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There are websites for personalized holiday gifts that you should check out while you're browsing for presents. You want to make your friends and family smile when they unwrap your gifts, and the best way to do that is by giving them something personalized. It shows that you were thinking about them and didn't just regift something you received last year. Here are some of the absolute best websites for personalized holiday gifts:

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Personalization Mall

Personalizationmall.com will let you personalize anything you could think of. There are ornaments, puzzles, playing cards, rugs, and everything else you would ever need. This is one of the best websites for personalized holiday gifts, because you can find something for every member of the family. No one will miss out when you use this website.



Have an idea for a shirt that you want, but can't find it anywhere? Well then you should make it yourself. Zazzle.com lets you design shirts, hats, buttons, and even phone cases. You can take a picture of your favorite celebrity from Google or a snapshot of you and your boyfriend, and add it right onto any of the aforementioned objects.



Want to create a magnet that has your pet's face on it? Or maybe a mug, pillow, or mousepad with your own face on it? Then head to shutterfly.com. All you have to do is upload a picture, click a few buttons, and send them your cash. In a few days, you'll receive a unique gift you'd never find in the mall.


Red Envelope

Redenvelope.com allows you to create necklaces with names on them, key chains with phrases, and golf balls with sayings. Their personalized section of gifts is only a tiny portion of their website, so don't be afraid to check out their other products. You might find something just as useful in their other sections.


Gifts for You Now

Giftsforyounow.com makes things easy for you by categorizing all of its items. It has a list of different items, so if you're searching for a Christmas gift, simply press on the Christmas link and see all of your choices. There are personalized ornaments, stockings, sweaters, and cookie jars. It's the best spot for all of your Christmas needs. Of course, there are 'anniversary,' 'new baby,' and 'wedding' gifts as well, so you can use this site all year long.


Cafe Press

Cafepress.com is another great site for anyone who wants to design a custom shirt. You can create hoodies, pajamas, and even flip flops. Or, if giving clothing as a gift isn't your style, you can create shower curtains, photo canvases, and mugs. Don't worry about being bad with creativity or technology, because this site is easy to navigate. You shouldn't have any problems with it.


Printer Studio

Printerstudio.com lets you create playing cards, calendars, tote bags, laptop sleeves, aprons, and coasters. Whatever you want, they have. Check it out to see if there's anything you can make that your friends or family have already jotted down on their holiday lists.

Everyone wants to feel like they're receiving well thought out gifts, and not something that was bought at the last second. When you buy someone a personalized gift, it proves that you had them and only them in mind. Have you ever given or received a personalized gift? What was it?

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Snapfish. Mugs with collages etc. awesome site

Couldn't have agreed more. I've use 4 of these sites.


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