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13 Gifts for the Nerd in Your Life ...

By Talynn

Are you currently dating a nerd? When birthdays and holidays come around, do you usually have a hard time finding a gift that’s on his level? Worry no more! Check out these perfect gifts for the nerd in your life! Finding the right gifts for the tech lovers in your life isn't always easy, trust me, I know! So, with that being said, take a look at our top gifts for the nerds in your life (and yeah, they're great for girls too)!

1 JOYSTICK-IT Arcade Stick for IPhone

JOYSTICK-IT Arcade Stick for IPhoneI do not know a nerd who wouldn't love this incredible gift. It's a joystick for your iPhone! It's almost like combining something retro with something high-tech. It's the ideal gift for any nerd who has been around for a while and remembers the joys of PacMan! If you get this for your nerd this Christmas, he'll love it!

2 Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrella

Star Wars Lightsaber UmbrellaThis is absolutely the ultimate gift for any Star Wars fan in your life! It's a light saber that can be used to protect him from the raindrops. How cool is that? I actually love the look and the feel of this umbrella! It's cool, it's totally nerdy, and it's fully functional! It's also only about $40.00 at ThinkGeek, so it's perfect and affordable!

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3 Star Wars LED Light Saber Flashlight

Star Wars LED Light Saber FlashlightCoolest. Flashlight. Ever. I’m pretty sure that if I had owned this as a kid, I would have worn out batteries like it was nobody’s business. If you buy this for your boyfriend, you need to realize that he is going to love it, but you will probably catch him running around the house in the dark on a regular basis, making light saber noises and fighting the dark side. I’m not wrong about that.

4 Chocolate Gaming Dice Set

Chocolate Gaming Dice SetAre you thinking about getting your nerd some chocolates, but want them to be unique and different? These are the perfect chocolates for any nerd! They also make a great stocking stuffer! Remember girls, it's not about the price tag (which is only about $7.99 for these at ThinkGeek!), it's about the thought. If your guy games, these are the ideal chocolates to give him!

5 Hobbit Socks

Hobbit SocksThe Hobbit movie is finally out and all of the nerds are all in a twitter -- including me, because I absolutely adore the Hobbits. If you're looking to surprise your Hobbit this season, you've got to take a look at these awesome Hobbit socks! They are toe-socks and have hair on the tops, so your feet can really look like Hobbit feet! ThinkGeek, girls, for only $11.99!

6 Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza CutterThis little gadget is genius and also one of the best gifts for the nerd in your life. I want to order one of these myself just so that as I cut my pizza I can say, “Deflector shields to full power!” and then swoop the pizza cutter in while making laser noises as I cut my perfect slices. I need to own this.

7 Nerd Hoodie

Nerd HoodieDoes your geek constantly fix your computer, your mom's computer, your brother's computer and every one of your friends' computers? Well, this is the ideal hoodie for him -- or her! All they will have to do is point to the title of the hoodie and people will know -- they are not there to fix their computer! How clever!

8 Stay Puft Gourmet Marshmallows

Stay Puft Gourmet MarshmallowsIf your boyfriend is the least bit nerdy then he probably likes Ghostbusters. For the first time you can eat the marshmallows that inspired Ray’s choice for the form of the destroyer. As an added twist the marshmallows have been infused with caffeine. Why? I have no idea, but it’s still awesome.

9 Comic-Con Tickets

Comic-Con TicketsWe can't leave Comic-Con tickets out of a list of best gifts for the nerd in your life. Comic-Con is in San Diego, so remember that with great gifts, come great responsibility, but I guarantee you more than anything else, if you surprise your favorite nerd with these, he will back flip out of happiness. Heck, he might even cry. Comic-Con is that big of a deal. Just think of it as the Nerd Mecca. There’s no other place on Earth where you can run into your favorite artists, writers, actors, and fans that have the same passion for comics as you. If you want to blow your nerd away this is a sure fire way to do so.

10 Lithographs

LithographsI have been really obsessed with this website for a while and have nobody to buy them for (except myself)! This website sells posters, t-shirts, and tote bags that have designs on them based on different pieces of literature. The coolest part? The design is made completely out of the words in the book. If you look closely at the poster, shirts, or totes you can read the book word for word.

11 Math Glasses

Math GlassesThe Uncommon Goods website has these really awesome glasses that any math nerd would love! Not being a math nerd myself, I couldn’t tell you what the equations/graphs/numbers mean on the glasses but the nerd in your life will love them. It doesn’t matter what your nerd puts in the glasses, if they’re sharing them (especially with their math nerd friends) they’ll be proud to show them off.

12 Superhero Undies

Superhero UndiesIt doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a man or woman because they have superhero undies for both. For women they have both underwear and bras! Some of the underwear out there even have capes on them. No, really, I’m serious. The nerd in your life will love these because they’re cute and fun!

13 Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

Lightsaber Thumb WrestlingA fun and nerdy spin on thumb wrestling! This might seem like a gift that will make you think “really? who would want this?,” but let me tell you your nerd will love it! Try and stop your nerd from making lightsaber sounds like they’re using this fun little game!

Do you have a nerd who's near and dear to your heart? Then do something special and rock his socks by surprising him with one or more of these great gifts for the nerd in your life. Do you have any other gifts that you'd love to get your nerd? Share below!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lydia Sheehan.

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