7 Best Gifts for Teachers ...

If you're trying to find the best gifts for teachers, keep reading! Teachers are invaluable, and as a frequent teacher's pet, I can say with expert knowledge that when you find a teacher you love, you want to let him or her know it. Polished apples are great, but sometimes you want to go above and beyond to show your appreciation. In that case, take a look at some of the best gifts for teachers I found, and see if any of them will work for you!

1. A Book

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Every teacher loves to read, so the best gifts for teachers are unquestionably books – but you don't have to get serious about it! For instance, the New Yorker Book of Teacher Cartoons is hilarious, something most professors and instructors will definitely appreciate. You can also write a nice note in the front, so your teacher will always remember who the gift was from!

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