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I've lost count the number of times I have seen women go into a meltdown over Christmas gifts for men. I think we have the consensus that generally, men are harder to buy for. It certainly doesn't help when many of them respond to the question "What do you want for Christmas?" with "Nothing," either. I've put together a selection of Christmas gifts for men as a prompt. They aren't unusual. They aren't earth shattering. But sometimes, you just need a little reminder of the options.

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Hope Bracelet

Hope Bracelet Carlydiy on Etsy
Price: $0.99
Jewelry isn't always top of the list of Christmas gifts for men but there are some great designs on Etsy for all tastes.


Gun Soap

Gun Soap Symbolic Imports
Price: $12.00
The only gun I'd like any man in my life to have is one made of soap!


Handmade Infinity Scarf

Handmade Infinity Scarf Calm Before Dawn
Price: $22.00
A man can look very sexy bundled up against the chill in a scarf.


World Map Watch

World Map Watch fashionlife2018 on Etsy
Price: $4.37
Men's watches needn't be boring.


Stylish Vintage Tribal Pattern Wool Socks for Men

Stylish Vintage Tribal Pattern Wool Socks for Men Eleturtle
Price: $11.50
No man's Christmas is complete without at least a dozen pairs of new socks.


Custom Pocket Knife

Custom Pocket Knife elegantmonogramgifts on Etsy
Price: $23.95
There are so many options for personalized gifts. Check out some great websites here: 7 Spectacular Websites for Personalized Holiday Gifts.


Custom Guitar Pick

Custom Guitar Pick RobertaValle
Price: $9.00
If your man and his guitar are never parted, give him a cool pick.


Doctor Who Weeping Angel Tardis Shoes

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Tardis Shoes BotakShoes on Etsy
Price: $40.99
If a man you have to buy for is a super fan, there's a range of custom painted shoes on this website.


Personalized Men’s Wallet

Personalized Men’s Wallet elegantmonogramgifts on Etsy
Price: $29.95
Gifts can be practical as well as good looking.


Copper Bracelet

Copper Bracelet Lattepolon on Etsy
Price: $39.86
A reclaimed copper bracelet is great for a rugged man.


Funny T Shirt

Funny T Shirt teeituptees
Price: $14.95
If you're going to buy a funny t-shirt, put aside a good few hours for browsing because there are more designs and slogans out there than stars in the Milky Way.


Personalized 7 Oz Stainless Steel Metal Flask

Personalized 7 Oz Stainless Steel Metal Flask TealsPrairie on Etsy
Price: $17.99
Practical, good looking and a keepsake too.


Gear Shift Cufflinks

Gear Shift Cufflinks OOAK Resin Designs
Price: $29.99
Cufflinks are another item where the range of designs, styles and colors is immeasurable.


Star Necklace: Orange

NatureWithYou on Etsy
Price: $32.00
Go for a unique item of jewelry as unique as the man himself.


Crochet Men Slippers

Crochet Men Slippers JoyForToes on Etsy
Price: $47.51
Keep his feet warm (even if he does have hairy toes ^_^).


Phoenix Pure Copper Ring for Men

Phoenix Pure Copper Ring for Men Mere Trinkets
Price: $20.00
Men give women eternity rings so why shouldn't we repay the compliment?


Gift Set for Men

Gift Set for Men RightSoap on Etsy
Price: $21.00
Is your man a vegan or concerned about the amount of chemicals he uses on his body? He'll love the thought behind this eco-friendly gift set.


Black Leather Gloves

Black Leather Gloves Price: $12.80
Men need to keep their hands warm too. (All the better for when he touches you.)


Chunky Knit Wool Hat

Chunky Knit Wool Hat stickshooksandyarn on Etsy
Price: $25.00
Buy a hat but look around because there's a brilliant selection.


Men’s Fingerless Mittens

Men’s Fingerless Mittens KnitterPrincess on Etsy
Price: $21.00
A man who works outdoors will appreciate the thought.


Hand Stamped Wallet Card

Hand Stamped Wallet Card MetalArtsbyMarlayna on Etsy
Price: $17.00
When you're at a loose end and you've exhausted the entire catalog of Christmas gifts for men, just simply make a statement. Declare your love for him.

Although I started by saying that men are difficult to buy for, they are also very appreciative of most things they receive. They must have a different genetic code when it comes to presents! They seem to be more accepting of the idea that “it’s the thought that counts” too. I think women are way more uptight about this issue than men. So don’t stress about Christmas gifts for men – something will inspire you! Do you struggle with buying gifts for the men in your life?

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😁 tbh idk what 2 say !

😁 tbh idk what 2 say !

These aren't the best gift ideas

Don't think these are very good ideas tbh!

I'm not feeling all the bracelets...

I agree with you Sara.

My fiancé not find these good and neither do I

Loving all the etsy shoutouts!

Some of them are way too feminine for any man I know

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