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29 Playful Gifts for Anyone and Everyone Who's a Kid at Heart ...

By Olga

Whether you're shopping for your playful baby cousin, your playful BFF, or playful parents, here are some gifts that the kid in all of us would enjoy!

1 Cards against Humanity

Cards against HumanityBy Cards Against Humanity LLC. $25 on Amazon
This game is one of my personal favorites. It's great to have handy anytime you have company and need something funny to break the ice, or when you're just bored and looking for something to do. This game can get pretty inappropriate, so get it for one of the playful adults in your life.

2 Werewolf

WerewolfBy Up Down Left Right $25 on Amazon
Does someone you know love all things supernatural as much as they love playing party games? Then this is probably the ideal gift for them!


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3 Charley Harper Tree of Life 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Charley Harper Tree of Life 500-Piece Jigsaw PuzzleBy Pomegranate $17 on Amazon
This gift if for the ultimate puzzler! They'll love it and you can make it together for a fun bonding post-Christmas activity.

4 Crayon Rocks

Crayon RocksBy Crayon Rocks $10 on Amazon
Little kids love playing in the dirt! Their parents... not so much. Give them a cleaner alternative to playing with rocks by giving these crayon rocks to a little one in your life! It will be a gift to the parents as much as it is to their kid.

5 Original Buddah Board the Art of Letting Go

Original Buddah Board the Art of Letting GoBy Original Buddha Board $35 on Amazon
This gift is great for someone who needs to decrease their stress and increase their zen.

6 Architecture Studio

Architecture StudioBy LEGO $170 on Amazon
There's no shame in grown ups playing with Legos!

7 Cards against Humanity: Second Expansion

Cards against Humanity: Second ExpansionBy Cards Against Humanity LLC. $10 on Amazon
If they've already mastered Cards Against Humanity and memorized all of the phrases, give them this expansion pack!

8 Unpainted Blank Russian Nesting Doll 5pc. 6"

Unpainted Blank Russian Nesting Doll 5pc. 6"By Golden Cockerel $41 on Amazon
Maybe your Aunt Myrtle never outgrew her love of dolls, and that's okay! Now, she can call it "art" and get away with it.

9 Self Balancing Scooters Drifting Board Electric, White

Self Balancing Scooters Drifting Board Electric, WhiteBy Smart $300 on Amazon
Let's face it, in the 21st century, being playful usually involves technology, too. It isn't all cards and board games, so embrace the times and give someone a cool, high-tech toy this year!

10 Gold Deck of Cards

Gold Deck of CardsBy IDEA International $16 on Amazon
There's no better feeling than shuffling a fresh deck of cards! Especially gorgeous playing cards like these ones.

11 The Earth, 540 Piece Puzzleball

The Earth, 540 Piece PuzzleballBy Ravensburger $28 on Amazon
Puzzlers sometimes have sort of a god-complex, trying to recreate things perfectly as quickly as possible. Well now, they can literally create the earth with this giant puzzle ball!

12 Toy Boarders 24pc Skateboard Figures

Toy Boarders 24pc Skateboard FiguresBy AJ $7 on Amazon
If one of the kids in your family loves skateboarding, they will love this gift!

13 AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Controlled by Mobile Devices

AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Controlled by Mobile DevicesBy Parrot $595 on Amazon
This is another "toy" techies will love!

14 Enchanted Forest: an Inky Quest & Coloring Book

Enchanted Forest: an Inky Quest & Coloring BookBy Chronicle Books $10 on Amazon
Adult coloring is such a huge craze now! Your playful friends and family will love relieving stress through coloring, and think of you every time they complete a page.

15 Corkers Animal Kits, Monkey

Corkers Animal Kits, MonkeyBy The Wine Enthusiast $7 on Amazon
Too many wine corks go to waste every holiday season! But they can become cute crafts with a corkers animal kit.

16 Apollo Lunar Module Eagle-5 Model Kit

Apollo Lunar Module Eagle-5 Model KitBy Aoshima $40 on Amazon
Whether the geek in your family is 6 or 60, they'll have tons of fun rebuilding this.

17 Superdisc

SuperdiscBy Aerobie $8 on Amazon
Get the family up and moving this Christmas with a super disc frisbee.

18 Grimm's Wooden Sailboat Puzzle

Grimm's Wooden Sailboat PuzzleBy Grimm's Spiel and Holz Design $36 on Amazon
For the puzzle mastermind in training, a simple puzzle like this one makes a great gift! Get it for a playful little one in your family.

19 Classic Etch a Sketch Magic Screen

Classic Etch a Sketch Magic ScreenBy Ohio Art $15 on Amazon
My childhood certainly wouldn't have been the same without an etch a sketch! Get it for a kid you love, or an adult who misses the good old days.

20 Alphabet Block Set

Alphabet Block SetBy Areaware $46 on Amazon
What kid doesn't like blocks and making up words with them?

21 Map of the USA, 1,000 Pc Puzzle

Map of the USA, 1,000 Pc PuzzleBy Andrews + Blaine $15 on Amazon
This gift will last them until the next holiday season!

22 Connect Four

Connect FourBy Hasbro $29 on Amazon
iPhones and iPads are going to rob a lot from this generations' childhood. Give them a taste of the fun you had when you were younger with a fun game like this one!

23 Doodles at Dinner Placemats

Doodles at Dinner PlacematsBy Blue Apple Books $10 on Amazon
Kids love to color on all surfaces whether or not they are supposed to. You might as well protect your table and give your kids something fun to do while they wait for Christmas dinner.

24 Pick Your Nose Animal Paper Cups

Pick Your Nose Animal Paper CupsBy Fred & Friends $8 on Amazon
This gift is ideal for your animal-loving little ones!

25 Maple Wood Yo-Yo

Maple Wood Yo-YoBy Maple Landmark $6 on Amazon
Sometimes, all you need are the classics!

26 Jumbo Toy Hammock

Jumbo Toy HammockBy Prince Lionheart $8 on Amazon
If you think about it, these playful kids are going to get so many toys and not know what to do with them! A toy hammock will keep the floor clean and their parents' mind at ease.

27 Calendar Box

Calendar BoxBy Kikkerland $15 on Amazon
This is a playful twist on an essential household item anyone would love!

28 Uppercase Alphabet Sand Molds

Uppercase Alphabet Sand MoldsBy Learning Resources $83 on Amazon
A beach day now might sound unimaginable. But I promise, one day it will be warm and your little playmates will be thankful for this gift!

29 Prism Stowaway Diamond Kite

Prism Stowaway Diamond KiteBy Prism Kite Technology $25 on Amazon
This gift is great for trips to the park or the beach when it gets warmer.

There are tons of gifts your playful friends and family would enjoy. Now the next step is choosing one! Which of these do you think makes the best gift?

Edited by Sabrina Yates

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