35 Thoughtful DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List ...


35 Thoughtful  DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List ...
35 Thoughtful  DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List ...

You might be wary of DIY gifts unless it’s food. I know they say “it’s the thought that counts” but honestly, it is usually only moms being presented with gifts their kids have made that appreciate them IRL. I remember one year when a friend had no money, she made each of us something special. She thought about what we would like and put her all in to creating it. Sadly, one of our friends said “I’d rather have had the money she spent on the stuff she made it from.” There will always be people like that but I truly believe that if you make an effort, make something thoughtful and personal to whom you’re gifting, a homemade present can be as special and appreciated as something bought. Sorry to have gone on a bit but I wanted you to feel good about DIY gifts and to help you out, I’ve selected a whole bunch of ideas for everyone on your Christmas list.

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For Mom – DIY Necklace

jewellery, fashion accessory, necklace, gemstone, turquoise, Moms always like to look great on Christmas Day, and you can help her on her way by putting together a really unique and special necklace that stands out from the crowd in terms of jewelry choices.



For Mom – DIY Gemstone Soap

color, blue, jewellery, fashion accessory, petal, Bath and shower gifts are a classic element of Christmas gift giving, but these DIY gemstone soaps will put the fun back in to it and are way more thoughtful than a classic brand gift set.



For Mom – DIY Sequin Pillow

furniture, duvet cover, bed sheet, textile, pillow, Home décor is always a good thing to concentrate on when contemplating gifts for mom, and with this easy to follow tutorial you can tailor a cushion to her exact tastes.



For Dad – DIY Beard Balm

product, brand, label, graphic design, BEARD, If your dad is one of the millions of men who proudly rock a healthy heap of facial hair, then show him that you care by making a batch of this great DIY beard balm.



For Dad – DIY Beer Box

man made object, alcoholic beverage, drink, brand, bottle, All dads love beer; it’s a universal fact! Follow these instructions to make this nice wooden crate and spend some time picking out some unique speciality brews that will make him happy.



For Dad – DIY Cufflinks

white, font, wall, pattern, lighting, If your dad likes to rock a suit on special occasions, then why not make him some special cufflinks that will make him stand out from the crowd?



For Grandma – DIY Jewelry Box

color, art, picture frame, brand, design, If your grandma is anything like mine, then she has enough jewelry to dress an entire army of women! Make her a funky box to hold all of her precious things.



For Grandpa – DIY Hand-Stamped Handkerchief

font, fashion accessory, textile, brand, tablecloth, My grandpa was the kind of guy who always have a handkerchief in his pocket like an old fashioned gentleman. If yours is the same then why not experiment with making him some custom hand stamped ones?



For Aunty – DIY Leather/Crochet Coasters

food, dessert, drink, distilled beverage, liqueur, You know when you go round to your aunt’s house and she makes you put your drink on a coaster? They might as well be really cool coasters that you made for her with your own hands!



For Uncle – DIY Vinyl Clock

clock, gauge, wheel, circle, steering wheel, We’ve all got that one uncle who is always harping on about how vinyl will always be better than CDs and streaming, so help him to hammer the point home by creating this cool vinyl clock!



For Kid Brother – DIY Dinosaur Terrarium

dish, food, produce, meal, vegetable, It’s a plain fact that all little boys love dinosaurs, and this simple and cute dinosaur terrarium will keep your little brother occupied for most of Christmas morning!



For Adult Brother – DIY Wood Grain Flask

hand, writing, wood, finger, pattern, A hip flask is something that every big brother should have, and make your own brother’s special by making one with a very cool wood grain theme.



For Kid Sister – DIY Felt Pasta and Spaghetti

yellow, food, toy, flower, dessert, When I was a kid one of my favorite things to do was play chef, and I would have loved my big sister to have made something like this for me!



For Adult Sister – DIY Circle Scarf

hair, clothing, pink, purple, hairstyle, Circle scarves are still very much in fashion, and in these cold winter months it’s important that you make sure your sister stays nice and warm! No knitting skills needed.



For Male Cousin – DIY Personalised Keychain

fashion accessory, earrings, jewellery, chain, brass, These personalised leather key chains are a nice little gift to make for someone like your male cousin who is always forgetting where his car keys are!



