7 Unique Christmas Gifts for Moms Who Deserve Something Special ...


7 Unique Christmas Gifts for Moms  Who Deserve Something Special ...
7 Unique Christmas Gifts for Moms  Who Deserve Something Special ...

Finding unique Christmas gifts for moms isn't the easiest thing to do, but it's something I make a priority every year. I’m lucky enough to be extremely close to my mom, more so than anyone else I know. I like to make sure she gets something that says something truly special about my love for her as a gift each year, instead of just buying her another pot, pan, candle or sweater. I’d like to share some unique Christmas gift ideas for your mom if you’re struggling with what to get your Mom this year so you can give her something that she’ll remember for years to come. Trust me, these unique Christmas gifts for moms will make her smile and some might even make her shed a tear or two.

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A Professional Picture with a Frame

hair, face, photograph, black, facial expression, One of the most memorable Christmas gift ideas for your mom is to arrange a special professional picture with a photographer with you and your siblings, or just yourself. For the biggest impact, consider a 24x24 inch frame, or even a 36x36 inch frame if you can afford it so she can mount it in a large place on the wall. Then, have it set in a really nice frame from a specialty framing store. This can be an expensive gift, but this has been one of the best things I’ve ever given my Mom because she loves to have really nice, large framed pictures of me and my brother, or of our whole family. I know your mom would love it too!


A Day at a Spa

professional, profession, human, service, product, This is another really popular gift that many women give their mom, and if your dear mother never gets this kind of special treatment, then it makes a wonderful surprise. Give her a package with the full works so she can be treated all day long. She’ll feel so special and will love that you did this for her! Most spas offer special discounts during the holidays too, and if your local one doesn’t, just ask and they might consider!


An IPad

white, black, face, black and white, mammal, If your mom is tech-savvy, consider getting her an iPad this Christmas. My mom loves her iPad because she can use it for her work, to watch television on, to check emails and interact through social media, and to create documents she can access on her phone and computer. If your paycheck allows, this is one great gift your Mom will love! If she doesn’t know how to use one, just teach her yourself as a special bonus!


Engraved Picture Frame

grass, plant, leisure, tree, fun, Moms love pictures, and it’s one reason I’m including another picture gift. A great gift idea is to have a nice picture frame engraved with something special on it, and placing your favorite photo of the two of you inside, or one of you and your family. One great gift as well is to have a picture of your mom and perhaps her mom or her and her mom and dad framed and have it engraved. This is especially a great idea if your mom’s parents are deceased, and she’ll treasure the special thought you put behind this gift.


A Day Away

fashion, girl, fun, Giving your mom a little mini vacation is also a way to say you love her and wanted to do something special! It doesn’t even have to be that fancy. You can keep it to something as simple as a day away at any local mountains or beach, or perhaps just treat her to a day away of shopping! Give this to her in an envelope where you write out all the details such as hotel accommodations, or driving directions with a local restaurant’s reservations included, etc. Get creative here! Think of somewhere your mom enjoys getting away to and treat her to it. She deserves a break as much as any of us do!


A New Camera

photography, selfie, human behavior, product, fun, Another fabulous gift idea is to get your mom a camera! Moms love taking pictures, as we all know, and they’ll love a new fancy camera to do it with. Sure she can use her smartphone or older camera, but how about a nice high megapixel point and shoot instead? Nikon, Canon and Lumix are all great brands and some of the highest recommended brands by professionals, all at consumer prices.


A New Computer

event, fun, performance art, performance, ceremony, Have even more to spend? How about a new computer? Treat your mom to a new laptop! The new Google Chromebook is one of the most advanced on the market and is available as little as $250, complete with Wi-Fi and all. This gives your mom complete access to all the latest Internet tools, social media, email, document presentations and more.

Now, I’d love to hear what great ideas you might have for getting your mom for Christmas! Have you ever gotten your mom something special in the past?

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A high quality hair dryer-she will use it most days😄

If I was rich...

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