9 Wonderfully Pleasant Gifts for a Hostess That Will Make You Look like a Perfect Guest ...

Gifts for a Hostess are no longer exactly de rigueur – that is, you're not committing a serious faux pas if you don't bring one – but they're still a good idea. If you're attending a party someone has gone to a lot of work to put together, then bringing gifts for a hostess is just the right thing to do. There are many options available, but a few items make tried and true gifts. If you'll be attending any holiday parties this festive season and need some ideas about gifts for a hostess, just keep reading!

1. Casbah Appetizer Plates

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Price: $4.95 each at crateandbarrel.com
Dishes make great gifts for a hostess, especially when you go for specialty items. Appetizer plates are particularly appealing, because after all, most parties have appetizers. These plates are festive and colorful, and as such they'll just highlight your hostess's amazing culinary skills.

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