10 More Tips to save Money ...


10 More Tips to save Money ...
10 More Tips to save Money ...

More Tips to Save Money — who can't use them in this economy? Saving money is not something to scoff at, so I thought everyone might like to know more tips to save money! I am always on the look out for more ways to save my cash. If you are on a budget, or would just like to know some great tips to save a little money on the side, you've come to the right place! I am going to give you 10 more tips to save money. If you read my articles then you probably already know I've written a few similar articles. However, these are all new, fresh tips on saving even more money! Please keep on reading this article and I promise your wallet will grow fatter each week with your savings!

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Eat Fruits and Veggies That Are in Season

Purchasing fruits and vegetables that are out of season can get pricey! I understand that's sometime you can't avoid it, but if you want to save money, try and plan your menus around the fresh produce that is in season according to your area and time of year. Produce that is in season tends to be less expensive, so this is a great tip to save a little money. Plus produce that is in season will taste better because more than likely it hasn't been grown in a greenhouse.


Buy Products in Bulk

Buying products in bulk is one more tip to save money. Most people just look at price tags and grab the cheapest one, but when trying to save money, compare weight and number of items per package. If a pack of paper towels with two rolls cost $3.50, but a pack with 5 rolls cost $5.00, which to you think is cheaper? Get the most for your money! Plus, buying in bulk helps you thin out your trips to the grocery store, saving you money on gas.


Start Couponing

Using coupons is a very effective tip to save money. I've saved as much as $25 on a grocery bill by using coupons! I'm sure there are others out there who have saved more, but that's a pretty good amount for me. Good places to find free coupons are websites like Coupons.com, Smartsource.com and couponmom.com. If you receive the Sunday paper, clip out coupons you know you will use. And if you have Facebook, go to The Krazy Coupon Lady and "like" her page. She will give you free coupons each week for local grocery stores in your area!


Stop Using Paper Dishes

You can save up to $45 a year just by not using paper plates and cups on a regular basis. If you think about it, it's almost like throwing your money away! It's much better to just use your own dishes and wash them out then it is to use a paper product that will eventually run out. And if you drink coffee, take your re-usable cup into Starbucks. They will knock 10 cents of the price of a cup of coffee just because you brought your own cup!


Eat Your Leftovers

Food is one of the largest components of what goes to waste per year in the average home. Did you realize that by eating your leftovers you can save up to $520 a year? That's a lot of savings! So try and eat those leftovers up! Think of creative ways to re-use them. That's one more tip to save money!


Ask about Special Sales and Discounts

When you are at the grocery store, ask your cashier about any special sales they might be having. Sometimes stores don't advertise as well as they could or should. Also ask about any discounts the store may give such as Military discounts, senior citizen discounts, or managers discounts. Sometimes the manager will put certain items on sale, like day-old bread from the deli or milk that's only a few days from its expiration date.


Use Fabric Cleaning Cloths

A recent online poll revealed that many women use disposable or one-time-use cleaning cloths to clean their home. If you do this, please be aware that you could save $72 bucks a year if you stopped! While using disposables has its advantage, using fabric cloths and good old spray cleaner is by far cheaper. A bottle of cleaner goes much farther and cloths that you can continually re-use are a much better option than ones that you throw away and eventually need to replace!


Drink Tap Water

Here's one more tip to save money you probably never thought of: Drink tap water instead of bottled, and you could save up to $625 a year! I'm actually a bottled water drinker myself because I've always been taught that bottled water is healthier for you, but then I learned this tip. Simply by installing a water purifier or filter onto your tap, you can have all the benefits of bottled water at zero the price! So give it a shot and save those little green babies!


Plan Your Menu around What is on Sale

I like to watch the meat section and plan my menu for that week around what goes on sale. If I see a good deal on pot roast and chicken legs, then that's what we are having! Most of the time, your meats are the most expensive item on your grocery list so when you can save money in that area, do it! You can also check for buy one get one free types of deals in canned goods and other staples that you would use in your menu for that week!


Think before You Buy

You've been told to never shop on an empty stomach, and to never go without a list. It's true! Shopping when you are hungry or unprepared leads to buying things you don't really need. It's a good idea to take stock of what you already have in your cupboards and refrigerator so you don't buy the same thing twice. And ask yourself if you really, truly need something before you buy it. That will keep you right on track!

I hope that these 10 more** tips to save money** have given you some great ideas! Saving money isn't as hard as it seems. All you really have to do is pay attention to what's on sale and try and be frugal with everything you do. Do you have any fabulous money-saving tips of your own to share with us? Please comment below... I always love to hear more tips to save money!

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Think before you buy, that sure saves a lot money! Good post indeed. Be money wise and use your resources. =)

Save money n be rich

When shopping online, always google coupon codes. This has saved me a ton of money, especially on show tickets. Usually, you can find a code for 10-20% off on things like electronics or books, but I managed to get Phantom tickets at around 75% off.

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