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25 Beautiful Christmas Tree Skirts to Brighten Your Holidays ...

By Eliza

I can't believe how many Christmas tree skirts there are. It's really hard to decide which one I love the best. If I had the space and money, I'd just start a collection. That way I could pull out different ones each year. Heck, I could set up several trees that way! So, whether you need a new one or just want to try something new this year, there is something for you on this list of Christmas tree skirts. Have a peek!

1 Red Poinsettas

Red PoinsettasVia Top 10 Festive DIY Christmas ...
Isn't this lovely? You can't get much for festive than Christmas tree skirts covered in red holiday flowers.

2 No Sew Ruffle Burlap

No Sew Ruffle BurlapVia D.I.Y. No-Sew Ruffle Christmas Tree ...
Even if you can't sew, you can still have a lovely Christmas tree skirt like this one.

3 Red Ruffle

Red RuffleVia Burlap Tree Skirt at
Make any tree skirt even more fun by adding a festive red ruffle around the edges. Cute, huh?

4 Natural Wool Felt

Natural Wool FeltVia Natural Wool Felt Chalet Tree ...
Jazz up a basic felt tree skirt by embroidering some snowflakes, trees or anything else your heart desires.

5 Holiday Colors

Holiday ColorsVia tutorial: diy tree skirt.
No matter the design of your tree skirt, holiday colors make it stand out just right.

6 More Ruffles

More RufflesVia D.I.Y. No-Sew Ruffle Christmas Tree ...
Here's another great way to showcase ruffles under your Christmas tree.

7 Christmas Crochet Tree Skirt

Christmas Crochet Tree SkirtVia Christmas Crochet Tree Skirt | ...
If you can crochet, you can easily enjoy this lovely tree skirt every year during the holidays.

8 Mounded White

Mounded WhiteVia No Sew Ruffled Tree Skirt
Emulate the look and feel of snow by heaping a white, ruffly tree skirt under your tree.

9 Fun Patterns

Fun PatternsVia Items similar to Ruffle Christmas ...
Don't be afraid to use lots of pattern when it comes to creating a tree skirt. This one is awesome, don't you think?

10 Close with Bow Ties

Close with Bow TiesVia Red Chevron and Burlap tree ...
Instead of overlapping the ends of your tree skirt, use some adorable bows to hold it behind the tree.

11 Mittens Galore

Mittens GaloreVia Mitten Christmas tree skirt, ruffled ...
The mittens on this tree skirt give it a wintery feel that will make Christmas morning so much fun.

12 Mittens Tree Skirt

Mittens Tree SkirtVia Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan: The ...
If you love mittens, you definitely need to add this great tree skirt to your collection.

Lillie It's just beautiful...

13 Quilted Tree Skirt

Quilted Tree SkirtVia Quilted Christmas Stocking and Tree ...
Quilts are so cute and comfortable. Toss this around your tree and you'll be in the Christmas spirit in no time.

14 Red and Green Tulle

Red and Green TulleVia Red Christmas Tree Skirt Tulle
This tree skirt would be really easy to make and is totally different than anything else you'll find.

15 Red and White Chevron

Red and White ChevronVia Christmas Craft Showcase: DIY Red ...
Make any tree skirt more fun by adding a patterned border. Chevron is a great choice!

16 Owl Christmas Tree Skirt

Owl Christmas Tree SkirtVia the little green bean: Loving ...
If you love owls, these wintery ones will make your holidays fun and friendly.

17 Lots of Sparkle

Lots of SparkleVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
When it comes to Christmas, there is no such thing as too much sparkle.

18 Fun Colors

Fun ColorsVia How to make a no ...
There's no reason you can't opt for unconventional colors if you prefer them. This one works just right!

19 Holiday Images

Holiday ImagesVia Wool Felt Central - Wool ...
This tree covers all of your holiday bases by having a little bit of everything that goes with the holiday season.

20 Polka Dots

Polka DotsVia Beautiful Christmas Tree Skirts and ...
Polka dots are fun and whimsical and are perfect for adding holiday flair to your tree skirt.

21 Santa and Sleigh

Santa and SleighVia Santa & Sleigh Christmas Tree ...
What could be more festive than Santa and his reindeer beneath your tree?

22 Button Closure

Button ClosureVia Amy Butler Design
Close your tree skirt with buttons for some cute flair and a dash of holiday color.

23 Holly Leaves and Berries

Holly Leaves and BerriesVia Crafts & Activities | Babble
This design is surprisingly easy to throw together and makes a big impact. What do you think?

24 Match the Stockings

Match the StockingsVia Personalized Christmas Tree Skirt
Create a cohesive look with a tree skirt that matches your stockings. Cute, right?

25 Quilted Presents

Quilted PresentsVia Christmas Tree Skirt Quilted Presents ...
What could be more perfect on a Christmas tree skirt than presents?

What does your tree skirt look like? My current one is red with a nativity scene. Did you see one on this list that you simply must have?

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