35 Thoughtful 🀢 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List πŸ“πŸŽ ...

You might be wary of DIY gifts unless it’s food. I know they say β€œit’s the thought that counts” but honestly, it is usually only moms being presented with gifts their kids have made that appreciate them IRL. I remember one year when a friend had no money, she made each of us something special. She thought about what we would like and put her all in to creating it. Sadly, one of our friends said β€œI’d rather have had the money she spent on the stuff she made it from.” There will always be people like that but I truly believe that if you make an effort, make something thoughtful and personal to whom you’re gifting, a homemade present can be as special and appreciated as something bought. Sorry to have gone on a bit but I wanted you to feel good about DIY gifts and to help you out, I’ve selected a whole bunch of ideas for everyone on your Christmas list.

1. For Mom – DIY Necklace

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Moms always like to look great on Christmas Day, and you can help her on her way by putting together a really unique and special necklace that stands out from the crowd in terms of jewelry choices.


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