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73 Christmas Gifts for Friends under 20 ...

By Helena

Christmas, while being one of the most awesome holidays of the year, is also one that requires a lot of spending. If you've got tons of BFF's and family members, this can sometimes be a bit of a headache. For that reason, we've compiled a list of 80 Christmas gifts that cost under $20 so that you can enjoy Christmas without the burden of starting 2017 with an empty bank account. You're welcome!

1 Hammer Head Bottle Opener

automotive exterior, product, golf club, iron, wing,Price: $15 at

This Is What People Say:
It's very shiny and heavier than it looks. The bottle opener is pretty sturdy grips caps well, but the fin digs into your palm while using. The corkscrew is functional but a bit short. But come on, it's a hammerhead shark bottle opener! These minor issues can be overlooked.

2 ST71 Storm Glass

product, lighting, Storm, Admiral, Fitzroy,Price: $20 at

This Is What People Say:
I stuck the tube in the base and put it on a stable shelf and LEFT IT ALONE. Within a few days, the solution started doing what it was supposed to do. It works. Just put it somewhere very stable, not prone to vibrations when you walk by it, and just leave it alone and wait. Pretty cool.


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3 Clear 300 Snare Side Drum Head, 14 Inch

drum, musical instrument, man made object, percussion, bass drum,Price: $14 at

This Is What People Say:
To me this head seems a little less finicky than the Ambassador with regard to tuning and seems to have added a wider tuning range to a few of my snare drums. All of my snares now use this head and I have been very pleased with the results.

4 Adjustable Rolling Pin Removable Rings Beech Wood Classic for Baking

product, cue stick, sports equipment,Price: $18 at

This Is What People Say:
Do yourself a favour and get the added versatility of the "Plus". This is by far the best rolling pin I have ever owned. It rolls smoothly and cleans easily. I am an avid cookie baker but always avoided cut-out cookies because I couldn't get the dough rolled to a uniform thickness. Now cut-out cookies are a breeze and a joy to make. You won't be sorry!

5 Mate - Silicone Yerba Mate Gourd Cup with Bombilla (Green Original)

green, product, tool, produce,Price: $18 at

This Is What People Say:
This is a well designed gourd and bombilla, clearly designed by folks who enjoy drinking mate and know what makes a good mate kit. It may not look very traditional, but don't let that fool you. This is the real deal. I bought one for home and one for the office (the colors, by the way, are bright and fun - I've been drinking mate for years in the office but my new orange gourd has drawn so many questions and comments from co-workers that you'd think it was a new event) and they have replaced every other gourd and bombilla in my collection as my go-to favourites.

6 Squirrel Popper

orange, cartoon, product, egg, toy,Price: $17 at

This Is What People Say:
This caught my eye, when looking for something fun to do with my grandson, who is seven and has special needs. I was impressed with the reviews, and --sure enough-- it was a big hit with my grandson! I started out shooting the balls out of the squirrel's mouth, and my grandson would happily retrieve them. Then I helped him do the "squeezing." Soon he will love being the "shooter," I'm sure. Lots of fun ... and harmless!

7 Sand Box 9.5" X 9.5

product, Brookstone,Price: $17 at

This Is What People Say:
This has been sitting on my kitchen counter for a few weeks now and guests of all ages find it irresistible to play with. I love finding new designs after they've left. No messy and even if a little sand spills out it's easy to clean up.

8 Cute Kitty LED Children Night Light

toilet seat, lighting, vase, lamp,Price: $16 at

This Is What People Say:
Too cute!!!!! This is such a good buy. Glad I bought it!

9 Marshall Green Potato Masher

wine bottle, bottle, moustache, gadget,Price: $9 at

This Is What People Say:
This fun potato masher works great, is easy to clean, and is dishwasher-safe. It's also made of eco-friendly recycled/recyclable plastic-wood blend.

10 Cards against Humanity

Kingston University, product, organ, brand, multimedia,Price: $10 at

This Is What People Say:
First off the game over all is great; its funny, dirty, original and just flat out fun to play with friends.

Overall this is a great product and good expansion to add. If you are like me and buy them no questions asked; its a solid expansion.

11 POP Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy - Groot Vinyl Bobble-Head Figure

cartoon, toy, animal figure, figurine,Price: $25 at

This Is What People Say:
He's now my favorite Funko Pop! - Bobble and all.

