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‘Tis the season for crowded parking lots, shopping malls and holiday gift guides! If you want to avoid frantic last-minute shopping and find the almost perfect gift for everyone on your gift list; I have a list of gift ideas and gift guides that will make shopping that much easier. No matter what type of significant other, friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker you have, we have a list of gifts for almost everyone in your life. Take a look at the many gift ideas and gift guides below and start shopping, ASAP!

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Gifts for Men

Men are usually the hardest to buy for so gift guides for men are invaluable resources. If you want to do something different from the typical “man gift” like a tie, watch or BBQ stuff, why not go for something more unique like, say, flight lessons or a 3D printing pen? Remember, you can totally get him something out of the ordinary or unholiday-ish, in fact, he will probably love you for it! For more gift ideas, check out this gift guide: allwomenstalk.com


Gifts for the Beauty Lover

You would think that finding gift ideas for the beauty lover would be easy since we have so much to choose from, but that’s exactly the problem-option overload! If your friend or family member has just about every beauty product known to woman, consider purchasing a gift certificate for a service like a blowout or pedicure. You know she will enjoy the experience and it is right up her alley. For even more beauty gift ideas, browse here: beauty.allwomenstalk.com


Gifts for Your BFF

I think looking for a gift for your BFF is lots of fun. You know him or her better than anyone, so who better to find the perfect gift? Now if your bestie has everything, I can see how looking for gift ideas can get stressful. You want to get him/her the best, but you also have a budget. Why not get something customizable like an iPad case, beauty box subscription or make a scrapbook of your crazy adventures? Need some more gift inspo? lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com


Gifts for Your Mom

Where would we be without our moms? The most important woman in your life deserves a fab present, but I know how moms love to act like they already have everything they need. Instinct might tell us to get her something she will use, like something for the kitchen or one of her hobbies. That is perfectly okay, but remember that moms want to have fun, too. Why not get a spa treatment or day for the two of you, a luxury skin care product she has been eyeing or take her to her favorite restaurant? For more great gift ideas: lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com


Gifts for Your Dad

Good old dad is another important person in our life that deserves the best. Chances are, your dad has a favorite sports team, TV show or movie, or other hobby that can help you narrow down your gift options. If he has all of that stuff already, any man would appreciate some luxury shaving products such as as a set from Art of Shaving. Or, you can always make a gift basket with a bunch of his favorite treats and things. Want some more ideas on what to get dad? allwomenstalk.com


Gifts for Your Mother-in-law

Aside from your mother, your mother-in-law is likely the second most important woman in your life. Love her or hate her, she is part of your family now! But all joking aside, this woman gave birth to your precious significant other so the woman deserves some props. If you do not know her very well, make sure you discuss gift options with other family members before you buy anything. Anything that you would consider buying your own mother would be appropriate for your MIL. Think a fancy scarf, fragrance set or luxe robe. For many more gift ideas: lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com


Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Buying a holiday gift for your girlfriend is not always easy, especially if you have not been dating long. If your girlfriend has not dropped any hints on gift ideas, think about what she is passionate about. If she has a passion for giving back, consider giving her a Kiva card which supplies loans to people in 70 countries so they can start a business or go to school. If she loves jewelry, pick out something affordable yet meaningful to the two of you. For more girlfriend gift ideas, love.allwomenstalk.com


Gifts for Your Boss

Finding a gift for your boss is either going to be super easy or super stressful. You want something that conveys your appreciation for their guidance and help, but you also want something that is fun. One option is to pitch in for one big gift card with some of your co-workers along with something small like their favorite snack. If you want to get something a little more personal, look through this gift guide: allwomenstalk.com


Gifts for Your Secret Santa

Secret santa gift exchanges are always a good time! You get to buy little gifts and leave it for them to find and it is also fun to try and keep your identity a secret. Most gift exchanges have spending limits so you are a bit limited in that area, but that just means you have to get creative. Depending on how well you know your gift recipient, you can do something themed like buy a mug, bag of coffee beans or tea bags and a Starbucks gift card as the final gift. Find other affordable secret santa gift ideas: money.allwomenstalk.com


Gifts for Active People

If you have someone on your gift list who eats, breathes and lives fitness, we have a gift guide for them, too! Active folks might seem hard to buy for, but honestly there are so many fitness gadgets and accessories that there are plenty of products to choose from. How about a bright and cheery water bottle along with some hair ties or an inspirational workout tank? Get some more fitness gift ideas here: allwomenstalk.com


Gift Ideas if You Are on a Budget

While giving gifts is mostly about the thought behind it, it can get expensive and staying on budget is important also. If you consider yourself the crafty type, making a gift is even more touching than the store-bought type. Baking cookies, knitting or crocheting something or buying a special edition of their favorite book or movie are all awesome ideas. Check out some more budget-friendly gift ideas here: lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com

I hope this list covered just about everyone on your holiday gift list this year! As much as we put pressure on ourselves to find the perfect gift, keep in mind that the holidays are not just about presents and your loved ones are going to appreciate what you get them no matter what. Do you have any great gift ideas that you would like to share? I would love to hear them!

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