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Many of us could use some tips on how to accept gifts in a more gracious way. I always want the person who gives me a gift to know that I appreciate the gift. These are some different tips you can use in how to accept gifts. You certainly don’t have to use all of these but they are some ideas you could use, depending on how they best fit you and your personality.

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Notice the Packaging

One of the first and nicest things you can do in changing up how to accept gifts is notice the packaging. Gifts come in all shapes, sizes and different wrappings. It is perfectly fine to not comment if the wrapping isn’t special or if there is no wrapping, of course, but if it is wrapped in an attractive way, you can compliment that. Many people put a lot of effort into wrapping gifts or packaging them nicely. It can be a nice thing to notice that.


Show Your Delight

Many of us feel silly if we show how much we like a gift that we receive but we really shouldn’t. When we express that we are pleased with a gift, the person who gave it to us knows that we like it. Think about it. When you give someone a gift, aren’t you pleased when you know that they like it? You certainly don’t want to put on a show but it’s okay to let it show if you like what you received.


Say Thank You with Feeling

Saying thank you is a given and something that should always be said. This is true even if you don’t like what you received. Saying thank you is a simple courtesy that should always be recognized. But if you like the gift, let that be heard in your thank you. It will show, believe me.


Try It on or Look It over

If you can, try the gift on, try the gift out or look it over. This is all dependent upon what the gift is, of course. But if it is possible, let the person see you trying it out. This lets them know you really do like what they got you. For instance, if it is perfume, you might try it on right then and there.


Talk about How You Will Use It

If you can’t try it out right then, tell the person how you will use the gift later. For example, maybe it is a new set of bakeware. You might tell the person that got you the gift that you can’t wait to use it to bake something for an upcoming event. This shows that you are excited to use your new gift. It makes the gift giver feel they chose a good gift for you.


Let Them See You Use It Later

This is a tip I used a lot when my children were babies. When they got a new outfit, I always tried to put it on them so the person that got it for them could see them in it. I know that I love it when I see someone enjoying their gift later on. It lets me know they really did like it. I am reassured they weren’t just pretending when they said they liked it.


Tell Them You Love It

A lot of times I simply tell the person who got me a gift that I love it. It is universally understood. This is a very simple way to express how I feel. It is also a way that is very simple and sincere and gets the message across. One of the best tips in figuring out the best ways to accept gifts is to think about what you appreciate seeing and hearing back from a person when you give them a gift.

You have to figure out which ways feel most comfortable for you to use in accepting gifts. It is unique to each of us; these are simply some tips to give you some ideas. What are some of the great ways you accept gifts?

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