12 Mini Air Purifying Bags, Shoe Deodorizer and Odor Eliminator

fashion accessory, arm, hand, finger, textile,Price: $10 at

This Is What People Say:
Product works as described, sucks all smell from shoes.

13 Classic Makeup Travel Case and Holder

bag, shoulder bag, messenger bag, OUG,Price: $14 at

This Is What People Say:
I use this as a travel case for my coffee gear (aeropress, porlex grinder, scale, beans, etc) allows me to make good coffee while on the road.

14 Washi Masking Tapes

product, box, carton, :::::::, PAPER,Price: $14 at

This Is What People Say:
This set was certainly worth the price. The rolls all have a desirable amount of tape on them, the tape sticks and holds (at least so far), and the packaging is wonderful.

15 SAUCED up Ravioli Spoon Rest

food, dish, dessert, baked goods,Price: $18 at

This Is What People Say:
Funny and practical, it is about the size of an average drink coaster. Great for keeping messes in the kitchen minimized, we can toss a sauce covered spoon or spatula on it, then just give it a quick wash with the dishes. Love it!

16 Ax Pizza Cutter, Stainless Steel Cutting Blade and Wood Handle

product, tool, dci,Price: $9 at

This Is What People Say:
Bought this as part of a funny gadget kitchen-themed wedding gift basket...they loved it!

17 Plui Green

green, food, produce, ball, toy,Price: $13 at

This Is What People Say:
This is a fun little toy for the tub. It is hard plastic so it can't collapse on itself.

18 5286 POP TV: Doctor Who Tardis 6" Action Figure

man made object, portable toilet, product, public toilet, outdoor structure,Price: $12 at

This Is What People Say:
This beauty stands at 6'inches and reasonably heavier than some of the 6 inches POP! figures (except the Hulkbuster. That is heavier). It has all the trademark details of the show with the police box signs, the six white windows per-door, and the public phone details on the right door. The overall design is based on the 2010 version with the inclusion of the St. John ambulance logo on the left door.

19 4pcs/set Vent Human Face Ball anti-stress Ball of Japanese Design

barbell, product, exercise equipment, ear, sports equipment,Price: $12 at

This Is What People Say:
Cute and squishy!

20 12-Set Refrigerator Magnets

blue, cobalt blue, circle, shape, jewellery,Price: $10 at

This Is What People Say:
Exactly what I needed. They hold pictures on the fridge perfectly. Fairly strong magnet. I have used them all to hold pictures on my fridge and even when closing the door fairly hard nothing slips. Looks nice on the fridge as well.

21 Aluminum Universal Magnet Mount for Smartphones

product, eye,Price: $15 at

This Is What People Say:
I'm somewhat of a magnet holder connoisseur, and this one is one of the nicest mounts out there. It's a very simple design, and it makes you think of Apple products, and their design motto is simplicity.

22 Lemon Juicer / Citrus Reamer Carved in Hard Olive Wood from Bethlehem

brown, wood, horn, produce, hand,Price: $16 at

This Is What People Say:
Beauty and function together in a small (but not too small) package. This is large enough to ream out a grapefruit as well as lemons, oranges and limes. It's also very solid, and the wood is beautiful.

23 XSkin HD4, Reusable Decal Sticker for All GoPro HERO4 Cameras

camera, cameras & optics, digital camera, multimedia, 1080-60,Price: $6 at

This Is What People Say:
Used the camo skin and "the frame" case and mounted my go pro to my shotgun for a turkey hunt. Worked great. The skin is great quality.

24 E Flask Plastic Water and Beer Bottle

product,Price: $13 at

This Is What People Say:
Slim, Sleek and different. There are so many water bottles out there but these are so cute and portable. They literally fit anywhere in my purse and in my backpack without creating a bulky and heavy extra weight.

25 Hanging Aerium Orb Vase

vase, food, ball, produce, glass,Price: $33 at

This Is What People Say:
This item arrived well packaged and as described. It is a lovely little vase, I am going to use it for an air plant. It's very small and lightweight and comes with the hanging wire installed and ready to hang.

26 Diamond Box

wood, shape, furniture, box, table,Price: $15 at

This Is What People Say:
This diamond-shaped box is a lovely little wooden gift by itself. Small magnets are embedded in the lid so it snaps closed on the bottom section with a very satisfying little click. Fold up a hundred-dollar bill and tuck it inside---it's a gift the recipient can immediately enjoy, and then the pretty wooden diamond is a keepsake.

