63 Gifts for Unicorn Lovers ...


63 Gifts for Unicorn Lovers ...
63 Gifts for Unicorn Lovers ...

Unicorn lovers will absolutely adore these amazing gift ideas this Christmas! Keep reading for all things unicorn related and because lots of these items are fairly small you have every excuse to get a few extra!

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Primitives by Kathy Box Sign, Be a Unicorn

font, fashion accessory, label, brand, ALWA)S, Price: $10.25 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
Well made and look great on my wall of funny signs. The unicorn one was so small. But not their fault. I did not read the size I guess. Not cheap especially after shipping charges though but arrived on time and like I said they look great.


Lina & Lily Unicorn Horse Print Women's Scarf

clothing, hood, sleeve, outerwear, jacket, Price: $15.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I bought this for a friend for Christmas, and she absolutely adored it. It is a thin, very gauzy material, so this is definitely more of a decorative scarf than anything. But the unicorns on it were super cute!


Unicorns Are Real: Unicorn Notebook

cartoon, illustration, Unicorns, are, real, Price: $4.99 at amazon.com
Everyone needs a good notebook, why not have one with a cute unicorn! Instantly makes you feel unique and special!


Unicorn Emoji Pillow Emoticon Cushion Toy

stuffed toy, plush, toy, textile, material, Price: $12.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
This is an awesome pillow, I bought this for my wife and she really loves it.


Pardao Unicorn Bag Purse Handbag

fashion accessory, jewellery, Price: $18.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
This is a very cute purse, and will thrill younger aged girls. I have a daughter who is almost 13, and while she thought it was very cute, it is a little too small to be practical for her. The zipper compartment might hold a cell phone and a little money, but that's about it. It is really more for 'play' than a functional purse. So I passed the bag onto a co-worker's Kindergartener, and she LOVED it. This thing really sparkles.


Unicorn Keychains - 12 Ct

keychain, fashion accessory, body jewelry, animal figure, Price: $9.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
Bought this as party favors for a group of 9 year olds. They were very excited and nearly all of them have attached these key chains to their backpacks as decoration.


LeiOh Printed Unicorn Throw Pillow Case

Dorine, furniture, pillow, throw pillow, cushion, Price: $9.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I immediately fell in love with this pillow cover! That fat little unicorn could make anyone smile. Who wouldn't want to be unicorn?


NPW Unicorn Tape Dispenser

product, animal figure, unicorn, figurine, stuffed toy, Price: $19.60 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I got this as a gift for my wife for her birthday, she loves unicorns and I was tired of getting things for her that just collect dust so I tried to find something that might be useful and I cam across this unicorn tape dispenser.



Tisdale Wine, wine bottle, bottle, Price: $17.00 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I bought this unicorn thinking it would bring luck, joy and rainbows into my home. Instead he just sits there, staring through my soul with his cold black eyes, just daring me to steal his bottle of sweet nectar. Then when I finally get the courage to take the wine all he does is throw judgement my way for days. Every time I pass I get the "oh hey, there goes that thieving wino again" look.


Magical Unicorn Nightlight

figurine, toy, statue, sculpture, Nightlight, Price: $14.18 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I bought this for my 8 year old daughter for Christmas. She loves unicorns and this was perfect. She puts it on every night before bed and it sits right there on the nightstand lighting up her room with just enough light that she can go to sleep but not wake up scared. Great purchase.


Unisex Plush Animal Onesies Pajamas

clothing, costume, Price: $19.10 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I first got thyis to become part of a cow herd. It has worked. the cows now think that I am one of them. I am on Day 19 of my journey with the cows. I do hope it leads me to many new and discovering places. Will keep noted on how much more I can learn from them.


Unicorn Poop Soap

food, Price: $14.00 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I'm editing my review and raising my rating from 3 stars to 5 stars. I'm still going to leave most of my original review below for the record, but I encourage others to read the response from the soap maker. I'm very impressed that he took the time to write, and I am definitely a "support a small business" kind of gal and very much like their approach. Lastly, the soap itself does deserve 5 stars. My daughter loves it and for a special occasion treat, I would purchase again.


Crystal Fantasy- Unicorn

pendant, jewellery, fashion accessory, lighting, earrings, Price: $17.00 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
This item was a gift for a unicorn lover and they of course love it. It is prominently displayed in their kitchen window to catch the sun and enjoy every day. The crystal catches and reflects light very well.


Unicorn Parking Only - NEW Humor Poster

text, font, brand, line, UNICORN, Price: $7.79 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
It is a beautiful poster and an awesome addition to a home where unicorns are important. I bought this as a gift and she said she has it right over where she sits so no one else can sit there. Colors were beautiful, and paper was smooth.


