7 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Stay at Home Mom ...


7 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Stay at Home Mom ...
7 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Stay at Home Mom ...

The holidays are approaching so now is the time to start making your gift list, and if you are stumped on Christmas gift ideas for the stay at home mom in your life, then pay attention. As a work at home mom myself I know exactly what Christmas gift ideas for the stay at home mom are sure to please. So get out your pad and pen to jot down these ideas.

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A Day off

summer, leisure, vacation, girl, fun, As mothers, our job is never done. We don’t get sick days, vacation days, lunch breaks or a salary for what we do each and every day. But the joy of being a role model to the little people that we helped to create and bring into this world is reward enough. With that being said, EVERYONE needs a day off sometimes. A day to just break the normal everyday routine, to let loose and reconnect with yourself. In my opinion a day off has to be one of the most important gift ideas for the stay at home mom. Give her a day without the kids and absolutely no chores - this is a day that she gets to do whatever it is she wants to do. So if she wants to sleep all day, let her. She wants to spend the day with her best girlfriend or a day with her favorite guy, then make it happen. She wants to stay home and catch up on her favorite show or read some steamy love stories, then that is what she shall do. To make sure that her day off happens, mark it on the calendar(s) and be sure to plan the necessary arrangements ahead of time, like calling the babysitter, setting reservations for the date, or making sure the house is tidy.


Hire Help

flooring, recreation, Between doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, taxiing the kids around, cleaning the house, and many, many more tasks, we can get extremely bogged down with day to day activities. Not to mention that we do all of those things with a smile on our faces AND still manage to look fabulous for the hubs too! I like to think that I am a Supermom most days but a paid for sidekick could definitely kick my superness up a few notches. So hire someone to come in and clean, or pay for a month of laundry services. I recently discovered that same day grocery delivery is available in some areas. Now that is a gift that I can appreciate because I loathe grocery shopping! While we’re at it how about a hired chef for a week of dinners?! Whatever your stay at home mom's most daunting task is, hire someone to do them for her so that she can focus on some other tasks and catch up on things or just have more time to spend with the family.


Mini Shopping Spree

event, fashion, ceremony, socialite, girl, Ok so every woman loves to shop right?! Well give her a gift card for X amount of dollars to her absolute favorite store, or a Visa gift card so she can shop at multiple stores. But here are the rules: She can NOT buy anything for anyone else! Well that is only one rule, but it’s that simple. Personally, a lot of times that I’ll go shopping for myself, I end up buying everyone else something and sometimes nothing for me. Well this gift is all about her and she is forbidden to even LOOK in the kids section.


Spa Day

red, room, sitting, girl, furniture, Right behind a day off, this has to be the most popular gift amongst stay at home moms. This is not only a day off to relax it is also a day of pampering. We are women after all and we NEED to be pampered from time-to-time. Purchase a spa package with the works. I’m talking manicure, pedicure, facial, haircut/color, makeup, and most of all a MASSAGE! A spa day is sure to please and she will feel amazing afterwards. Maybe even purchase two packages for you or a friend to join her.



yellow, games, product, technology, recreation, This may not seem like a great idea for a gift but for us stay at home moms, anything that will make our days go smoother is an excellent gift. Has the vacuum cleaner been on the fritz? Buy her a new one. If there are any home repairs that conflict with her everyday tasks, have them repaired. I personally like kitchen gadgets, things that will help me create meals faster and easier are awesome! Makes me wanna go bake something!


Mini Vacay

room, bed, textile, girl, bride, This is like a day off amped up! Book a mini getaway just for her, it doesn’t have to be far away from home. I mean I would be just fine with a king suite at the Hilton downtown, just saying. This gift idea is a great way to help that stay at home mom to relax, reboot and recharge. This gift can even include some of the other gift ideas mentioned such as, spa treatments, shopping, and room service. A two night stay in a fancy hotel with the works will put a smile on any mom's face.



, Sign her up for something that she has always wanted to do like, an art class, dance lessons, or pottery making. Make the arrangements for the kiddos and maybe even join her in the class. Now she can finally learn how to use that expensive camera you bought for her last Christmas.

Now that I have your gift giving wheels turning, which of these ideas do you think are great for the stay at home mom in your life? Share your gift ideas for stay at home moms.

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Never ever get her any kind of cleaning product/tool. If she asks for it, ok but give her something else extremely special with it. Hire help? No way! Why don’t y’all just pick up the slack?! Damn it doesn’t fall all on her. She’s not a maid.

Wow !!!

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