25 Festive Nutcrackers to Enjoy This Christmas ...

By Eliza

25 Festive Nutcrackers to Enjoy This Christmas ...

Nutcrackers are such a fun part of the Christmas season. They make for some great decorating, that's for sure. The nutcracker figures you're used to seeing originated in Germany and carving them was considered a trade industry. Nowadays, nutcrackers aren't so much used to shell nuts as they are to decorate for Christmas. No matter your heritage or personal style preferences, you're sure to find that one of the nutcrackers on this list belongs in your house.

1 Paint a Cheap Nutcracker

Paint a Cheap Nutcracker Via Holiday Mantel 2013: Nutcrackers Galore
Isn't this one of the coolest nutcrackers you've ever seen? All you need is a wooden nutcracker and some paint to create it.

2 Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Via Make Festive Mickey Mouse Nutcrackers ...
You can find loads of nutcrackers that feature familiar faces like Mickey Mouse.

3 Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors Via Sugar Plum Christmas/Holiday Party Ideas ...
It's not traditional red and green, but this nutcracker is no less festive.

4 Nutcracker Napkin Rings

Nutcracker Napkin Rings Via Nutcracker Napkin Rings, Set of ...
Indulge your love of nutcrackers every time you set your kitchen table.

5 Nutcracker Teapots

Nutcracker Teapots Via worldmarket.com
Serve tea out of these or simply place them about your house as Christmas decor.

6 Paper Crafted

Paper Crafted Via Magazine Monday – Meet Jennifer ...
I'm not talented enough to reconstruct this, but if you are, let me know how it turns out.

7 With Nuts

With Nuts It's fun to display your nutcrackers near a container of nuts, even if you don't use them.

8 Life Size Nutcrackers

Life Size Nutcrackers Via Sites-pier1_us-Site
These jumbo nutcrackers are a fun way to get your kids into the Christmas spirit.

9 On the Mantel

On the Mantel Via A Whole Bunch Of Christmas ...
Your fireplace will never look as good as it does with nutcrackers on it.

10 On the Front Porch

On the Front Porch Via Nutcracker Drummer
Welcome all of your guests to your home with a large nutcracker right outside the front door.

11 The Nutcracker Statues at the UBS Building

The Nutcracker Statues at the UBS Building Via Nola and the Nutcracker
If you ever make it to New York City, you must take a trip to visit these guys.

12 Nutcracker Nightmare

Nutcracker Nightmare Via Community Post: 12 Decorations To ...
I'm not sure I'd want it for Christmas, but this nutcracker is pretty unique.

13 Welcome Home

Welcome Home Via A Whole Bunch Of Christmas ...
Can you imagine seeing these guys every time you come home?

14 Brewmaster Beer Lover German

Brewmaster Beer Lover German Via SIGNED Steinbach Musical Brewmaster Beer ...
Nutcrackers come from Germany, so this one is reminiscent of that.

15 Nutcracker Table

Nutcracker Table Via The Tablescaper
Nutcrackers make a really fun theme for decorating your Christmas dinner table.

16 Gingerbread Nutcracker

Gingerbread Nutcracker Via Nutcracker ornaments and decor for ...
This has got to be one of the most adorable nutcrackers I have ever seen.

17 Plain White

Plain White Via How to: Make a DIY ...
There's something to be said for the simple elegance of these white nutcrackers.

18 Nutcracker Wreath

Give new life to a Christmas wreath by hot gluing a small wooden nutcracker to it. Cute, huh?


Collectors will recognize the awesomeness of this nutcracker. Pretty cool, don't you think?

20 Shiny and Sparkly

Shiny and Sparkly Via Kate Landers Events, LLC: The ...
You can't go wrong by displaying a nutcracker with some bling.

21 Candyland Nutcrackers

Candyland Nutcrackers Via Amanda Carol at Home: A ...
I love these! What a fun way to deck out the dessert table at all of your holiday parties.

22 Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Via worldmarket.com
Combine a couple of holidays with these Day of the Dead nutcrackers.

23 Mouse King Nutcracker

Mouse King Nutcracker Via 16" Mouse King Nutcracker
This whimsical guy makes the perfect addition to your nutcracker collection.

24 GingerBread Man

GingerBread Man Via Ginger Bread Man "Sweet Guy", ...
Here's another sweet treat themed nutcracker. He looks good enough to eat!

25 Red, White and Green

Red, White and Green Via Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive ...
It doesn't get more holiday worthy than a set of red, white and green nutcrackers like these.

Do you like nutcrackers? I think that having a collection of them would be fun. If only I had the space to store them all. Which one is your favorite?

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The teapot nutcrackers are sweet!

where can I get black nutchackers to pain myself?

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