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9 Wonderfully Pleasant Gifts for a Hostess That Will Make You Look like a Perfect Guest ...

By Lyndsie

Gifts for a Hostess are no longer exactly de rigueur – that is, you're not committing a serious faux pas if you don't bring one – but they're still a good idea. If you're attending a party someone has gone to a lot of work to put together, then bringing gifts for a hostess is just the right thing to do. There are many options available, but a few items make tried and true gifts. If you'll be attending any holiday parties this festive season and need some ideas about gifts for a hostess, just keep reading!

1 Casbah Appetizer Plates

Casbah Appetizer PlatesPrice: $4.95 each at
Dishes make great gifts for a hostess, especially when you go for specialty items. Appetizer plates are particularly appealing, because after all, most parties have appetizers. These plates are festive and colorful, and as such they'll just highlight your hostess's amazing culinary skills.

2 The American Cocktail

The American CocktailPrice: $19.95 at
Cookbooks make fantastic hostess gifts. For hosts and hostesses who love serving cocktails, however, go with a classic drink book. This one is generally the go-to choice, and will definitely help out with many parties to come!

3 Marble Wine Cooler

Marble Wine CoolerPrice: $26.95 at
A lot of gifts for a hostess are attractive but practical too. If your host or hostess entertains a lot, then odds are a lot of champagnes and white wines get served. This marble cooler makes a lovely addition to any party arsenal, and it can actually be used as a decoration piece as well.

4 Dizzy Red Cocktail Glass

Dizzy Red Cocktail GlassPrice: $3.50 each at
As mentioned, any time you can give dishes or glassware to your host or hostess, go for it. There are lots of alternative cocktail glasses, but for the holiday theme and the originality factor, I love these. The red color makes them appropriate for the season, but they can easily be used all year round.

5 Piper Candleholders

Piper CandleholdersPrice: $2.95-$3.95 at
Housewares in general make wonderful gifts for a hostess. If your host or hostess likes candles, vases, et cetera, then feel free to look for something that fits their taste. These are beautiful, and could be used to create a gorgeous centerpiece at any party.

6 Joy of Cooking

Joy of CookingPrice: $35.00 at
Like say, cookbooks make fantastic gifts. At first glance, this might look like it feeds into a stereotype, but I promise it won't be taken that way. Rather, this is a charming piece of Americana – the Rombauer book used to be the end all, be all for any kind of party, and I bet your hostess will adore it for that reason. Besides, there really are some fantastic recipes in here!

7 Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless Wine GlassesPrice: $19.95 at
Every host or hostess needs some casual glassware. You might consider that when picking out gifts for a hostess. Stemless wine glasses can be used for other drinks, they're easier to carry around and to clean, and they make a great alternative to fancier or more expensive crystal.

8 Matte Metallic Red Pillar Candles

Matte Metallic Red Pillar CandlesPrice: $7.95-$14.95 at
As mentioned, housewares are a great choice for gifts. If you're going to go with candle holders, don't forget the candles! I like these because they're unscented (and you never know what scent another person might prefer) but they look incredible. They're also festive, so they make a perfect addition to a holiday party.

9 Reeve Carafe

Reeve CarafePrice: $29.95 at
Carafes, snifters, and things of that nature make wonderful gifts for a hostess. I love this one because of its graceful curves. It's a great choice and, even if it isn't used to drinks, it would still make an attractive decoration.

Traditionally, when you're buying gifts for a hostess, it IS de rigueur to look for gifts related to entertaining. It shows your appreciation for what your hostess – or your host! – has done and offers something that could be used during another party or event. Depending on your relationship, of course, you can also look for personal or even funny gifts for a hostess. It really all comes down to what you like best! So, what gifts for a hostess do you find most appropriate – or what would you, as a host/ess, like to receive?

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