7 Great Gifts for a Guy Who Has Everything ...


With all of the many holidays and events going on each year, it’s difficult to think of new and exciting gifts for a guy who has everything. The guy-who-has-everything-type literally seems as though he has every single item ever purchased on the planet, which makes shopping for him a total pain! However, don’t fear! Check out this list of awesome gifts for a guy who has everything and prepare to blow his mind!

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Get Active!

One of these great gifts for a guy who has everything is not exactly a “thing” but an activity. If you sign up for Groupon, a website geared towards major cities that has events, products, and classes (on the cheap!), you can search several group or couple activities to do with your honey. I recently signed my guy and me up for a kickboxing class and he loved it! Don’t be afraid to get creative, ladies!


Gadgets and Gismos

If your man is into his tech supplies, look for cool products that can make his digital experience even better, such as a keyboard for his iPad, a car charger (so he has no excuse not to call you back of course!), or an alarm dock for his phone, to name a few!


Team Player

For the sports fan, look into getting gear with his team’s name on it, like a woven blanket for tailgating, or even a beer stein. If he has a zillion logo-clad items, go for the gold and search for tickets to a game featuring his favorite team. Game tickets can be expensive, but sometimes if you wait until the day of the game (for a surprise gift of course!), the tickets are usually cheaper because the stadium is trying to sell out.



As much as we ladies like a spa day, guys enjoy massages just as much. Who wouldn’t like having all of their knots kneaded in a state of total relaxation? Trust me ladies, this one’s a winner.


Bottoms up!

Believe it or not, there are actually beer of the month clubs that send specialty craft beers right to your door. If your man enjoys a good brew, this is a different idea that will bring tasty beers to him, hassle-free!


Keep It Classy

Every guy should have a tasteful French-cuff shirt to wear for those special occasions like weddings or business dinners. The best part of a French-cuff shirt are the cufflinks, and many stores and websites sell awesome links with designs like golf clubs, anchors, or even monogrammed links. Choose a set that shows off his personality, and he’ll have them forever!


Chow down!

Okay, I think I’ve yet to find a guy who doesn’t love eating, so I feel like you can never go wrong with a good gift certificate to his favorite restaurant, or even a place he’s never tried before. Get dressed up, go out for drinks or dancing afterwards, and make a night of it!

It may seem next to impossible to think of new and creative gift ideas for your man, but if you do a little research and check out the latest and greatest trends, you’re sure to find something that will impress him. This list is a great place to start, and will hopefully prove to be a winner for your next gift-giving occasion! Do you have any gift ideas to get a guy who has everything? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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