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7 Things to Put in a Christmas Gift Basket for Women ...

By Treva

If you're trying to think of things to put in a Christmas gift basket for women, get inspired by the chilly winter season. Gift baskets make great Christmas presents because they have a personal touch and there are so many choices. Putting together a gift basket is fun and any girl is going to love finding one under her tree this year. Here are the best things to put in a Christmas gift basket for women.

1 Something Warm and Cozy

lady, beauty, fashion, fur, purple, Some of the best things to put in a Christmas gift basket for women are those things that will keep her warm and cozy during the cold winter weather. From hats to scarves to mittens to pajamas, you're sure to find something she's going to love.

2 Movie Night

girl, finger, muscle, hand, product, There's no better thing to do on a cold winter's night than to snuggle in with a movie and a popcorn. Giving a movie-themed basket is great. Snacks, a warm blanket and a movie and she's all set.

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3 Warm Drinks

drink, coffee cup, espresso, tableware, coffee, What's a cold winter day without a nice cup of hot cocoa, coffee or tea to warm you up? A warm drink is the perfect drink for a girl's gift basket.

4 Other Christmas Treats

christmas decoration, christmas, christmas ornament, food, cuisine, Ladies love something tasty to eat and the holidays are a great time to indulge. If your friend, sister or mom loves a sweet treat, Christmas is the perfect time to give them something decadent that they might not buy for themself.

5 Luxurious Lotion

skin, nail, product, product, finger, Dry winter skin is no fun, but there are plenty of fun ways to combat it thanks to the wide variety of holiday-themed lotions available. Even the ones that aren't holiday themed are perfect for a woman's gift basket. Something that smells great is never a bad idea.

6 Something to do While Snuggled up on the Couch

girl, conversation, The weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful, but what will your gift recipient do when she has no place to go on a snowy day? If you know the recipient well enough, you could purchase a movie or book that you know that she'll enjoy. A Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzle is another great activity for a night in as is some yarn for knitting or a craft kit.

7 Fun Accessories

fashion accessory, black hair, fashion model, socialite, finger, All girls love a cute accessory. There are so many choices so you should have no trouble finding the perfect thing for her gift basket. From coin purses to key chains to socks to tech devices, you can't go wrong.

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