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Where on earth do you start with gifts for gadget lovers? The term "gadget" covers such a multitude of things that a gadget lover could be practically anyone. People might be gadget lovers and not even know it because they don’t see the things they are passionate about as gadgets. So, I've scoured about, quite a bit, and found an eclectic selection of Christmas gifts for gadget lovers that might just solve your holiday headaches about what to buy.

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Ultraslim Fashion Transparent Solar Calculator

Ultraslim Fashion Transparent Solar Calculator ScarletLight on Etsy
Price: $5.90
When it comes to Christmas gifts for gadget lovers, you can kill the practical and ecologically-sound issues in one fell swoop with this.


Banana Slicer

Banana Slicer Bed Bath & Beyond
Price: $9.95
Quickly create thin, uniform slices with just a squeeze of the handle.


Nerd Herder Gadget Wallet

Nerd Herder Gadget Wallet rockitbot on Etsy
Price: $32.00
Comes in all sorts of colors and patterns for girls and boys.



AnyGlove Firebox
Price: $32.89
A magic liquid so you can work your touch screens with your gloves on.



GlowPixel ElectronicGirl on Etsy
Price: $10.50
Know any color geeks?


7-Inch Power Bed Riser

7-Inch Power Bed Riser Bed Bath & Beyond
Price: $29.99
Great for extra storage space under the bed.


Dock Fan

Dock Fan Amazon
Price: $2.42
Keep your cool!


Rinser Toothbrush

Rinser Toothbrush Cool Material
Price: $22.00
The water spouts up so you can rinse away.


Retro Double Homemade Ice Cream Maker

Retro Double Homemade Ice Cream Maker Amazon
Price: $60.00
No more arguing over who got the bigger portion.


Doctor Who TARDIS Flash Drive

Doctor Who TARDIS Flash Drive ThinkGeek
Price: $29.99
Flash drives always come in handy and make great gifts for gadget lovers as they come in soooo many designs.



Price: $16.79
Use the Carrot Peeler & Sharpener and you’ll get fun, pretty veggie curls with minimal effort! (Not just for carrots!)


Towel Warmers

Towel Warmers Brookstone
Price: $89.99
Use it for blankets too.


Blooming Sound

Blooming Sound MoMA Design Store
Price: $25.00
A stand out design for a speaker.


Pivot Power Flexible Power Strip

Pivot Power Flexible Power Strip Quirky
Price: $29.99
Reclaim your outlets with Pivot Power, an adjustable electrical power strip that flexes around furniture and corners to conserve space.


See'Ems - Mini LED Bicycles Spoke Lights

See'Ems - Mini LED Bicycles Spoke Lights ThinkGeek
Price: $6.99
Don't hide in the dark when you're on a bike - stand out for safety and style.


Porefector Gadget

Porefector Gadget ULTA
Price: $185.00
This multi-tasking tool has two fabulous functions, both powered by sonic vibrations.


Shock Chewing Gum

Shock Chewing Gum Amazon
Price: $1.48
A funny stocking stuffer.


Spymaster Night Vision

Spymaster Night Vision giftvault.com
Price: $4689.10
Got a budding James Bond to buy for? Sadly, you'd need a super secret agent's salary to afford this.



Price: $32.00
Protect your MacBook power adapter against scratches while keeping those thin cables rolled up and stashed away, never again to unravel in your bag.


Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard

Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard Bambeco
Price: $120.00
There are some great Christmas gifts for gadget lovers who have a green conscience.


Super Grip Dash Gadget Pad

Super Grip Dash Gadget Pad Car Decor Products
Price: $5.99
The super grip pad keeps phone, glasses, change or wallet handy.


Condiment Gun

Condiment Gun Firebox
Price: $26.19
This would be a talking point at the next barbecue.


Hot Dog Slicers

Hot Dog Slicers ltdcommodities.com
Price: $6.95
Creates bite-sized pieces without the use of sharp blades. Also has a built-in bowl for a favorite dipping sauce.


Eyewear Stand

Eyewear Stand ArtAkimbo
Price: $40.00
For the man who can never remember where he leaves anything.


Stainless Steel Croissant Roller Cutter

Stainless Steel Croissant Roller Cutter Casa.com
Price: $35.49
Doesn't very kitchen need one of these? ^_^


Laptop & Cell Phone Car Charger

Laptop & Cell Phone Car Charger RedEnvelope
Price: $39.99
It's always handy to be able to charge on the go.


Custom Hand Painted Headphones

Custom Hand Painted Headphones atelierChloe on Etsy
Price: $57.57
The retailer provides customized designs to order.


Love Mouse

Love Mouse geekstuff4u.com
Price: $36.26
Pink! Heart Shaped! What more can a girl want?


Verbarius Electronic Clock

Verbarius Electronic Clock MoMA Design Store
Price: $250.00
That's a pretty expensive clock! The Verbarius Clock is a departure from the traditional way to tell time, replacing numbers with words using one of five preloaded languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Russian. Easily set time and toggle between languages.


Cupid Wings Suck-on Phone or Gadget Stand

Cupid Wings Suck-on Phone or Gadget Stand BOUF
Price: $6.56
Cute and handy.


Hello Kitty Dock Speaker for IPod

Hello Kitty Dock Speaker for IPod geekstuff4u.com
Price: $171.50
Declare your love for Kitty.


Bullshit Detector

Bullshit Detector Redbubble
Price: $21.27
This kind of thing is for serious gadget geeks. Just a gadget that has no particular value but is fun anyway.


Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard ThinkGeek
Price: $99.99
This tiny device laser-projects a keyboard on any flat, opaque surface. You can then type away accompanied by simulated key click sounds. Pull this baby from your pocket and use it to compose an email on your iPad, iPhone, smartphone, tablet or laptop.


USB Warmer & Cold Cup

USB Warmer & Cold Cup geekstuff4u.com
Price: $39.00
Keep your beverages at optimum temperature.


Braun Reflex Alarm Clock

Braun Reflex Alarm Clock Braun
Price: $30.00
The clock has a motion (wave) activated snooze function, torch light and a flip down lid with world time zone map.


Jet Lev Flyer

Jet Lev Flyer giftvault.com
Price: £80,000.00
Yes - that really does read $80k. It has to be one of the ultimate gadgets out there. Ideal for maverick millionaires, hotel owners, Bond wannabes, water sports enthusiasts and anyone who's ever dreamt of flying, the JetLev is probably the most exceptional experience.

Who do you typically buy gadgets for? Anything here catch your eye?

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The last one was the best one 80 grand phew

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