17 Personalized Photo Gifts to Stick in Someone's Stocking ...


17 Personalized Photo Gifts to Stick in Someone's Stocking ...
17 Personalized Photo Gifts to Stick in Someone's Stocking ...

Let's face it: there are just some people who are impossible to buy for. You don't want to take the gift card "easy way out," but there has to be something under the tree, right? Why not try a photo gift? There are so many creative gifts to choose from, there's bound to please everyone on your list - and I mean everyone!

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Thumbprint Photo Box

Thumbprint Photo Box Price: $49.99 to $59.99 at mpix.com
I love this idea! Each small wooden box contains either 50 print (or 10 mounted prints), ready for display.


Playing Cards

Playing Cards Price: $15.00 at mpix.com
There's not an adult male relative - dad, grandpa, uncle - who wouldn't love a set of playing cards with his wee grandkids, kids, or nieces and nephews on them.



Statuette Price: $16.00 to $30.00 at mpix.com
Choose the 8x10 or 5x7 option, and turn a favorite family photo into a fun little statue.


Photo Magnet

Photo Magnet Price: $2.95 at mpix.com
What a fab stocking stuffer! It's inexpensive, so budget-friendly you could make and give several different photos!


Gallery Wrap

Gallery Wrap Price: $55.00 to $170.00 at mpix.com
This is a pricey option, but gallery wraps are just beautiful, turning a gorgeous image into a piece of lasting art.


Metal Print

Metal Print Price: $24.99 to $154.99 at mpix.com
A metal print is just as urban and gritty as it sounds: take a favorite sports action photo and give it the toughed-up treatment it deserves.


Photo Calendar

Photo Calendar Price: $20.00 at mpix.com
This photo gift is incredibly useful - everyone needs a calendar! The hardest part is choosing the photos for each month...


Photo Button

Photo Button Price: $1.56 at mpix.com
Another great stocking stuffer, especially for little kids, who'll think it's cool to see themselves in a pin. Grammas also love these!


Wood Calendar

Wood Calendar Price: $29.99 at artifactuprising.com
Using reclaimed beetle pine from Colorado, this modern (and magnetic) calendar is a little more upscale than its spiral-notebook cousin.


Square Print Set

Square Print Set Price: $21.99 at artifactuprising.com
This set of twenty-five 5 by 5 -inch prints would make an excellent gift for the Instagrammer in your life.



WOOD BLOCK + PRINTS Price: $23.99 at artifactuprising.com
This set comes with a gorgeous beetle pine block and a dozen 5 x 5.75 -inch prints to set in it.



HARDCOVER PHOTO BOOK Price: $69.00 at artifactuprising.com
What better way to commemorate a special event or life-changing road trip than with a slick hardcover photo book? This one comes in a range of sizes and cover colors, so your creative vision won't be limited.



INSTAGRAM-FRIENDLY BOOK Price: $17.99 at artifactuprising.com
If you're truly stuck for a gift idea for someone, open Instagram and choose a handful of their Instagram photos from this year, then turn them into an album. Done!


Risograph Print

Risograph Print Price: $30.00 at parabo.press
Use the free Parabo app to turn a favorite black and white photo into a colorful riso print. Fun!


Shape Prints

Shape Prints Price: $26.00 at parabo.press
Perhaps a smidge more fun to create and give than the square prints, these prints come in a set of 25 (5 each) squares, circles, triangles, pentagons, and half-circles.



Newsprint Price: $20.00 at parabo.press
Truly, this is such a good photo gift idea! Print a favorite image of your cousin's band at their show last weekend, and win the award for best gift-giver ever.


Accordion Zine

Accordion Zine Price: $22.00 at parabo.press
This is another gift you can make using the Parabo app (one of my favorites) and the Instagram or Facebook photos of that hard-to-buy-for human on your list.

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