27 TNB-CASEPINK Fujifilm Instax Groovy Camera Case

pink, coin purse, product, arm, hand,Price: $13 at

This Is What People Say:
Such a cute case! I love it! It comes with a strap as well, so if you are on the go you can wear it around your neck. You can also take the front part of it off (where the lens is) and take pictures while the camera is in the case.

28 "do You Live Here" Doormat

Career College of Northern Nevada, Arkansas Alumni Association, text, font, handwriting,Price: $16 at

This Is What People Say:
Personally, I bought it because it's hysterically funny and matches my attitude perfectly. If you buy one, read the sticker on the too is funny!

29 Decorative Radio Dock

product, radio, communication device, technology, electronic device,Price: $20 at

This Is What People Say:
It's a $40 block of wood with a hande that is carved to look like a small radio. I could not hear any difference between the sound of my iPhone using it its external speakers and using the block of wood. To me, this block of wood is more for show and to look a little retro.

30 Lion Mane for Dog, Dog Costume

dog, mammal, dog breed, vertebrate, dog breed group,Price: $9 at

This Is What People Say:
I love this product! I bought this for my pup and he looks adorable! For $15 it's not a bad price for the laughs you'll get from it. I uploaded a picture so everyone can see how cute it is in person. This was taken straight out of the packaging, so it's a little flat. But after he wore it around and I puffed it up it looks wonderful!

31 Biofino Potatoes in Net

food, produce, dessert, flavor, P38,Price: $12 at

This Is What People Say:
I did not hesitate to order these because we already have several other play food items in this line and love them, and these potatoes certainly do not disappoint. I love the Biofino line so much is that the scale is larger than the tiny wooden Haba foods that comes in the tins, and so it is great for younger children as it is safer and washable too! The other reason I am so in love with the Biofino stuff is that the quality and detailing is just so exquisite! The fabric is soft and luscious, and the stitching and craft is beautiful.

32 Paidu Stainless Steel New Fashion Square Orange Face Mens Wrist Watch

product, electronics, lighting, hand, watch,Price: $12 at

This Is What People Say:
It has been a great watch that never fails to get comments from people on the Metro, on elevators, coffee-shop lines, and at work. And, shockingly, it has been keeping perfect time. My only complaint is that the mesh band is somewhat stiff, so it can be sometimes difficult to strap it on.

33 Men's Mighty Wallet Han Solo and Chewbacca Comic Panels

art, poster, modern art, comics, painting,Price: $15 at

This Is What People Say:
My husband loves Mighty Wallets and he was due for a new one. I bought him this as a Christmas gift and he loves it. The design is great and the wallet is very functional. One tip he has is to not over-stuff the wallet!

34 Loopits Storage and Hanging Organization

diagram, finger, hand, line,Price: $40 at

This Is What People Say:
We only used the sticky option to attach the pegs. When it was attached it looked good but for us the loop would fall off the pegs after a few days. We have not tried using the screws to attach the pegs. Overall I am disappointed at what was a cool idea.

35 Hokusai PS4 DualShock4 Controller Skin -

Phillies, Kanagawa oki namiura (Fuji behind the waves off Kanagawa [The Great Wave]), The Great Wave off Kanagawa, Under the Wave off Kanagawa (Kanagawa oki nami ura), also known as the Great Wave, from the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji (Fugaku sanjūrokkei), Search Collections,Price: $17 at

This Is What People Say:
Stickers fit very well and my friend loved it.

36 Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

sink, plumbing fixture,Price: $14 at

This Is What People Say:
Very cool product, makes opening bottles effortless.

37 View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

eyewear, red, glasses, goggles, bag,Price: $19 at

This Is What People Say:
This is awesome!

38 Plastics Black Camera Money Box Piggy Bank

camera, cameras & optics, digital camera, camera lens, Camera,Price: $18 at

This Is What People Say:
I love this coin bank. It looks and works great

39 Monday to Sunday One Week Treatment Sheet Mask

product, brand, THE, SECRET, DAYS,Price: $17 at

This Is What People Say:
Reskin's face masks are a first for me. You start on Monday and apply a new mask each day of the week. Each mask has different ingredients and properties so you get a treat each time you apply it.

