8 Amazing Holiday Candle Scents ...


8 Amazing Holiday Candle Scents ...
8 Amazing Holiday Candle Scents ...

Candle scents can add a whole new layer of holiday decoration to your home, but some of us tend to forget that while we’re decking the halls. But not this year! Yankee Candle has a whole new line of holiday candle scents I love, and I have to share them with you! Here are 8 amazing holiday candle scents.

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Yankee Candle Be Jolly


Okay, I just love the name of this candle scent, because isn’t this what the holidays are all about, being jolly? It’s a blend of pine and holly, with spice thrown in for good measure.


Yankee Candle Cherries on Snow


I’m not sure why cherries remind me of the holidays, but they do… especially when they’re combined with sweet almonds, like they are in this candle scent. How lush and sweet!


Yankee Candle Christmas Rose


Rose is one of my favorite scents, so this candle scent may just be my new favorite. It smells very fresh and clean, with the slightly tart odor of pine, too, perfect for unwinding during the holidays.


Yankee Candle Deck the Halls


Deck the halls, baby! This candle scent is a Christmas tree in a jar, the ideal blend of cedar, fir needles, bergamot, and a touch of musk. Burn it while you’re decorating your pretend tree, or compare it with how your real tree smells.


Yankee Candle Mountain Berry


Most candle scents with rosemary use it as the feature scent, but this one adds just a touch in the background to round out the scent. The primary, of course, is berry, and it sure smells good!


Yankee Candle Hot Buttered Rum


How rich and sweet and delicious-smelling! This is the candle I burn when I’m having friends over for a girl’s night during the holidays, when we all exchange gifts. The only way it could be better is if it had a hint of cocoa scent, too.


Yankee Candle Crisp Apple Strudel


This is definitely one of MY favorite things! The scent of apple strudel is spot-on, sweet and crisp and tangy from the apples and spicy from the cinnamon. This is the candle scent I rely on all season long!


Yankee Candle Christmas Cooke


We have a holiday tradition in my family: the Saturday before Christmas, we all get together and bake, then exchange, our favorite Christmas cookies. This scent reminds me of that special day, so I burn it all year long, whenever I need a pick-me-up.

These candle scents are all my favorites, but there are so many more on the Yankee Candle website, so if these don’t strike your fancy, there’s sure to be at least a few that do! Which of these scents (or the other scents) do you like best, and why? Do tell!

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