Women’s Knee High Funky Socks

footwear, fashion accessory, pink, tights, sock, Price: $9.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
My daughters both really love these Sock it to Me socks. They hold up very well and are a good fit.


Funny Mug 11OZ

mug, cup, drinkware, coffee cup, caffeine, Price: $10.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
The coffee cup was a tiny bit smaller than a usual one, really. More like the smaller kinds you see in hotels. But it's hilarious and I love it. I needed a coffee cup and this more than met the requirements.


ThinkGeek Plush Unicorn Slippers

footwear, shoe, stuffed toy, product, slipper, Price: $25.97 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
These are cute. One size fit all but runs pretty big. I wear a size 8 in women shoes and these are pretty big.


Ann Clark Unicorn Head Cookie Cutter

automotive exterior, arm, hand, MADE, Price: $5.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
The item was as advertised in the description, arrived in the correct time frame and was shipped well and all intact upon delivery. When the price is right, Amazon is my number one “go to” for almost everything.


FunQi SB006 Unicorn Wishes Button

product, games, magenta, WHEN, YOURE, Price: $14.95 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
A fun, silly gift; I bought it as a stocking stuffer. My son loves the sayings.


Lina & Lily Unicorn Print Women's Scarf Shawl

clothing, fashion accessory, sleeve, outerwear, pattern, Price: $15.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
Big hit with the wife. She saw a green unicorn scarf at a designer for over $200 and told me about it. I searched amazon for Green Unicorn scarf and found the Lina and Lily item, and bought it for about 10% the price of the other one. My wife wears this daily, and it is fun, friendly, and warm on her.


Funny Mug 11OZ

mug, cup, drinkware, coffee cup, font, Price: $10.00 at amazon.com
A mug that will make anyone believe in unicorns.


Unicorn Night Light Lamp

cartoon, figurine, Price: $9.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
The Bright Time Buddies Unicorn looks really cute when it's lighting up. It takes 3 AAA batteries (not included), and is smaller than I expected. Here's the deal-I got this free to review, and the kids love it, so that's all that matters, right? It's made in China, so PLEASE don't hand this to a kid that going to chew on it! I wasn't sure whether to rate it three or four stars, but since the kids love it, it got four. I was given this free in exchange for a review.


Women's Rainbow Blast Knee High Socks

pink, sock, product, fashion accessory, arm, Price: $12.00 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
Both my husband and I have worn these to CrossFit in, and every time we do, we get a new PR on weight or time. This has led me to believe that they, like the unicorn they represent, have magical properties. These socks are a revered clothing item in my household. Do you wanna be better, faster, stronger? Then these are for you!


Unicorn Women's Ankle Sock

sock, fashion accessory, product, arm, safety glove, Price: $10.95 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
They were my "Something Blue" at my wedding and they were fun and comfortable.


Unicorn Notebook Collection

unicorn, dragon, fictional character, illlllllfillTrm, ulini, Price: $5.99 at amazon.com
Everyone who loves unicorns will love this.


Always Be a Unicorn Desktop Mouse Pad

Bikini, font, cartoon, brand, label, Price: $7.90 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say: Fun cuteouse pad for unicorn lovers.. lol standard mouse pad. Fun addition to office


Andaz Press Chocolate Drop Labels Stickers

Clapper, jewellery, fashion accessory, organ, pendant, Price: $7.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
These stickers are AWESOME. I make F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely On God) bags for retreat weekends. The "F.R.O.G. Kisses" are always one of the highlight items in the bags. The stickers are very good quality and fit exactly on the bottom of a Hershey's Kiss candy. I have ordered these multiple times and have always been pleased with the product, shipping, and customer service.


Ikevan Bed Linens with Unicorns

blue, duvet cover, furniture, bed sheet, textile, Price: $33.98 at amazon.com
Who wouldn't love to snuggle up next to a unicorn?


Personalized Unicorn Necklace

pendant, purple, violet, jewellery, fashion accessory, Price: $14.98 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
It was perfect that we could personalize this item with our girls name on it. The quality of the product was great for a little girls jewelry box, and for special occasion wear. She absolutely fell in love with it when she saw that it not only had a unicorn and her name on it, but her birthstone too!


Unicorn Canvas Tote Bag

art, coin purse, fashion accessory, handbag, Price: $9.95 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I've bought this bag twice; once for my 12 yr old niece and once for my 10 yr old daughter. they both love the bad. It is nice quality the graphic is on both sides of the bag. the zipper closure is icing on the cake.


