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Having to focus Christmas Present Ideas on a Budget doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all! It might be a bit strange and difficult to get used to (especially if you used to spend a lot of cash on presents) but it can be fun and it can get your creative juices flowing! Ask you mom, best friend or colleagues – each and every one of them had to turn to Christmas present ideas on a budget at least once and you probably haven't even noticed it! Now, since you have good three weeks to plan and create your own, budget-friendly Christmas presents, I've decided to suggest a few cool Christmas present ideas on a budget to take into consideration:

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Handmade Knits or Clothes

Handmade Knits or Clothes If you can knit or maybe even sew there are tons of Christmas present ideas on a budget you can use! I absolutely love this idea and it would be wonderful if someone remembered to gift me with a unique accessory or a piece of clothing! You may even have some pretty cool fabrics just lying around waiting to be used! If not, you can always visit a few shops, see what they have to offer and, since most of these shops do have leftovers (as in “pieces that would make a fine, knee length skirt but are considered too small to be on display”) asking if they have something on “sale” would be a perfect, budget-friendly way to stock up on fabrics you’ll need for your gifts.


Complimentary Items

Complimentary Items If you buy a lot of cosmetics or have a few of your favorite shops where you are known as a “regular”, you probably receive a lot of complimentary items. Now, those things are often too small or umm…let’s say “cheap” to be used as gifts but I’m absolutely sure there are some that are more than fit to be given as presents. For example- there were these great giveaways this September which lasted about a week and during that week you could buy a perfume and get some really cool stuff. I can’t remember all of them but there is one particular offer I remember clearly – buying Marc Jacobs Lola or Daisy perfume would get you an awesome piece of Marc Jacobs perfumed jewelry for free! Now, wouldn’t a Lola ring or a Daisy necklace be a great gift? Wouldn’t your little sister or young cousin love a signature makeup bag filled with travel sized packages of makeup?


Food or Food-Related Gifts

Food or Food-Related Gifts Picking up a nicely wrapped box of chocolates on your way to the party will do but you’ll save way more if you think your presents through in advance and prepare the sugary delights on your own. You can experiment with handmade chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate chip cookies, your special muffins… pretty much anything is allowed and, if the person you’re preparing the gift for is one of those people who like to steer clear of the kitchen, you can rest assured any one of your food-related Christmas present ideas on a budget will work like a charm!


Personalized Gift

Remember that necklace Carrie loved so much? Remember how sad losing it made her feel? And how thrilled she was when she finally realized the necklace is not lost after all? You see, when it comes to personalized gifts, emotional value counts waaay more than the actual cost of the item or the material need to make it. The necklace in question, as Carrie said herself, was cheap but, if I remember correctly, those gorgeous diamonds Alek gave her didn’t help turn her frown upside down! Find a talented local artist to draw a portrait of that special person you want to surprise for Christmas (some won’t even charge you if you agree to pay for the material while others might charge a small fee), give up something that’s yours if you know that special somebody wants it badly, discover your artsy side by making a pot or, at least, do your best to paint a store bought one! There are tons of Christmas present ideas on a budget you can opt for here and you shouldn't be afraid to get creative! Some of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten are handmade for ME and me only and no amount of money or any fancy gift could ever replace or outshine them.



Flowers No, no, no I don’t have bouquets in mind and I certainly don’t suggest raiding your neighbor’s garden in the middle of the night – potted plants are the way to go this Christmas (or any other big day for that matter)! My fiancé got me a pot of baby orchids for our anniversary and I must admit that getting a flower that isn’t destined to die within the next couple of days is quite refreshing. If you want something exotic and unusual but must plan your Christmas present ideas on a budget, I suggest getting a seed (which are less expensive than grown plants) and growing it in your own home until it turns into something presentable. You can also take an ordinary pot, paint it nicely and put some of your own plants inside or you can visit the market and buy a potted herb that is not only surprisingly cheap but very useful as well. Decorate and wrap your present nicely and voila!


