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When it comes to birthdays and anniversaries, I know I’m always on a lookout for the perfect gifts to give the special people in my life. And as is the trend these days, so many of these people are huge superhero fans. So naturally, the gifts I look for are the kind that would be perfect for those who love everything superhero. If you too have a friend, boyfriend, husband, son or colleague who is a superhero fan, read on to know some excellent gifting ideas.

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Superman Apron

Superman Apron This is the perfect gift for your superhero-loving boyfriend or husband, especially if they love spending time cooking for you! This Superman apron is guaranteed to make your man feel like a total rockstar in the kitchen or behind the grill. Made from 100% polyester, this apron is quirky and fun (and super useful) and is sure to be loved by anyone who receives it!


Throw Blankets with Sleeves

Throw Blankets with Sleeves How absolutely awesome are these superhero blankets (with sleeves)? Perfect for these cold winter months, these would make such a good gift for superhero fans (and maybe those who aren’t fans) because, let’s face it, everyone loves blankets with sleeves. And if they come printed with your favorite superhero, even better right?


Batman Ice Cube Tray

Batman Ice Cube Tray What’s not to love about ice in cool shapes (pun not intended)? And this Batman ice cube tray is just that – cool. In the shape of Batman’s signature logo, this ice cube tray gives you twelve pieces of ice that will make your party drinks so much more fun! And if you want, you can even use this tray to make Batman logo shaped candy! Perfect gift right?


4 Piece Shot Glass Set

4 Piece Shot Glass Set Every party needs its props. And if you know someone who loves superheroes and throwing fun parties, this is the perfect gift. A four piece shot glass set painted with the faces of four different superheroes, this is perfect for those rounds of shots that have to happen at every party!


Superman All View Hoodie

Superman All View Hoodie You have hoodies and then you have this hoodie. It is seriously the best gift for someone who loves Superman. You’ll find half a dozen hoodies with the trademark ‘S’ that is Superman’s logo. But this hoodie goes a step further. All you need to do is put the hood up and people will be taking a second look to double-check if they really did see Superman grinning at them! Fun right?


Superhero Embossed Mugs

Superhero Embossed Mugs These 20oz mugs are perfect for that mid-morning coffee break. And they don’t come with your standard issue painted or printed designs. These mugs are embossed with the superhero logo, giving your mug a different look. The mugs are so cool that anything you drink in it will taste better and more awesome!


Iron Man 8Gb Flash Drive

Iron Man 8Gb Flash Drive This product has been around for a while but it doesn’t get old. Perfect for anyone who loves superheroes, this little flash drive is an excellent choice of gift. With eyes that light up when connected to your computer, this is a cute and quirky gift for Ironman fans. Even I have one of these and I love it!

There is so much merchandise out there for superhero fans. But with too many choices come a lot of confusion. And so I hope my pick of the 7 perfect gifts for superhero fans helps sort out at least some of that confusion and your gifts are met with many a squeal of excitement and loads of happy hugs all around! Do you know of more gifts that would be perfect for superhero fans? Please share those with us too!

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My son is the Batman of their group and when I saw the Batman ice cube trays, I had to find them online! Awesome gifts! Btw, the wedding pic made me smile. My son and his friends wore their superhero shirts under their tux when one of their group got married!

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