freeze Whipped Cream on a Cookie Sheet and Use a Cookie Cutter to Make Hot Chocolate Hearts

red, food, pink, dessert, icing, thesweetestoccasion.com


Store Your Ice Cream in a Plastic Bag to Keep It Soft and Ready to Serve

food, dessert, produce, baking, confectionery, de.pinterest.com


Christmas Candy Sleighs Make Cheap and Easy Gifts for Kids and Teachers

food, dessert, christmas decoration, confectionery, candy, masymasmanualidades.blogspot.com


Reuse Your Leftover Halloween Pumpkins to Make Snowmen

snowman, christmas, holiday, nolagirlatheart.wordpress.com


Turn an Old Bulletin Board into a Pin-the-nose-on-the-reindeer Game for the Kids’ Table

pink, art, pattern, design, moustache, fionacarter.typepad.com


Master the Christmas Tree Napkin Fold and You Won’t Need to Buy Any Special Holiday Napkins or Napkin Rings

green, christmas tree, flower, textile, decorationsdemariage.fr


Pretzel Rings, Ruit Roll-Ups, and Frosting Are an Easy Way to Make Delicious Snowman Cookies

food, product, footwear, dessert, hand, hungryhappenings.com


Make Adorable “elf” Donuts out of Cheerios

food, finger, dessert, hand, sense,


Keep the Kids Busy with Three-ingredient Snow Slime

finger, skin, product, hand, nail, growingajeweledrose.com


Pulverize Candy Canes and Add Them to EVERYTHING

food, organ, produce, aer, mamalovesfood.com


Use a Cardboard Box Wrapped in Gift Paper as Your Garbage Receptable on Christmas Morning

art, pattern, textile, 1.é, 011H, chicaandjo.com


Cut Branches from Your Christmas Tree to Make Easy Table Decor

tree, plant, branch, twig, wood, oaxacaborn.com


Command Hooks and Popsicle Sticks Make Easy Decorations That You Can Hang Anywhere

room, architecture, ceiling, daylighting, wood, thehandmadehome.net


You Can Also Use Command Hooks to Hang Wreaths Seamlessly over a Door

flower arranging, green, plant, flower, floristry, timmonsfamilylemonade.blogspot.com


Glue Two Candy Canes Together to Make Easy Place Card Holders

food, christmas decoration, dessert, awn, indulgy.com


Hang Ornaments from a Light Fixture to Transform It into a Christmas Chandelier

food, floristry, meal, produce, flower, brassyapple.com


Load Your Icing into Condiment Bottles for an Easy Cookie Decorating Party

color, meal, lunch, sense, bakeat350.blogspot.com


Attach Rope to Your Presents to Make a Handle

bag, handbag, 1110111, dntL, tanyaanurag.blogspot.in


Just a Simple Burlap Garland Will Spruce up Any Front Porch Christmas Tree

tree, christmas decoration, branch, leaf, art, hgtv.com


Use Cookie Cutters to Make Festive Shapes out of Your Fudge and Brownies

food, dessert, icing, baking, gingerbread, bettycrocker.com


Green Food Coloring and M&Ms Turn Rice Krispie Treats into a Christmas Dessert

christmas tree, food, dessert, christmas decoration, birthday cake, cookiesandcups.com


For the Adults: One Made out of JELLO SHOTS

cake, food, dessert, cake decorating, sugar paste, goodfoodprincess.tumblr.com


Serve Guacamole the Festive Way with Pita Bread and Pretzel Sticks

dish, food, hors d oeuvre, meal, canapé, bettycrocker.com


Reuse a Wastebasket or a Wine Crate to Corral Your Wrapping Paper

hand, pattern, vase, space, pinterest.com


Green Sherbet and Sprite Make Fun Grinch-inspired Drinks for the Kids

plant, produce, land plant, food, fruit, buzzfeed.com


Use Double-sided Tape for a More Professional Looking Wrapping Job

art, fashion accessory, coin purse, textile, label, trucsetbricolages.com


Got an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party to Go to? Hot Glue Tinsel and Gift Bows to Make Something Spectacularly Tacky