For Female Cousin – DIY Pom-Pom Blanket

furniture, bed sheet, tablecloth, art, textile, We all love to be cosy and comfy when we are taking part in our fifth Netflix binge of the festive period, your cousin will be very grateful for this blanket!



For Nephew – DIY Slime

pink, purple, petal, fashion accessory, magenta, Cement your place as coolest aunt of all time by creating your own batch of this awesome and fun duochrome slime!



For Niece – DIY Animal Key Ring

art, fashion accessory, bead, earrings, hand, If your niece is into animals, find a small figurine of one of her favorites and follow the instructions to making a really cool and unique key ring.



For Neighbors – DIY Mini Wooden Christmas Trees

petal, lighting, shape, paper, These mini wooden Christmas trees are really classy and will make a great addition to your neighbor’s festive décor.



For Boyfriend – DIY Orange Bitters

produce, liqueur, juice, food, drink, If your guy likes to make his drinks more exciting, then make him his own personalised batch of orange bitters to make things taste much sweeter and more festive.



For Boyfriend – DIY Dopp Kit

finger, hand, arm, brand, leather, If you are fed up of your boyfriend taking his toiletries in Ziploc bags whenever you go on a trip together, then take the time to make him this great kit!



For Boyfriend – DIY Leather Sketchbook

red, brown, leather, brand, textile, If you are dating an artistic type, then he will absolutely love this refillable leather sketchbook that takes some time and love to put together.



For Boyfriend – DIY Mason Jar Cocktail

meal, food, gift, produce, INE, Take some inspiration from this link and create a cute Mason jar gift that has all the ingredients of your man’s favourite cocktail.



For Husband – DIY Leather Catchall Tray

picture frame, wood, upcycled, leather, catchall, Make it easy for your husband to remember where all of his essential daily accessories like keys are by gifting him this stylish catchall tray that can site on your sideboard or hall table.



For Husband – DIY Punny Ornaments

pink, art, pattern, hand, fbehhhyy, Make the most of the personal jokes that you share with your hubby and create some custom ornaments that you can decorate your tree with.



For Husband – DIY Masculine Scarf

clothing, wool, fashion accessory, outerwear, art, After all, men have to keep warm during the winter months too! Make sure your hubby stays nice and comfortable by knitting him his very own winter scarf.



For Husband – DIY Caramel and Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

food, dish, dessert, produce, cuisine, It really is true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and these delicious treats will definitely have you in your hubby’s good books!



For Friend – DIY Message Mirror

pink, product, brand, shape, reli, This is a really cute idea for a bestie; something that they will be able to use and see everyday that reminds them of you!



For Friend – DIY BFF Heart Necklace

face, woman, photography, beauty, long hair, It’s a classic gift to share with your bestie, with one half for her, one half for you. Sometimes the old ones are the best ones!



For Friend – DIY Gold Foil Clutch

jewellery, fashion accessory, locket, pattern, HERBr, Use these instructions to elevate an inexpensive clutch and turn it in to something that your bestie would be proud to rock on a night out!



For Friend – DIY Travel Cup

color, pink, food, ーーー, SHI, A travel cup is an essential accessory for any working woman in this modern age, so make sure that your friend has one of the best looking travel cup on her commute!



For Friend – DIY Sunglasses Case

white, brown, leather, handbag, textile, If your friend had too many pairs of sunglasses to keep track of, make sure her current favourites are kept nice and safe in this cool no sew case.



For Secret Santa – DIY Lip Balm

canning, food, lighting, tin can, Lip, You want something sweet but simple for Secret Santa at work, then try something like a couple of these homemade lip balms. They show you care!



For Colleague – DIY Hot Chocolate Test Tubes

hand, flower, snow, finger, For those colleagues that you know and like that little bit better, gift them some of these cool and quirky hot chocolate test tubes. They are funky, delicious and will fill the recipients with festive cheer!



For the Person You Forgot! – DIY Snowman Candy Pops

advertising, product, poster, brand, illustration, These candy pops can be rustled up in no time for that one person who you happened to forget. It’s not personal; you just had a long, long, long list!


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