Christmas 🎄 Prep List 📝 for the Weeks Leading to the Big Day 🗓 ...

Some love Thanksgiving, others enjoy Halloween. Me? I absolutely adore Christmas. It's the one time of the year that people worldwide decorate their respective cities in bright, festive lights, children feel overwhelmed with excitement in hope of finally meeting the elusive Father Christmas, and there's just plain magic in the air.

Which is why we all need at least two weeks to fully prepare for the awesome holiday. Generally, I hate planning and making lists but for Christmas - it's a sheer joy. For that reason, here is the essential list we should all be following in order to have the best Christmas ever.

1. Create an Events Calendar

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This could be done on your phone or hand-written, but everyone knows December is the busiest time of year so prepare your days accordingly. Also, by creating calendar, you'll be able to cross off the days until that exciting ugly sweater party or a Christmas lunch with friends.

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