7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Any Music Lover ...


7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Any Music Lover ...
7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Any Music Lover ...

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s helpful to have gift ideas for any music lover. The price of the items vary from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Whatever your price range, you’ll be able to pick the perfect present. Without further adieu, here are a few gift ideas for any music lover.

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Framed Record

Framed Record Do you know your gift recipient’s favorite band? Whether they’re old or new, you can probably get your hands on a vinyl record of their songs. Your friend doesn’t have to own a record player in order to enjoy this gift. You can frame it, so that they can hang it on their wall next to their posters. This is one of the more elaborate gift ideas for any music lover, but their reaction will be worth the time you spent.


Customized Guitar Picks

Customized Guitar Picks Does your recipient play guitar? If so, they can never have enough guitar picks. They probably have handfuls of the same copy, so they’ll love a customized version. You can get anything you’d like inscribed into it. If they don’t play guitar, but appreciate the instrument, you can make a pick into necklace or keychain.


Paper Clips

Paper Clips Are you looking to buy something cheap? You won’t even spend ten dollars on this cute stocking stuffer. Everyone needs office supplies, whether they want them or not. Your recipient could use these for school work, or for keeping pages of sheet music together. They’re a small gift, but they’re useful.


Music Box

Music Box You can’t go wrong with this gift. This music box is meant to hold jewelry, but can be filled with guitar picks or other knicknacks. It plays It’s a cute gift that will make the recipient think of you whenever they look at it. Try to find a music box that plays a song your recipient loves. If you can't, then buy a personalized music box at musicboxattic.com. You can use whatever song you'd like, or even create your own!



Headphones You can never have enough headphones. Wires get tangled easily, and they stop working. There’s nothing worse than trying to listen to music, and having the sound go in and out. Even if your recipient currently has a working set of headphones, it can’t hurt to buy them some more. It’s guaranteed that they’ll need them in the future.



USB 1.bp.blogspot.com technology, USBs are helpful. It’s dangerous to keep important information on a computer without any backup. If a music lover is going to save their documents, they might as well do it with some style. A music-themed USB is the perfect way to save them from disaster. They can even keep downloads of their favorite songs on it.


Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers If you’re planning on spending a lot of money on someone, this is the way to go. Wireless speakers hook up to your phone, so that you have easy access to your playlists. You can change songs without a hassle, and don’t have to worry about dealing with wires. It’s a great present, if you have the money to spend. Any music lover is sure to be thankful for such a gift!

If you’re running out of gift ideas, borrow some of these! Would you like to receive any of these gifts this holiday season? Are there any other music related presents on your wish list?

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