7 Effective Time Saving Tips for Every Day ...


7 Effective Time Saving Tips for Every Day ...
7 Effective Time Saving Tips for Every Day ...

Time Saving Tips can do more than save time, they can even save your sanity! Have you ever wondered how you can make more time in you day with useful time saving tips? I am always on the look out for finding new tips and ways to save time and stay organized. When you save time throughout your day, you have way more special moments to spend on the really important things, like family, friends, and fun. Wouldn't it be great to have all that extra time in your day? You can make the most of the 24 hours in every day by maximizing every single minute. Here are 7 effective time saving tips for every day to get you started.

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One ways to save time is to presort your laundry. Buy a hamper or use three different hampers to separate your laundry as you change clothes. Doing this will save you 15 to 20 minutes of sorting on laundry day. I can think of tons of things I can do with an extra 20 minutes, can't you?


Garbage Bowl

Take a time saving tip from Rachel Ray. When preparing meals, use a garbage bowl to collect peelings, empty cans and bags and other trash. This saves you from making several trips to the trash can while cooking. It also makes your work space much more sanitary.



You can save time in the morning by getting breakfast prepared the night before. Fill the pitcher of your blender with the ingredients for a smoothie. In the morning, place the pitcher on the blender base and press go. Your breakfast will be ready in an instant.


Plan Your Meals

You can use a lot of tips during meal times. Planning your meals ahead saves lots of time. Plan your meals a week in advance. Write down everything you need and pick up the groceries in one stop. This time saving tip saves on multiple trips to the grocery store throughout the week.


Lemon and Lime Ice Cube

Save time and stop lemons and limes from going to waste by making lemon and lime ice cubes. Squeeze the juice into ice cube trays and freeze. When a recipe calls for fresh juice, pop a cube out and let it melt. Each cube is equal to one tablespoon of juice.


Get Ready before Bed

Times saving tip experts agree, you can save time by getting as much as possible done the night before. Have the kids place homework and other school items in their backpacks before bed. Lay out clothes and do any ironing the night before too. You can even blow-dry or straighten your hair before bed to save time in the morning.


Use a Calendar

Save time by not forgetting important dates, appointments, and deadlines. Keep everything in a calendar and update regularly. Keep the calendar in a spot where you will see it often. Encourage your family to update their important dates in the calendar too.

Everyone can use a little extra time, which is where time saving tips come in handy. By being organized and planning ahead you can save yourself from extra trips and forgetting important things. Do you have any time saving tips you would like to add to my list of 7 effective time saving tips for every day?

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