Perfect Secret Santa Gifts under 25 for Budget Conscious Gals ...


Perfect Secret Santa Gifts under 25 for Budget Conscious Gals ...
Perfect Secret Santa Gifts under 25 for Budget Conscious Gals ...

I'm here to share some Secret Santa gifts under $25 that will make everyone hope you pulled their name this year.

Many of us know that moment when we reach our hand into a hat or a basket and pull out the name of a secret Santa. Thoughts race through your mind about what to buy this person - something that is tasteful, useful, and budget-friendly. Well, never fear because I have the perfect solution! These are the top 10 Secret Santa gifts under $25 that are sure to please and that are all budget-friendly.

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For the Fashionista

Winter is a cold month so whether you are buying for a man or a woman who is obsessed with fashion, a scarf is the best way to go. There are so many different types, from the fashionable to the just plain warm, but there is a particular type that I would recommend. I would recommend what is called a scarf wrap. It is a scarf that can be used in one of two ways. It can be worn around your shoulders like a blanket for that extra layer of warmth or around your neck like a typical scarf. Is this one of your favorite Secret Santa gifts under $25? Mine too!


The Coffee or Tea Lover

There are so many different coffee mugs that appeal to different personalities. There are ones with sayings based on a career that they have, such as nursing or a science. There are ones that are meant to be in entertaining shapes such as a recycle bin or a donut with a bite taken out of it. These cups are as unique as their users and are always a nice gift for coffee and tea lovers.


The Undecided

Gift cards are always a tried and true solution for gifts to give people at work. Getting a card to someone’s favorite coffee shop, sandwich place, or movie theater shows the person that you care. It also shows them that you know the things they like and want to give them something they can use.


The Techies

If you are chosen to give a gift to a person that is all about that new technology, then a power bank could be the perfect solution for both male and females. Many people carry multiple devices around, from phones to tablets, and a power bank will come in handy when they need a quick charge. A gift like this would make any techie's day.


The Music Lovers

Who doesn’t like relaxing on the way to work or de-stressing after an hard day by listening to music or an audiobook? If the person you shop for is into movies, music, or audible, comfortable headphones could be the present of choice. There are many types to choose from and many of them are very reasonably priced. This gift is one worth considering.


The Animal People

Animal lovers are all about the furry, scaly, and fluffy, so why not show them your appreciation with a gift that celebrates that. I would recommend a keychain. Everyone has a set of keys that they have to keep track of and providing them with something that they can smile at each time they see it is a great gift. This is also an appropriate gift for both men and women and can come in a variety of different animals. There are pets like dogs, cats, and reptiles, as well as wild animals.


The Shoe Addicts

Shoe addicts can be hard to buy for because on a $25 limit you can’t buy them a nice pair of shoes, but I have an idea for something that may appeal to them. How about something shoe shaped, such as a high heel stapler? Or some cute socks to wear with their favorite shoes.


The TV Show Bingers

All of us at one time or another have binged on a TV show that we just had to watch. So, buying a gift for a fellow TV lover can be based on that particular show or something that would make them more comfortable while watching it. What I would recommend is Christmas themed slipper socks. They are unisex so can go for a man or a woman and they are the perfect thing to protect someone from cold floors on that next popcorn run during commercials.


The Book Lover

For a person who is all about reading or collecting books, one of the most interesting gifts that I would recommend is bookends. There are many different designs that you can choose from so it's easy to find precisely what the person will love. Any of them would be appropriate depending on what the gift receiver enjoys.


The Artist

There are different types of artists such as painters, sketchers, and sculptors, but all of them have one thing in common and that is that each has tools that must be used. So, the best thing to get for an artist is a case that they can carry their tools in.

The process of selecting a Secret Santa no longer needs to be stressful. Just think about who the recipient is do a quick Google search for something affordable. Happy shopping!

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