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16 Stellar Gift Ideas for the Practical Person in Your Life ...

By Olga

If you're in need of some gift ideas for the practical folks in your life, your search ends here! We've thought of everything a sensible person would like to receive as a gift and then some. Keep on scrolling to see what we came up with and feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section!

1 Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus

Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your FocusBooks always make a great gift because they can be enjoyed over and over. If you know someone who is looking to make some positive changes, grab this highly rated book packed with lots of practical ideas and advice.
$7 on Amazon

2 Sweeper and Funnel

Sweeper and FunnelSo a sweeper and funnel might not be the most creative gift in the world, but for someone who values cleanliness and cool designs, this is as good as it gets! Once you remove the sweeper from the handle, the dustpan can also be used as a funnel for easy clean-up.

By Menu $60 on Amazon

3 The Monocle Guide to Better Living

The Monocle Guide to Better LivingMonocle magazine is known for its informative features on culture, business, and global affairs. They created a book that aims to guide the reader on how to live better with informative reports and recommendations.
By Gestalten $41 on Amazon

4 Gerber EAB Pocket Knife

Gerber EAB Pocket KnifeAffordable, practical, and useful. A pocket knife is not one of those gifts that will not go unused or be re-gifted. Give the gift of convenience with a pocket knife that also doubles as a money clip!
By Gerber $9 on Amazon

5 Men's Black Resin Analog Watch

Men's Black Resin Analog WatchCasio created a watch that perfectly captures minimalism and cool. This is another affordable gift that'll be appreciated and well-loved!

By Casio $10 on Amazon

6 Transit Issue Key Chain

Transit Issue Key ChainTreat a friend or loved one to a stylish hand-crafted key fob to keep keys safe and sound. Sure, it's a bit on the pricey side, but you're paying for quality!
By Apolis $38 on Amazon

7 "Smart" Stormproof Stick Umbrella

"Smart" Stormproof Stick UmbrellaBoy, do I wish I had this umbrella when I had to trek all over campus on windy and rainy days! This stormproof umbrella features an aerodynamic wind resistant design that won't invert and has a handy ergonomic handle.

By senz $21 on Amazon

8 Unbreakable Shoelaces

Unbreakable ShoelacesWho needs unbreakable shoelaces you ask? Well, these laces were designed by firemen so their laces resist being burned, cut, sawed, chopped, or destroyed. However, these tough laces can be useful for anyone who's active outdoors.

By Rhino Laces $20 on Amazon

9 Keyless Keypad Deadbolt Lock

Keyless Keypad Deadbolt LockHere's another random yet totally practical gift idea! A keyless keypad deadbolt lock allows you to lock and unlock your door securely without the need for keys so no more worrying about having to find your keys or worrying about losing keys.

By Kwikset $110 on Amazon

10 Men's Chuck Taylor All Star Black Leather Sneaker

Men's Chuck Taylor All Star Black Leather SneakerConverse sneakers are the ultimate cool guy or girl accessory and gifting this pair of black leather sneaks is sure to give you the title of gift giver of the year.
By Converse $60 on Amazon

11 Humangear Three Pack 3oz Gotoobs Squeeze Bottles

Humangear Three Pack 3oz Gotoobs Squeeze BottlesAt first glance, these colorful bottles look like light bulbs and I sort of wish they were, but they're actually super useful squeeze bottles. These are ideal for the traveler, camper, and just about anyone. They're food safe, approved for airline carry-on, and 100% BPA and PC-free.

By GoToob $27 on Amazon

12 Peasant Knife with Black Anodized Aluminum Handle

Peasant Knife with Black Anodized Aluminum HandleWhen all else fails, pocket knives such as this one by Svord make a fine, functional gift. The style is unique and the blade is super sharp.

By Svord $17 on Amazon

13 ST53100 Micro-Max 19-in-1 Keychain Multitool

ST53100 Micro-Max 19-in-1 Keychain MultitoolDoes it get any more practical than a 19-in-1 keychain? I think not! This multi-use tool has wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, a bottle opener, wire cutter and stripper, wire crimper, hand drill, file, 2 rulers, and 2 ruler extensions.
By Swiss+Tech $9 on Amazon

14 Filtered Water Bottle, BPA Free, 18.5 Oz

Filtered Water Bottle, BPA Free, 18.5 OzWho couldn't use a handy water bottle these days? We can all use a visual reminder to drink more water and this one is BPA-free and made in the good 'ol USA!
By Bobble $15 on Amazon

15 Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer

Stainless Steel Slant TweezerTweezers aren't just for plucking stray brow hairs. A quality pair of tweezers can be used to grab small items, plate fancy dishes, remove debris from your keyboard, or untangle jewelry.

By Tweezerman $16 on Amazon

16 EM Jug with Lid, 50.7 Oz

EM Jug with Lid, 50.7 OzIf a water bottle just won't do, purchase this designer jug to add a stylish touch to anyone's kitchen. This high quality jug is BPA-free, made in Denmark, and designed by famed designer Erik Magnussen.

By Stelton $45 on Amazon

Being practical definitely does not mean boring! There are lots of useful and unique gift ideas for the practical person in your life. What are your gift ideas? Please share them below!

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