Unwanted Gifts

Unwanted Gifts Every person has a pretty big stash of unwanted gifts – I’m sure you have those, too! Now, I know what are you going to say, “Giving away things you’ve received as a gift is not okay” and, yes, I thought so too until I found out that my friend is auctioning a shrug she received from me as a birthday gift! (And just for the record: it was a beautiful shrug!) I don’t blame her, though, because I too have a lot of things that are too nice to throw out but, unfortunately, too big/small/not my style as well. Luckily, my (and your) loss could be somebody’s gain and, speaking as a gift-giver whose gift was listed for sale, it’s better to give a nice thing away in order to make someone happy than to sell it.


Gift Bags

When you have a lot of friends to visit for Christmas and not enough money to spend on presents, you can always rely on shops to give you a few awesome Christmas present ideas on a budget! Now, I know it sounds a bit strange but think about it – window shopping really pays out! Ask to see the gift bags and gift baskets, pay close attention to their contents and packaging and then visit a few dollar shops/arts and crafts stores and stock up on items needed to make those very same gifts! Use organza bags or stockings (you can make these on your own by the way) if you want your gifts to be small but personal or get a few baskets and arrange a bigger gift (a bottle of wine, some candies, decorative scented candle etc.) in case the situation calls for a bit more formal gifting etiquette (read: “Hello, happy holidays, thank you for inviting us for dinner” type of gift).


Secret Hollow Book

Secret Hollow Book Gift giving is not always about money, it is just about showing signs of appreciation and giving someone something that they will cherish in the long run. It doesn't matter how much it cost or how old it is, the whole idea is to make someone feel special. Therefore you can let your imagination run wild! One of the easiest and thoughtful gifts that you can give someone is a secret hollow book. Although you do have to put some time into it, it doesn't break you bank! All you need to do is find an old book that is quite dense, glue, x-acto knife, ruler, brush and pencil. I am pretty sure these items are laying around your house right now! All you do is first glue the pages together on the sides, measure out the margins and begin cutting! It is quite simple, but it makes a great and unique idea for a gift.


Homemade Soap

Homemade Soap A couple of year ago, I received a homemade batch of soap from one of my close friends and to be honest, it was one of the best gifts I have received that year. Although it wasn't luxurious nor perfect, it was something that she put all of her time and effort in. I remember she packaged it in adorable little tissue paper and tied it with festive strings. It was a small and simple gift, but for some reason it left a big impression! Not only that but it was a great topic for a conversation. Making your own soap? How awesome is that!



Scrapbooks When all else fails, you can always put together a small scrapbook filled with memories and photographs! If you are one of those people who tends to save little items from special days, go through your boxes and find something that pertains to that person. Once you have gathered anything like concert wrist bands, notes, cards, and pictures, you are set to go! Just grab markers, colored paper and glue! Make sure to leave some comments and inside memories with that person to add more value to the gift. If you put your whole heart and soul into it, there is no reason why your friend or family member won't love it!



Art If you consider yourself as a creative person and like to indulge in artwork, there is no reason why you shouldn't use your talent and spread it around. Instead of buying gifts, you can always personalize an artwork toward that specific person and gift a peace of you. Who wouldn't want a piece of art that was inspired and made specifically for them. It is a great gift idea that will surely be appreciated by others!



Books Holiday shopping can get a little out of hand even when you are trying to stay on budget. However instead of purchasing gifts, you can always give something that is valuable to you. For example, you can always part with a copy of your favorite novel and give it to someone who will appreciate it as much as you did. Just make sure to write down some comments in your favorite parts or highlight lines you want them to focus on. These types of gifts always bring people closer together and bind them by a strong connection.


Pass down Jewelry

Pass down Jewelry One of my family traditions is passing down jewelry from one person to the next. Therefore if you think that a person in your family is ready to receive a piece of jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation, this would be the time to do it. It really is an honorable gift that that person will treasure forever. It has a lot more meaning and value than any other store-bought gift would ever have.

If you start thinking about Christmas presents on time and don’t allow yourself the luxury (and trouble) of last minute shopping you’ll always be able to save with interesting Christmas present ideas on a budget! Now, I’m sure a lot of you would agree with me on one simple fact – Christmas present ideas on a budget can prove to be much better and a lot more creative! So, tell me – what is the best Christmas present you ever gotten and was it expensive or simply awesomely unique?

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