9 Christmas Gifts under 30 for the Whole Fam ...

By Reem

9 Christmas Gifts under 30 for the Whole Fam ...

Are you looking for Christmas gifts inspo? Do you need Christmas gifts under $30 for all the family? Searching for gifts at this time of the year can be very tough. As buying gifts increases, the budget becomes more and more limited. Cheerful news, lots of things are on sale and the offers won’t disappoint you. Here are some great Christmas gifts under $30 for all the family to save you some money.

1 Handbag

bag, white, handbag, shoulder bag, product, This is a modish three piece handbag that you don’t want to miss. Wonderful news - Amazon is offering 75% off on this handbag and it is now being sold for $8.99.

2 Sweatshirt

white, clothing, pink, sleeve, shoulder, This is all that is needed for the winter season and it looks super comfy. Don’t miss out - you can get it for $7.99.

3 Casual Shoes

footwear, shoe, brown, product, walking shoe, This elegant shoe will please lots of people on your list. Hurry and buy them for only $27.99.

4 QI Wireless Charger

product, product design, font, material, brand, In a time where phones are a part of us, we don’t want a dead battery. Amazon is offering a QI Wireless Charger that you can use anywhere you want for $17.99.

5 Slippers

footwear, shoe, slipper, plush, stuffed toy, Buy these for someone who is a dog fanatic. Amazon is selling them for $9.99. Hurry up!

6 Student Desk Drawer

furniture, shelf, shelving, product, product, Who else is obsessed with this cute idea to diminish the mess from a student's desk? And it is only $8.99.

7 Pet Clothes

stuffed toy, yellow, toy, plush, material, Don’t forget your pet. He too deserves a gift for Christmas, right? Your pet will surely appreciate it. Here’s are cute pet clothes for only $9.99.

8 Sweater

hood, sweater, woolen, hoodie, maroon, Men will appreciate a sweater that will keep him cozy and warm all winter. It is only $21.99.

9 Red Dress

clothing, day dress, dress, sleeve, neck, Can you believe that this wonderful red dress is only $11.99? Hurry up, don’t miss this offer!

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Good idea's! I've never heard of jollychic. Definitely fits the budget and the challenge I'm trying. (The 4 gift challenge 1 read 1 wear 1 want 1 need)


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