40 KASIMIR Hedgehog Cheese Grater

clothing, helmet, bicycle helmet, font, wheel,Price: $28 at

This Is What People Say:
This isn't really useful if you're grating an entire block of cheese for a casserole or anything, but I knew that when I bought it.

41 IcoSoKu Brainteaser Puzzle

games, ball, ball, lighting, indoor games and sports,Price: $14 at

This Is What People Say:
This is a great toy/game for anyone who loves Soduku, logic puzzles or things like a Rubik's cube. It is absolutely addictive!!!!

42 Dash Salt Cellar with Flip Top Cover

product, cup, toilet seat, bidet, bowl,Price: $20 at

This Is What People Say:
The Chef'n Dash is very sleek and goes with any kitchen decor. The flip cover is very easy to open and keeps the salt fresh. So glad I have this product.

43 Oogi Junior Figure

cartoon, product, toy, illustration, ear,Price: $10 at

This Is What People Say:
Excellent for road trips, plane flights, dinners out, and car camping trips. Makes a really satisfying pop when disconnecting the different suction cups! Adults love it too, which makes it even better for outings to restaurants with long wait times. Truly a hit with all ages! (Review cross-posted with the bigger figure.)

44 3-in-One Wooden Puzzle Games Set

wood, toy, indoor games and sports, chessboard,Price: $18 at

This Is What People Say:
The puzzles are a nice size (about baseball size or so) and I love that they are made of wood. The box to hold the puzzles is also made of wood and very beautiful.

45 TAKE-out FAKE-OUTS Lunch Bags

cup, product, lighting, brand, drinkware,Price: $17 at

This Is What People Say:
I bought these because they are just plain funny, but it's actually so much more than that. The quality and size could not be more perfect. I cannot recommend this enough for both the humor factor and the functionality.

46 MOVERS & SHAKERS Salt and Pepper Shakers

bottle, product, drinkware, plastic bottle, glass bottle,Price: $14 at

This Is What People Say:
For the extraordinarily lazy BBQ'er/consumer... it's a self motivated shaker. Pull the string to save the wrist that annoying shake action.

47 Grumpy Cat Mini Plush

stuffed toy, bird, owl, toy, hairstyle,Price: $19 at

This Is What People Say:
I purchased this for a cat-loving coworker. And it brought so many levels of joy: gratitude, hilarity, and of course that it's just adorable.

48 Classic Cup with Silicone Band

PANTONE UNIVERSE, cup, product, lighting, bottle,Price: $14 at

This Is What People Say:
Gave this to a designer friend as a gift, she loved it! Its so cute and comes in a perfect square clear box to wrap. Fun gift for friends that have a favorite color and like coffee or tea. Bonus, it is a cool size. Not your typical coffee cup. Adorable.

49 Tassle Lightning Key Ring Charging Cable

keychain, fashion accessory, asnosal3,Price: $18 at

This Is What People Say:
Cute and practical! So far I LOVE it!

50 Rustic Leather Pint Sleeve with Handle

mug, coffee cup, cup, brown, drinkware,Price: $15 at

This Is What People Say:
This pint sleeve is awesome and was delivered on time.

51 Waterproof Waxed Canvas All Purpose Cord & Tool Bag

cash,Price: $20 at

This Is What People Say:
This is a roomy and nicely crafted all purpose sack.

52 DINNER DJ Kids' Dining Set

electronics, product, diagram, multimedia, technology,Price: $28 at

This Is What People Say:
The packaging is smart and gift-worthy. If given as a gift, on first impression it should get ooh's and aah's from young and old alike. And it will continue to impress as it's unpacked and put into everyday use.

53 Maneki Neko Charm Yakuyoke-un Collectible Figurine

clothing, baseball cap, cap, ball, toy,Price: $12 at

This Is What People Say:
The product is well packaged in a small box.

54 Men's Black Sheep Mighty Wallet

drawing, sketch, pattern, illustration,Price: $16 at

This Is What People Say:
I bought this wallet for my boyfriend and he loves it! It's made from a super sturdy material. It is very spacious and can hold several cards. I especially loved the pattern on the wallet because it is very unique and cute.

55 Architecture Coffee Mug

mug, cup, cobalt blue, product, drinkware,Price: $16 at

This Is What People Say:
It's a beautiful shade of blueprint blue, the drawings are very detailed and quite clear, and the mug itself has a nice heft to it. I would definitely recommend this mug to anyone who is a building nut.

