26 Beautiful Menorahs to Make Your Hanukkah Special ...


26 Beautiful Menorahs to Make Your Hanukkah Special ...
26 Beautiful Menorahs to Make Your Hanukkah Special ...

One of the most important parts of celebrating Hanukkah is the lighting of the menorahs. Whether you have one or many, it's definitely a treasured part of the holiday. Like the nativity scenes of Christmas, many people collect menorahs. If you're one of them, or just want to add one to your collection of decor, you are in for a treat. The examples on this list range from simple to intricate and span the entire spectrum of prices. Whether you want a menorah you can make yourself or one that you can buy, you're sure to find something you love here. Go ahead - take a peek!

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Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold Source: Manzanita Candelabra - Silver
To make menorahs as spectacular as this one, scour your yard for the perfect branch, then spray paint it. Easy, right?


Simple Silver

room, centrepiece, lighting, christmas decoration, chandelier, Source: Let's Have a Chanukah Party ...
Make your menorah the center of the show by displaying on your table while you eat.


DIY Menorah

DIY Menorah It's easy to make your own menorah if you want a simple look like this one.


Something for the Kids

color, blue, yellow, room, wall, Source: yumfoodandfun.com
Something simple like this is great for the kids at your Hannukah party.


Dinosaur Menorah

bronze sculpture, statue, sculpture, bronze, art, Source: 21 Super Cute Ways To ...
It might not be the most sophisticated choice, but your kids are going to love this dinosaur menorah.

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Star Wars

Star Wars Source: 15 More Quirky Menorahs
Star Wars fans will agree that this menorah is pretty cool. What do you think?


Tree of Life

stone carving, iron, art, sculpture, illustration, Source: threestonesteps.wordpress.com
This elegant tree is a fun way to celebrate lighting your menorah. It's pretty, isn't it?


Candles on Top of Presents

color, blue, lighting, glass, Source: porch.com
This is a super sophisticated way to decorate for Hannukah.


Copper Candle Holder

Copper Candle Holder Source: Industrial Style Copper Candle Holder ...
If you have metal working skills, you could probably throw this together in a pretty short amount of time.


Painted Glass

product, brush, Source: brit.co
Save up some bottles, then paint them to create your own customized menorah that won't look like any other.


Edible Menorah

food, dessert, cake, christmas decoration, birthday cake, Source: buzzfeed.com
If you're not into gingerbread houses, try creating this lovely gingerbread menorah.


Star of David

Star of David Source: thewaterfallfaucetstore.com
You can't go wrong by choosing a menorah with the Star of David adorning it.


Hanukkah Craft

Hanukkah Craft creativejewishmom.com," title="lighting, toy, shelf, creativejewishmom.com," class="full-width">
Source: creativejewishmom.com
Let your kids help you celebrate Hanukkah by creating a kid-friendly menorah all for them.


Simple Color Blocked

Simple Color Blocked Source: Hanukkah | How To & ...
You can thank Martha Stewart for this one. It's simple, yet elegant.


Lego Menorah

art, shape, Source: playwelltek.wordpress.com
Maybe not the most formal menorah, but it sure is fun to look at.


Altoids Tin Menorah

blue, cobalt blue, tool, t_9S293, 16.0, Source: Altoids tin Menorah
Are you an Altoids eater? Save your tin and create this adorable mini menorah.


On the Mantle

On the Mantle Source: Genius! Hands-On Holidays
Your fireplace mantle is the perfect place to display your menorah.


Golden Menorah

Golden Menorah Source: Jerusalem
There's something really festive and beautiful about a gold menorah, don't you think?


The shimmer and sparkle of this exquisite piece add a layer of opulence to your Hanukkah celebrations. With its elegant branches reaching up to cradle the flickering flames, the Golden Menorah becomes a stunning centerpiece that catches everyone's eye. Whether placed on your mantel or showcased on your dining table, its gleaming presence is a reminder of the Festival of Lights' rich history and tradition. No doubt, it's a conversation starter, an heirloom in the making, and an undeniable statement of faith and joy.


Silver Branch

Silver Branch Source: Hanukkah | How To & ...
Here's another great way to use a branch as a menorah. Don't you love it?


Modern Look

Modern Look Source: Simple, Beautiful DIY Votive Menorah
This modern design is different from the average menorah, but still stunning.



Traditional Source: Hanukkah Crafts and Decorations | ...
This traditional menorah is beautiful and is sure to enhance any decor.


Made from Clothespins

Made from Clothespins Source: Upcycle & Repurpose: Ideas for ...
Who knew you could do something so absolutely awesome with clothespins?


This creative menorah is made from clothespins and is perfect for sprucing up your Hanukkah celebration. This eye-catching piece is sure to be a conversation starter and will add a unique touch to your holiday decor. It's easy to make and a great way to upcycle items you already have in your home. Simply glue the clothespins together and paint them in festive colors. You can also add some glitter or beads to make it even more special. This is a great craft project to do with kids and will make a beautiful addition to any home.


Paper Chain Menorah

Paper Chain Menorah Source: spearmintbaby.com
I love this! Whether you have kids or not, this menorah is fabulous.


Gold Pumpkins

light, glass, lighting, circle, reflection, Source: thebigfatjewishwedding.com
This is a fun way to decorate and have a menorah.


Glasses and Beads

Glasses and Beads Source: Hanukkah Crafts and Decorations | ...
This contemporary menorah will be stunning anywhere you put it.


Rock Menorah

Rock Menorah Source: MADE TO ORDER: Lake Superior ...
This is different from any menorah I've ever seen. What do you think?

Do you light the menorah in your house? How many menorahs do you have? Do you see one here that you simply must have?

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