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Give an Extraordinary Gift to Make Your Loved Ones Love You Even More ...

By Cris

Of course the cost does not count when giving presents, but won't it be extra special if you give your loved ones more than the usual Christmas gifts? Think about going beyond giving books or coats to them. This year, think of them a little more and really consider the gifts you really worked hard on making or getting. Here is my list of more than the usual Christmas gifts for people who mean a lot to you:

1 Name a Star

On the first day of December, my husband handed me something wrapped in colorful paper. "Open it," he said. Inside were three laminated certificates that detailed the coordinates of a heavenly body. The certificates basically said that Jeff Ruffolo, my husband, named a star for me. Somewhere out there, in the Leo constellation, there's a star named "Cris Evert L. Ruffolo." It's one of the two more than the usual Christmas gifts I have received so far.

2 One Gift Every Day

For my kids, my husband and I thought about wrapping little gifts every day beginning December 1 and placing the gifts inside their stockings. The gift could be anything: chocolate chip cookies, pencils, notepads. Then, on Christmas Eve, put the bigger gifts underneath the Christmas tree. On Christmas morning, be sure to capture their expressions as they open their presents.


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3 Round Trip Plane Ticket

My friend did this to their househelp, who has served them for three years. She considers her as a family member who takes care of her children while she and her husband are away most of the time to work. She got her a round trip plane ticket so she can celebrate Christmas with her loved ones. I can't even begin to describe to you how happy and grateful her househelp was to go home and spend Christmas with her three children.

4 A StoryBook

I forbid my husband to browse All Women Stalk until December 25 because he might read this one. One of the major gifts I plan to give to him this Christmas is a storybook of our life together in 2014. It has been our most challenging year to date and I'm just thankful that our love for each other conquered all trials and difficulties.

5 See the 'aurora Borealis'

Seeing the northern lights (or aurora australis/the southern lights) is in my bucket list. This one is quite expensive and I, myself, am yet to experience it. But if you have the means to do this, please go ahead because it is nothing short of magical, amazing, and magnificent to see all those lights shining out there. Nature is a special gift to humankind.

6 A Noble/Royal Title

Done with treating your loved ones like a royalty? Then the most logical step to take is to get them a noble or royal title. Get a ladyship or a lordship and hand these titles to them in an exclusive, intimate ceremony. Don't forget to prepare the food!

7 You

The gift of...YOU is the best gift for your parents or grandparents, especially if you live away from home this season. If you have been spending several Christmases away from home, you might consider going back to your roots for a few days and give your Grandma one big, tight hug.

What's your more-than-the-usual Christmas gift for your loved one?

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