56 Mini Elephant Bank

elephant, sculpture, elephants and mammoths, toy, material,Price: $28 at

This Is What People Say:
Cute little elephant bank bought for a baby shower. Very small (pretty much fits in the palm of your hand), but just what I wanted for the mom-to-be.

57 45 Record Coasters

gramophone record, wheel, brand, Keep, clean,Price: $12 at

This Is What People Say:
I can stare at them for hours. they're stunning. I love them and feel very satisfied with this product.

58 Women's Compact Wallet

bag, pink, fashion accessory, coin purse, leather,Price: $20 at

This Is What People Say:
Arrived on time and as expected. I ended up taking out the plastic card holder as it has enough space to hold 4-6 cards without it.

59 Astro-Fruit&veggie Keeper

red, product, lighting, toy,Price: $16 at

This Is What People Say:
I love this! looks just like in the pictures. awesomeeee!

60 Horseshoe Magnet

product, wood, number,Price: $14 at

This Is What People Say:
Beautifully made and a great way to learn about magnets.

61 Woodlands Erasers

stuffed toy, toy,Price: $6 at

This Is What People Say:
Cutest little things.

62 6oz "I'm Not Saying I'm Batgirl" Leather Flask

drinkware, bottle, flask, grm, not,Price: $15 at

This Is What People Say:
I bought this as a gift for a bat girl fan and she adores it! The writing came out crisp and clear, unlike many other printed materials.

63 Glitter Putty

flavor, Dorot, ingest, ise, pasar,Price: $9 at

This Is What People Say:
Creatology Glitter Putty has been lots of fun for my 3 yr old daughter. Doesn't dry out too quickly when left out of the container, and doesn't snap if stretched too far.

64 HEY GIRL, FEEL BETTER, Herbal Immune Booster with Vitamin C

material, GIRL, You, need, Feel,Price: $18 at

This Is What People Say:
I ordered this tea for to help boost my immune system and to keep at my house when I come down with a cold or flu. First off the packaging and name are adorable. I liked that each tea is in its own individual pouch and you don’t have to us a tea strainer which makes it really convenient if you’re a girl on the go like me.

65 Tootsie Roll Pop Gigantic Beach Ball

Tootsie Roll, red, pink, logo, ball,Price: $30 at

This Is What People Say:
Great item. Lots of fun to play with.

66 BEBE Cookie Teethers & Gum Massager

food, dessert, cookie, cookies and crackers, snack food,Price: $17 at

This Is What People Say:
My 6 month old baby girl just started teething, these were recommended in a baby led weaning group I'm a part of. They are not only adorable but have the right amount of texture to soothe sore gums.

67 Unicorn - the Night Light Lamp You Can Take with You

cartoon, product,Price: $8 at

This Is What People Say:
This is so STINKING CUTE!! It's small in size, but super bright. Seriously, you will not be disappointed. Get one of these for your kids, or yourself. It's awesome!

68 Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug -

drinkware, bottle, lotion, cosmetics, uyneed,Price: $19 at

This Is What People Say:
Love this little thermos! It keeps cold COLD and hot HOT for hours!

69 Nawrap Binchotan Dishcloth

wool, fashion accessory, towel, textile, pattern,Price: $10 at

This Is What People Say:
I think these are great dish cloths! I like the fact that they are like double folded, they have a scrubby side for texture and the soft side they're great for wiping counters and wiping my stove they rinse nicely I like the fact that they are the antibacterial.

70 Anigram Ring Holder

cartoon, organ, hand, finger, tooth,Price: $10 at

This Is What People Say:
I picked it up and was surprised how solid it felt. It's not a flimsy nick knack, it's got some weight to it. The design was beautiful. I really love sculptures and home decor that have simple lines and not a lot of detail.

71 Ties & Socks

wood, calligraphy, HAPPY, FATHER, DAY,Price: $14 at

This Is What People Say:
Great father's day present.

72 Compressed Towel Tablets

Siegwerk, flavor, drink, ESSED, TOWEL,Price: $15 at

This Is What People Say:
Fun and useful product

73 The Miracle Cube Timer

games, indoor games and sports, board game, dice game, font,Price: $17 at

This Is What People Say:
For those who don't like the setting choices, datexx has several models with different ranges.

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