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Great Gifts for Guys in Their 20s ...

By Lisa

Guys are notoriously hard to shop for but when you're buying for a 20-something, the difficulty level is pretty much on par with brain surgery! Don't worry, we want to make this holiday gift giving experience as pleasurable as possible so we rounded up some pretty phenomenal gift ideas that we know any guy would love to receive. So, scroll through our gift ideas and start crossing off those names off your gift list!

1 Play Ball Catchall

fashion accessory, jewellery, dishware, Price: $23 at

2 Cards against Humanity

Kingston University, product, brand, Cards, Against, Price: $25 at

3 Quilted Black Open Storage Box

fashion accessory, rectangle, leather, box, Price: $19.95 at

4 Gentlemen's Hardware Lip Balm

eye, organ, cosmetics, GENTLEMEN, HARDWARE, Price: $7 at

5 Red Cedar Incense

food, dessert, praline, chocolate, snack food, Price: $16.50 at

6 Wooden Back Scratcher

tool, RIRALALA, Price: $5.99 at

7 Walnut Cable Manager

lighting, hand drum, drum, lamp, Kastl, Price: $25 at

8 Concrete Desktop Planter

plant, land plant, flower, flowerpot, flowering plant, Price: $20 at

9 Ox and Bull Trading Co. Paper Clip Money Clip

, Price: $25 at

10 Ruled Brass Letter Opener

ruler, utility knife, tool, blade, measuring instrument, Price: $19.95 at

11 "Whiskey Business" Flask

WHISKEY, Price: $18 at

12 The Bar Knife

knife, weapon, product, melee weapon, kitchen knife, Price: $24 at

13 Grilled Cheese Maker

, Price: $24.99 at

14 Degrassi Jimmy Tee

t shirt, clothing, sleeve, pocket, arm, Price: $24 at

15 Pick Punch

hair iron, utility knife, kfTilJ1, Price: $25 at

16 ASOS Interchangeable Watch

watch, watch strap, brown, watch accessory, strap, Price: $22 at

17 Urban Outfitters UO Dopp Kit Pouch

bag, furniture, handbag, leather, couch, Price: $25 at

18 Volar Drinking Tower Game

wood, furniture, box, cardboard, plywood, Price: $20 at

19 USB Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer

ac adapter, computer case, technology, electronic device, multimedia, Price: $19.99 at

20 Men's Society Sneaker Cleaning Kit

product, hand, material, textile, Phils, Price: $23 at

21 The Hungover Cookbook

text, yellow, product, document, brand, Price: $9.99 at

22 Neff Daily Heathered Beanie

cap, clothing, beanie, knit cap, headgear, Price: $18 at

23 The X-Files "I Want to Believe" T-Shirt

The X-Files (1993), The X-Files - I Want To Believe Print, The X-Files I Want To Believe TV Poster Print, t shirt, clothing, Price: $24 at

24 Great Moustaches Mug

mug, hair, cup, coffee cup, hairstyle, Price: $13 at

25 Kiehl's since 1851 Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap

food, KIEHL'S, SINCE, ULTIMATE, MAN, Price: $15 at

26 Universal Phone Mount

Apple iPhone 5S Gold, product, font, technology, multimedia, Price: $16 at

27 DIY Tamale Kit

brand, drink, flavor, THE, DIY, Price: $22 at

28 ASOS Laptop Sleeve

Herschel, bag, brown, shoulder bag, leather, Price: $18.50 at

29 The Adventure Time Encyclopedia

Canal 5, comic book, games, comics, VENTURE, Price: $20 at

30 ASOS Backpack in Khaki Canvas

bag, brown, backpack, product, Price: $23 at

31 Tube-Wringer

product, banner, Helps, Prevent, Cavities, Price: $25 at

32 Herschel Supply Co Charlie Card Holder

Herschel, bag, wallet, fashion accessory, coin purse, Price: $20 at

33 Player It Safe Multitool

Super Mario Bros., SUPER, MARIO, BROS, SCREMDRIVER, Price: $15 at

34 Reclaimed Bike Gear & Wood Bottle Opener Coaster

brand, box, LOCAI, diǒ, GLOBAL, Price: $15 at

35 IHome Wireless USB Chargeable Portable Bluetooth Speaker

red, product, lighting, fashion accessory, toy, Price: $30 at

36 Star Wars R2-D2 Insulated Drink Sleeve

man made object, mug, product, bottle, drinkware, Price: $15 at

37 The Mug with a Hoop

cup, coffee cup, drink, dish, espresso, Price: $24 at

38 The Carry on Cocktail Kit

organ, brand, hand, label, flavor, Price: $25 at

39 Football Deluxe Table Game

games, multimedia, gadget, indoor games and sports, technology, Price: $23 at

40 Phone Storage Workout Bottle

blender, bottle, product, small appliance, mixer, Price: $20 at

41 Razor Pit Sharpener

technology, Price: $25 at

42 Mountain Bike Icon Socks

sock, fashion accessory, product, arm, safety glove, Price: $8 at

43 Hockey Puck Chillers

product, eye, organ, brass, and, Price: $15 at

44 Bixby Key Chain Mustache Comb

eye, organ, brand, human body, Price: $16 at

45 Avocado Halves Socks

footwear, green, fashion accessory, shoe, sock, Price: $8 at

46 World's Smallest Walkie Talkie Set

product, lighting, For, Ages, and, Price: $15 at

Did you spot any items that one of the young men in your life would want? There are so many fun items, it's hard to choose!

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