13 Adorably Charming Christmas Gifts for Girls ...

Watch any kid’s TV network for ten minutes and you’ll see about a million ideas for Christmas gifts for girls. But what about the older girls, the tweens and pre-tweens? What would they like for Christmas? Head to your favorite stores or take a look online, and you’ll have loads of great gifts to choose from, just for them! Here’s a sampling to give you some ideas. Here are 13 Christmas gifts for girls.

1. Xia Xia Toys

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I think these are a little weird (hermit crabs, really?), but sort of cute, much like I’ll bet my mother felt about Cabbage Patch Kids back in the day. There are lots of Xia Xia (pronounced Shah-Shah) sea creatures to choose from, so you’re sure to find at least one the tween on your list would love. Since they only cost about $9.95 at Amazon and other places, like Toys R' Us, you can even buy her several.

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