clothing, flower, floristry, flower arranging, dress, apreppystateofmind.com


Use Chalkboard Tape to Turn Plain Dishes into Party Dishes

sense, meal, thekrazycouponlady.com


Hang Mirror Ornaments to Make It Appear like You Have More Lights than You Actually do

christmas decoration, christmas tree, christmas, brightside.me


Create Illuminating Holiday Jars with Cranberries and Floating Candles

food, produce, thekrazycouponlady.com


Use a Paper Towel Holder to Keep Ribbons Neat and within Reach

red, christmas, pattern, design, thekrazycouponlady.com


Make Holiday Ice with Cranberries Frozen in Water

mason jar, drinkware, drink, food, bottle, thekrazycouponlady.com


Boil Cinnamon Sticks, Apple Peels, Orange Rinds, and Whole Cloves in Water to Make Your Home Smell like the Holidays

dish, food, meal, plant, produce, thekrazycouponlady.com


Magazine Paper Gift Bows

art, art paper, petal, origami paper, origami, marthastewart.com


Decorate Upside-down Waffle Cones to Make Christmas Tree Desserts

christmas tree, christmas decoration, food, dish, pattern, notey.com


For a No-cook Snack, Make Santa Strawberries

food, dish, strawberry, strawberries, breakfast, seniormusingsmoments.blogspot.com


Freeze Whipped Cream Dollops for a Hot Chocolate Bar

dish, food, dessert, icing, buttercream, thecreativemama.com


Draw Christmas Trees on Parchment Paper Using Melted Chocolate

food, dessert, brown, chocolate, icing, chocolateandcarrots.com


Make a Snowman Pizza

food, icing, lighting, carving, dessert, deliacreates.blogspot.com


Make a Large Serving of Hot Chocolate in the Crock-Pot

food, dessert, drink, dairy product, breakfast, howsweeteats.com


Make Rice Krispie Treats with Hot Chocolate

food, dish, snack food, meal, cookies and crackers, cookiesandcups.com


Turn Candy into Christmas Lights

Mike and Ike, M&M's, food, dessert, play, hungryhappenings.com


If It’s Snowing outside, Make Snow Ice Cream

food, dessert, ice cream, strawberry, flavor, sugarpiefarmhouse.com


Set out Small Candles for a S’mores Bar

food, meal, baking, sense, cooking, toostinkincute.blogspot.com


Easy Hot Chocolate Stirrers: Stick Marshmallows on the End of Straws or Candy Cane Sticks

food, dessert, cake, chocolate cake, buttercream, goodhousekeeping.com


Turn Your Napkins into Elf Hats

petal, fashion accessory, flower, shape, christmas decoration, goodhousekeeping.com


Use Christmas Cookie Cutters to Make Pancake Shapes

dish, food, meal, breakfast, dessert, williams-sonoma.com


Repurpose Pringles Cans for Storing and Gifting Home-baked Cookies

bottle, drinkware, tin can, 0.50, momsbyheart.net


Build a Gingerbread House with Graham Crackers

wood, food, brand, design, baking, kellymoorebag.com


Use Dental Floss for Cranberry or Popcorn Garlands

food, produce, petal, fruit, strawberry, marthastewart.com


Snowman Doughnuts

snowman, dish, food, meal, cuisine, cupcakediariesblog.blogspot.com


Dip Cookie Cutters in Flour First to Help Sugar Cookies Retain Their Shape

food, dessert, cookies and crackers, icing, cookie, sweetopia.net


Possibly the Simplest Centerpiece Ever

candle, meal, lighting, centrepiece, goodhousekeeping.com

Now that you've hacked Christmas, it's time to get the party started. Which of these ideas are you most excited to try?

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