11 Last Minute Gift Ideas That Could save Your Neck ...


11 Last Minute Gift Ideas That Could save Your Neck ...
11 Last Minute Gift Ideas That Could save Your Neck ...

Last Minute Gift Ideas are just what a person needs during the holidays seasons and since we’re usually too busy trying to tie loose ends before the holidays, we often forget one very important thing – presents! But what about those times when you suddenly realize that you’ve accidentally left out someone really important? Well, that’s when these last minute gift ideas really come in handy! And I’m going to give you some awesome last minute gift ideas right now, just in case your neck needs some saving soon:

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This is the least creative of all last minute gift ideas, I will give you that, but, hey, who needs creativity when you have things like chocolates or booze coming your way? LOL! In fact, if I had to choose between the standard last minute 7/11 gifts such as bath salts, bath foams, stuffed animals, colognes, deodorants or anything of that sort and a box of assorted chocolates/nice wine/Prosecco, I’d always pick the latter. You see, ladies and gents, the truth is that you can never be 100% sure that any of the above mentioned cosmetics you’re planning to pick up on your way to the party will be just what the person needs. Some people don’t like to experiment too much while some can’t experiment due to their problematic skin so, if you’re going to take a risk with your presents, it’s better to risk with something 99% of people like.



Well, here’s one interesting gift you can produce on the spot and, although I’m positively sure that there is no way you could actually forget about Christmas presents, this still might be a good back up plan for the holidays. An extra kid you didn’t count on, a relative that should have been a no-show… you know the drill – there’s always that extra person you forgot to buy a present for during the holidays! Luckily, almost everyone uses smart phones nowadays and where there are smart phones, there are always cool applications or even books you can send as a gift. Pretty neat, huh? You don’t even have to feel awkward or do anything to acknowledge the fact that you’re one gift short – just grab your bag, sneak into the bathroom and finish the whole thing with the help of your smart phone and your credit card only!


Gift Certificates

In case you’ve remembered to do your gift shopping but don’t have a whole day to browse for individual gifts, gift certificates/vouchers might prove to be one of the best last minute gift ideas ever! It’s the best gift you could give to teenagers and it’s completely hassle-free! In fact, all you have to do is pick a brand they like (such as Target, H&M, Forever 21), get a gift certificate and voila – job done! Now, if you have a lot of grown-ups to surprise for the holidays and not nearly enough time or gift ideas to go around, I would strongly suggest multibrand stores such as Sephora or Macy’s.



Umm… I know what you’re going to say, “Money is one of the worst last minute gift ideas ever” – Am I right? Well, I do agree with you but only up to a certain point. It’s certainly not a gift grown-ups would appreciate and, yes, some might even find it offending but the kids, especially teens and students, would definitely love the idea. My grandparents, for example, rarely bought me any gifts once I turned 15. They always gave me money or they insisted on taking me shopping. It wasn’t a bad experience at all and I still have a lot of great, incredibly useful items I wear and treasure even now.


I-Owe-You Greeting Cards

Want more cool last minute gift ideas? And when I say “last minute” I really mean the LAST possible minute! Well, here’s something you can do on your way to the party, even if it’s waay past midnight. First of all, stop by a gas station/newspaper stand/anything that works at that hours and get the nicest greeting card you can find. Now, all you have to do before you drive off to join the merry crown is write something like: “To my dear******, (followed by a few nice wishes). My gift to you is a gift of choice, love and friendship so pick a date and time and get ready to be****** (spoiled/entertained/swept off your feet) and spend some quality time with me in a ********__ (spa/restaurant/ club/cinema) of your choice!” You’ll be paying for this, of course, so pay close attention to what you’re writing and to whom you’re giving this gift.



You will have to plan and get these gifts a couple of days earlier, that’s true, but since they don’t necessarily involve any running around, waiting in lines or trying to battle your way through the army of busy shoppers, I simply can’t but label them as quick, easy and, of course, budget friendly . Use the Internet, girl, because you can get most of those things here and save a substantial amount of cash in the same time. Enable your loved ones to enjoy their favorite magazines all year round by visiting the website of their fav magazine and paying the subscription or give them some really cool coupons for everything from massages and beauty treatments to fancy dinners for two and holidays! Group shopping is the way to shop these days and your find many great deals, golden deals or group deals by visiting a few very popular websites that offer these amazing discounts.


Cool Online Gifts

Believe it or not, some of the wackiest, most amazing gifts are available online 24 hours a day 7 days a week which means that you can get them even if you’re in the middle of getting your hair and makeup done before the party in question. Let’s say you’re getting ready and your mom phones – she will probably ask you if you’re on your way, tell you to hurry up a bit because the pot roast is getting cold and maybe, just maybe, she will drop a bomb by saying something like, “Oh, hun, you won’t believe who showed up! Uncle Tom! You remember Uncle Tom, dear, he always has the best jokes!” Yes, of course you remember him the only problem is that you don’t have a present for him! No problem, dear, just turn on your computer, open your browser and buy the old joker a ruined old house somewhere or register a domain UncleTomRocks.com! Yes, you can do that and….wait for the best part… it costs less than 10 bucks!



Everyone loves popcorn, right? So what better idea than to share some gourmet kernels? You can buy loads of flavors at candy shops or popcorn kiosks at the mall. Or, you can pop your own and shake it up with spices to make fancy flavors. Try cinnamon and brown sugar, chili powder and garlic salt or Parmesan cheese. Put the popcorn in cute clear gift bags and tie them closed with pretty ribbon.


Magazine Subscription

If you know someone with a specific interest, say cooking or scrapbooking, a magazine subscription is a great idea for the last minute. You can give someone a gift that comes each month with fun new ideas to spark their passion and let them enjoy a hobby that much more. Plus, you can send in the card and pay later when the holiday budget isn't so tight!



A live plant is a fun idea because they are easy to find and many are simple to take care of so you won't have to feel bad about giving a high maintenance gift. Plants are a great gift for co-workers, but they also work well for friends and family. Simply tie a festive bow around the pot and you don't even have to mess with gift wrap. What could be more perfect?


Something Together

Are you trying to find a last minute gift for you guy or best friend? How about something you can do together? Maybe concert tickets, a trip to a spa for a massage or manicure or a date night to see the latest blockbuster. The gift of time together is so valuable, and who needs another hot chocolate kit anyway? This is something you'll both treasure and remember for years to come.

Awesome, isn’t it? Aren’t these last minute gift ideas really awesome? You see, every problem has an easy, not to mention very creative solution! And the best thing about it is that you won’t only make everyone perfectly happy but manage to stick to your budget as well. Care to share a few more interesting last minute gift ideas? Come on, I’m sure you have a couple of tricks up your sleeve, too!

Written in collaboration with editor, Eliza Martinez

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Gift certificates are my best friends when it gets to be the week before Christmas. I am SUCH a bad shopper. :(

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