35 Great Christmas Stockings to Adorn Your Fireplace This Year ...


35 Great Christmas Stockings to Adorn Your Fireplace This Year ...
35 Great Christmas Stockings to Adorn Your Fireplace This Year ...

Christmas stockings are such a traditional part of celebrating the holidays. You definitely want the big guy to deliver a load of presents, right? That means you should never forget to hang your Christmas stockings each year. If you want to match them to your style and decor, that's easy to do with all the millions of options available in stores. You can even sew your own if you're crafty. Check out these great stockings and you'll be ready to deck out your fireplace right away.

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Red and Green

Red and Green Via positivelysplendid.com
When you choose Christmas stockings, you can't go wrong with a red and green color scheme.


Burlap Christmas Stockings

Burlap Christmas Stockings Via Christmas Countdown Day 3: Christmas ...
Burlap is rustic and fun for the holidays, so it makes a great material for making your own stockings.


Burlap and Red

Burlap and Red Via Burlap Christmas Stockings - Free ...
Burlap is great on it's own, but you can make it even more festive with some red embellishments.


Cross Stitch and Yarn

Cross Stitch and Yarn Via Cross Stitch Christmas Stockings - ...
If you like to sew, you'll have no trouble making these adorable stockings.


Whoville Christmas Stockings

Whoville Christmas Stockings Via Whoville Christmas Stockings
Any fan of Dr. Seuss will agree that these stockings are pretty awesome!


Sock Monkeys

Sock Monkeys Via Christmas Countdown Day 3: Christmas ...
This group of sock monkeys is perfect for everyone in your family.


Fun Colors

Fun Colors Via Merry & Bright Christmas Stocking ...
You don't have to stick with red and green. Turquoise and pink are fun for Christmas too.


Sweater Stockings

Sweater Stockings Via DIY Tutorial: DIY SWEATERS / ...
Repurpose an old sweater into a great new stocking that is wintery and cozy at the same time.


Make Them All Different

Make Them All Different Via 200 Stocking Stuffer Ideas
There's nothing wrong with hanging a fun, unique stocking for everyone.


It's a Theme

It's a Theme Via 10 Christmas Stocking Tutorials - ...
A red and green color theme works great even if all the fabrics are different.


With a Big Bow

With a Big Bow Via DIY Christmas Stockings - seven ...
Add some personality to your stocking with a big bow on it.


Long and Skinny

Long and Skinny Via 20 Festive Christmas Stockings | ...
There's something whimsical about these long, skinny stockings. You could sure load them up!


These long and skinny Christmas stockings are perfect for loading up with gifts. They have a whimsical and festive look that is sure to bring cheer to your holiday festivities. The design of the stockings is unique, with a bright red color and white trim. They can be hung from the mantel or stair railings to add a festive touch to any holiday home. These stockings are sure to be a hit with family and friends. They make a great addition to any Christmas decor and are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.


DOG Stocking

DOG Stocking Via Dog Bone Christmas Stocking, Unique ...
If you have dogs, you need to hang one of these cute stockings for them.


Add Initials

Add Initials Via No Sew (the best kind) ...
Simple burlap stockings are great with an initial added for everyone in the family.


Polka Dots and Chevron

Polka Dots and Chevron Via Burlap Christmas Stocking Ready to ...
Polka dots and chevron are trendy patterns right now, which makes them a great choice for your stockings.


Topped with Ruffles

Topped with Ruffles Via Burlap Christmas Stocking, cotton ruffles, ...
Sewing a bunch of ruffles onto Christmas stockings is a fun way to make them girly.


Crochet Christmas Stockings

Crochet Christmas Stockings Via Waiting for Santa Stockings Crochet ...
Stock up on green and red yarn so you can make everyone on your list one of these stockings this year.


Buttons and Bows

Buttons and Bows Via Burlap Christmas Stocking
Buttons and bows are a really fun choice when it comes to embellishing stockings.



Quilted Via 12 DIY Christmas Stockings - ...
If you're a fan of quilts, you'll love these great quilted stockings.


Personalized with Fabric

Personalized with Fabric Via Reserved Listing - Burlap Christmas ...
Adorable fabrics are a fun way to personalize a stocking for everyone.



Snowflakes Via Unique Burlap and Village Blue ...
Adding a snowflake to your stocking adds just the right amount of wintery flair.


Colored Felt

Colored Felt Via Stocking Stuffer Round Up: 12/19
Red and green felt is perfect for making stockings because it's easy to work with and is cute for crafting.


Silver and White

Silver and White Via Easy Sew Personalized Christmas Stockings- ...
Silver and white stockings are perfect for Christmas. These might be my favorites!


Fancy Design

Fancy Design Via 25 Cool Handmade Christmas Stockings ...
These fancy Christmas stockings are ideal for adding elegance to your fireplace.


Two Patterns

Two Patterns Via FabricWorm: Christmas Stocking Tutorial
Mixing and matching fun fabrics is a great way to make a stocking that you'll love.


Ornaments and Letters

Ornaments and Letters Via Christmas Stockings Tutorial - Sew ...
Fabric with ornaments on it is great for making a stocking. Adding a letter makes it even more perfect.


Go All out

Go All out Via 15 Christmas Stockings Decorating Ideas ...
There's nothing wrong with going all out with your Christmas stockings. Aren't these great?


Sweater Sleeve

Sweater Sleeve Via Turn an old sweater into ...
Here's another great example of what you can do with a sweater you don't wear anymore.


Christmas Balls

Christmas Balls Via Simplicity Creative Group - Christmas ...
Tying on some festive ball ornaments adds so much fun to a simple stocking.


Covered with Lace

Covered with Lace Via Burlap Christmas Stocking. Burlap and ...
Covering your stocking with lace is a fun way to make it a bit fancier and more holiday worthy.


Tie on a Letter

Tie on a Letter Via For the love of burlap ...
A monogram is a great idea and tying it on is a bit different so you can create a stocking you won't see anywhere else.


Rustic Christmas

Rustic Christmas Via Pair of Red & Black ...
Aren't these furry, plaid stockings adorable? The pocket is super cute.


A Big Paw

A Big Paw Via Paw print burlap Christmas pet ...
This is another really awesome stocking to load up with presents for your dog.


Mistleholly Felt

Mistleholly Felt Via Mistleholly Felt Christmas Stocking pattern
These cute green and white stockings are great for Christmas.


Fun Friends

Fun Friends Via Felt Character Stockings
These are cute for kids, but parents love them too.

What does your stocking look like? Do you have a fireplace to hang it on? Did you see one here that you can't live without?

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