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Tips For Everyday Life are something that always come in handy-after all, we live life everyday, right? So that is why I enjoy sharing tips for everyday life that I have discovered along the way. Little tips for everyday life that make your day go by so much smoother and easier just need to be shared with everyone else! Here are 7 awesome practical tips for everyday life that I know you AND all your friends will find helpful, interesting, and so budget wise and time saving!

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Password Help

A password is something that you type everyday, sometimes even multiple times a day! So here's a little tip for everyday life that I came up with: Make your password inspire you! If you have been aiming to get in shape, then your password could be "run2miles". If your goal is to travel somewhere exotic, then create a password like " Hawaiivacay2012". Your brain will remember that these are your goals when you type your password, thus encouraging you to reach for them!


Have a Mint

Did you know that sugar has been proven to temporarily boost willpower? Popping a mint right before you go grocery shopping, or feel like you are under pressure will help you to focus and get your job done! Just remember that a little goes a long way, so one mint or piece of hard candy should do the job. No need to gorge yourself on chocolate!


Change Collector

One of my favorite tips for everyday life is to remember to collect the change from your bag weekly! You can collect it in a jar on your nightstand, and before you know it, you will have $25 or more saved up in change! You can use that money to buy a new pair of shoes, or get your nails done!


Make Your Day Effective

The best tip for everyday life that I can give you is to remember to make your day effective. Tackle your hardest project early on in the day. The sooner you get it over and done with, the more relaxed you will feel. You'll be surprised at how much more productive your day can be without having something large hanging over your head and sucking away your energy!


Sign up

I always like to encourage my friends ( and myself! ) to sign up for new things. Cooking classes, Guitar lessons, Karate Class-whatever floats your boat! Trying new things and branching out will open up the creative part of your brain and the challenge will be stimulating for you. Plus, you never know who you might meet and the friends you might make!


Double-Duty Your Stuff

Here's a tip for everyday life that comes in handy, especially if you live on a budget! Look for ways to make your accessories pull double duty. A long chain necklace can be a belt if you loop it around your waist. A wide scarf can double as a cute shawl or a headband. Clip on earrings can be cute shoe clips for your flats!


Shaving Nicks

How many of you have shaved in a hurry and ended up with nasty nicks on your legs? Well, here's a little tip for everyday life that you can use when that happens. Dab a little bit of petroleum jelly on the cut right away. It will act as an antiseptic and stop the bleeding immediately!

I don't know about you, but I enjoy discovering little Tips For Everyday Life that will make my day go by smoother! Do you have any tips for everyday life that you can share with us today? Please comment below with any suggestions. Thank you for reading 7 awesome practical tips for everyday life!

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