Unicorn Lock and Key Diary

unicorn, mustang horse, fictional character, mythical creature, illustration, Price: $11.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
Although the diary is very nice, when my daughter wanted to use it, the black light that comes with the invisible ink pen was not working. I bought new batteries for it, since the ones that came with it were obviously used. Once we got it going, the invisible ink trully becomes invisible, so much that minutes after you write with it and use the black light on it to read what you wrote, it starts to fade away


Unicorn Notebook Collection

unicorn, mythical creature, fictional character, Price: $5.99 at amazon.com
Almost too pretty to open up to write in.


Enchantmints Unicorn Music Box

product, lighting, box, picture frame, furniture, Price: $23.85 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
The four drawers simply beg to be filled with one's treasures. The two smaller drawers -on the left & right sides- are easy to open; no sticking at all. However, the two long drawers should really have two pull-knobs, but a little bit of rocking solves this quirk. The drawers, as well as the *inner compartment, are lined with a soft, rich, buttery-yellow velvet; very pretty. *An important note about the inner compartment: Space-wise, there's not much to it. Because of the drawers and the area needed for the music player, the inner compartment is long, but very short & shallow (approx. 6" wide x 1 1/4" high x 2 1/2" deep).


Unicorns Watercolor Paint Set

Aquarellum, games, play, toy, indoor games and sports, Price: $21.98 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
Love Aquarellum "magic pictures" and wish there were more! It is a great art project for special occasions. Kids and adults enjoy being able to make something beautiful. Kids younger than 7 can be supervised and partake as well, just mix colors for them so the whole thing does not get painted black. This set was special as the pictures were large and the colors had a special lumincent look. I helped my nephew paint this set on his 4th birthday and his were nice enough to cut down and frame as art and then give away as gifts.


Unicorn USB Flash Drive Memory Stick

pink, stuffed toy, product, toy, animal figure, Price: $13.19 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
What can I say, it’s a flash drive. The 360LaptopParts 32GB Cute Unicorn Horse Cartoon USB Flash Drive is cute and I am sure any little kid or my wife will find it adorable. With its pink tail, wings and feet and the yellow horn, what’s not to like.


Microwavable Heatable Plush Unicorn

stuffed toy, pink, plush, toy, textile, Price: $19.09 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I LOVE my little Dino! I put him in the microwave on top of a tea towel (so he stays clean) for 2 minutes- he stays warm through the night, and is a comforting soft huggable little guy. I bought the puppy for my neice and the elephant for my sister in law.


Unicorn Head Squirrel Feeder

unicorn, animal figure, mustang horse, fictional character, mythical creature, Price: $9.32 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
My daughter loves unicorns and purchased this as a Christmas gift for my dad. We had so much fun watching the squirrels use it that we bought another as a gift for another family member, and one for our house. The squirrels figure it out quickly and come back over and over until it's empty.


Frosted Unicorn Decorative Rainbow Light

figurine, statue, unicorn, sculpture, fictional character, Price: $29.53 at amazon.com
Lights up any room and is a beautiful ornamentation to any home.


Funny Unicorn Mug - 11 OZ Ceramic Mug

mug, cup, drinkware, tableware, Bick, Price: $14.95 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
Bought for a friend, she loved it and the mug was high quality.


Accoutrements Inflatable Unicorn Horn

product, unicorn, magenta, horse like mammal, Unicorn, Price: $9.07 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
A package arrived on my doorstep. I hastily ripped away the packaging in a furious storm of excitement. Inside lay a small box. It was no more than a mere five by three inches, yet it held the answer to my sorrow. I blew up the horn with lightning speed, nearly rendering myself unconscious in the process. As I placed it on my head everything changed. It was as though my whole life everything had been static, and now the world was in high-definition. Rainbows burst from the heavens, fireworks exploded in dazzling displays, a small town in Africa had its first rain in a decade, and cancer was miraculously eradicated. For once in my life I felt truly alive. No longer was I the same shell of a man as I was before. My clothes magically became pink and covered in glitter. I had found true happiness. I had found the blue-eyed, pink-sweater-wearing, unicorn-riding man inside of me.


Aurora Fancy Pals Plush Purple Unicorn

stuffed toy, purple, violet, plush, toy, Price: $7.76 at amazon.com
You're never too old to cuddle a plush, purple unicorn.


Unicorn Tote Bag

handbag, bag, tote bag, fashion accessory, brand, Price: $4.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
This is great for a place to hold toys, or I am using it for trick or treat bags.


Glow in the Dark Unicorn Sharts in a Jar

bottle, lighting, drinkware, glass, Magical, Price: $19.95 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I don't understand how they are able to sell these authentic unicorn sharts so inexpensively! After trapping, taming, and studying the behavior of our own family unicorn Thor, I have to say that the original $300 price was a total bargain! $19 is frankly inconceivable!


Halloween Costume Unicorn Head Mask

cartoon, head, unicorn, animal figure, Price: $13.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I highly recommend this product to turn your life around and get you back on the right track.


