Best Christmas Gifts for Men under 50 ...


Best Christmas Gifts for Men under 50 ...
Best Christmas Gifts for Men under 50 ...

Need some gifts for men under $50? The holidays are quickly approaching and we all are on the hunt for a gift for the men in our lives. Sometimes they aren't easy to shop for, so here's some great gifts for men under $50 that he'll absolutely swoon over!

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Tech Gifts $30-$50

electronic device, product design, technology, electronics accessory, Keytendo-$30
If your man is a gamer, he'll get a kick out of this key ring holder. Not only is it techy, but it's practical.

Amazon Fire Stick-$40
If your man is into his TV time, this gift is a must for him.

Whether he's at the gym or hanging out at home, he'll love these earbuds to jam out to his music.


Drink Accessories-$12-$18

product, product, hardware, product design, cylinder, Revolver Shot Glass Set-$12
You'll be the coolest girlfriend around if you get your gun loving guy a set of these Revolver cylinder shaped shot glasses.

TV Beer Mug-$12
Your guy will laugh at (and love to have) this hilarious beer mug for his Sunday football games.

Whiskey Stone-$18
Most guys love sipping a good drink on the rocks, but it always sucks when the ice melts and waters down your drink. Now he won't have to worry with this awesome whiskey stone.


Practical Gifts-$20-$30

product, hardware, product design, office supplies, tool, Guitar Pick Punch-$20
If the guy in your life enjoys playing guitar, this guitar pick punch is going to be the best gift he gets. Let's face it, they all misplace their picks every now and then, so this gift will allow him to make more anytime he wants.

Scratch-Off Map-$22
Allow him to scratch off your adventures together with this cool scratch off world map.

Tile Wallet Finder-$30
Is the guy in your life always misplacing his wallet? Not anymore! Giving him the Tile Wallet Finder will allow him to track his wallet (and ease the frustration on you having to look for it) all in one nifty and practical gift!

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Also, if you want to find a good deal on recently new or just very popular games (sometimes the price just never goes down), look on amazon! They have the same games, just gently used. I've bought a used game from there, works like it was new! My guy friend loved it!

I like this article a little better than the others, bc they're practical gifts that will get used. And I can afford them!

i can't believe all of the great ideas that you keep having for this blog - you rock!

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