7 Absolutely Lovely Things That Represent Christmas ...

By Melanie

7 Absolutely Lovely Things That Represent Christmas ...

The festive season is nudging the horizon so I thought I'd ask what are the things that represent Christmas to you? Christmas is my favorite time of the year,and I would celebrate it every day if I could. Here are the things that represent Christmas to me.

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The Smell of Cinnamon

The Smell of Cinnamon Walking into a room that smells like cinnamon just screams Christmas to me. Does anybody else feel the same way? Or is it just me? This is one of my favorite things that represent Christmas probably because it's related to food. It seems like people just 'cinnamonize' everything during Christmas. Some people also mention pine or mint as Christmas scents but I still love cinnamon more!


The Birth of Jesus Christ

The Birth of Jesus Christ Okay, I'm going to bust a myth. Jesus wasn't born on Christmas Day; he was born in the springtime (Google has all kinds of info on this). But the point is, even though Christmas isn't Jesus' actual birthday, we still commemorate his birth on that day as a Christian tradition.


Hymns and Christmas Carols

Hymns and Christmas Carols Christmas isn't Christmas without the music of Christmas which includes carols, hymns and popular songs. The difference between hymns and Christmas songs is that hymns are often religious in nature, while carols and songs can be about anything to do with the festive season. There are so many hymns and Christmas carols, in different languages, even. So if you're bored, I suggest you check out songs in a new language. Silent Night is rather beautiful in German,for example,or O Come All Ye Faityhful in Latin.



Presents This is probably the highlight of every child's - if not everyone's - Christmas. They say giving is better than receiving. I've always found it easier to get something for other people rather than myself. The joy you get from making someone else happy is far better than self satisfaction.


Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees My favorite part of the Christmas trees are the fairy lights. I find them so Disney-esque and magical. It's really girly, I know. Christmas trees are also where you normally find the presents, especially those that are too big for the Christmas stockings.

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Santa Claus

Santa Claus Okay, we all know he's not real, he doesn't live in the North Pole, and elves and flying reindeer don't exist either. But he's still so much of an iconic figure! There are so many different variations of the story of Saint Nicholas all over Europe. I don't know how his name managed to become Santa Claus though. Then again, we Asians never believed in Santa Claus in the first place nor have we had chimneys for him to enter.


Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings I remember how we would make stockings in kindergarten when Christmas was near. It was really funny because none of us had fireplaces where they were normally hung. It's not really logical to have fireplaces in a tropical country. But we made stockings anyway because it was a Christmas thing to do.

These things may not necessarily represent Christmas to you because Christmas means different things to everybody. To some, it may contain special or deeper meanings. What do you think represenst or reminds you of Christmas?

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Apparently the Christmas tree is a satanic symbolism because of its shape and that Santa Claus is Satan Claws something like that not sure. The tree represents the tree of Good and Bad the tree is bad and its decoration and the presents are the good represents when the three wise men gave Jesus those gifts

Actually, the Christmas tree is a tradition much older than Christianity! Pagans used to decorate trees during Christmas with dried fruit (oranges, lemons, etc) amd hang little ornaments of good fortune on the branches. Also to add on the list, is Christmas lights! Days grow shorter and darker, and to interrupt the shadows and coldness are the most adorable fairylights ever! Whenever I see Christmas lights, I get all cheerful for no reason! :)

thts a gd idea

To me, christmas has always been a holiday all about family and friends, so being an athiest I still celebrate christmas, because I dont connect it to god or Jesus in any way

Jesus wasn't born on Christmas. Christmas is what we call Jesus's birthday

I love to shop for presents