1947 Textron Unicorn Poster

poster, cartoon, advertising, illustration, Count, Price: $17.99 at amazon.com
Odd but strangely interesting.


Guide to Running a Unicorn Farm Book

TRAI, PRINCIPLES, UNM, THE, YOUR, Price: $11.31 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
An absolute MUST read for anyone even considering a unicorn farm.


Unicorn Color Changing Light with Stickers

product, play, illustration, Always, Yourself, Price: $19.99 at amazon.com
Hours of endless fun decorating this unicorn wth fabulous stickers.


Accoutrements Enchanted Unicorn Bandages

product, toy, Enchanted, Unicorn, BANDAGES, Price: $3.75 at amazon.com
The power of unicorn magic to heal.


NPW Unicorn Decision Maker Pen

pen, ball pen, would, unicorn, Do?, Price: $15.19 at amazon.com
You just know unicorns make the best decisions.


Unicorn Squirrel Sculpture

mammal, vertebrate, mouse, fauna, muridae, Price: $11.97 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I live in Florida and and the people here have mailbox toppers like manatees, dolphins and other sea life. They decorate them for the holidays and other occasions. So I decided I wanted one as well. However, I didn't want the traditional ones like the neighbors. Found this little lady and thought how perfect would this be?! Awesome! Arrived sooner than expected, it's heavy, maybe plaster with a resin coating. I can't wait to dress her up for the holidays! My uni-Squirrel will kick your Manatees @$$!


Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker

horse, horse like mammal, unicorn, pony, animal figure, Price: $6.37 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
Openings are small so sprinkles have to be small.


Funny T-Shirt Gag Gift Humor Tee

t shirt, clothing, blue, sleeve, product, Price: $19.99 at amazon.com
You surely know someone for whom this is perfect. Maybe it's you?


Unicorn Print Purple Guitar Strap

pink, clothing, violet, purple, magenta, Price: $26.95 at amazon.com
Could any guitar playing unicorn lover not adore this?


Light-up Unicorn Slippers - Colour-Changing

stuffed toy, footwear, product, plush, toy, Price: $42.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
These slippers could not be more comfy or warm! Absolutely love then and they are fun and cute! I wear a size 8 and these fit perfectly. My feet are always cold, especially in winter, so i am so glad I ordered now. Will be ordering a few more as these also make awesome make fun holiday gifts!


Unicorn Wall Decoration, Stickers and Fridge Magnet

horse like mammal, unicorn, animal figure, Always, yourser, Price: $19.99 at amazon.com
Decorate her and let her look down on you with her magical gaze.


Glass Tile Unicorn Keychain

pendant, locket, fashion accessory, jewellery, brass, Price: $3.99 at amazon.com
So pretty!


Unicorns Are Real - Notebook Journal

cartoon, deer, reindeer, illustration, are, Price: $4.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say: The cover is perfect to catch the imagination of a young child. I wanted to keep it but its for my granddaughter.😊


Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

cartoon, inflatable, play, toy, figurine, Price: $59.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
This unicorn is such a big hit! And I mean BIG, this thing is huge! It was definitely the highlight of our pool time at Grandma's house. I actually got it for myself because I am huge unicorn fan, but I had to fight everyone else for time to use it! That being said, I was able to float on it with me and my two kids (6 & 9 years old). I was able to blow up most of it with a hair dryer (except for the head, but that didn't take long to blow up on my own). It's really durable & stable. Didn't tip in the water or capsize when we were all on it. It has handles on each side to grip on to while getting on or hanging on.


David and Goliath Unicorns 4 Button Set

David and Goliath, font, toy, David&, ATA-BOY, Price: $6.89 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
Boyfriend loves unicorns, looks as pictured, he pins it on one of my snapback hats that he took from me and it stays on.


11OZ Coffee Mug

Babu I Love You, mug, cup, drinkware, tableware, Price: $7.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
Received on time. My Sister liked it. Bought as gag gift.


Mustard Magical Paper Clip Dispenser

product, toy, magenta, Peperclip, holder, Price: $9.90 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I really liked this item and to my delight, it appears that the bottom can be easily opened and I can add more magnets inside to make it work more to my liking. I have not yet done this, but I think it should work well, and this will become a cute and functional addition to my desk at work.


Unicorn 3D Optical Illusion Lamp Night Light

art, sculpture, trophy, lighting, illustration, Price: $21.99 at amazon.com
What a charming idea for a night light.


Sparkle Farts - the Original Farting Unicorn Plush

stuffed toy, plush, toy, product, textile, Price: $39.99 at amazon.com
Everyone- but everyone - needs a farting unicorn in their life.

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