66 Best Secret Santa Gifts under 20 ...


66 Best Secret Santa Gifts under 20 ...
66 Best Secret Santa Gifts under 20 ...

One of the best things about Secret Santa is that you can find super affordable, small gifts under a certain budget that will work for everyone involved. Here are our top picks for best Secret Santa presents for under an affordable $20!

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Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool

distilled beverage, liqueur, drink, alcoholic beverage, whisky, Price: $6 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I love the idea and having so many tools in such a small space - I bought this to use in an RV - but the pieces just don't stay together when store. The slightest tap and it all falls over and apart. Just need to have a better way to "snap" the layers together and it would earn the 5 stars.


Hammered Head Bottle Opener

automotive exterior, product, golf club, iron, wing, Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
It's very shiny and heavier than it looks. The bottle opener is pretty sturdy grips caps well, but the fin digs into your palm while using. The corkscrew is functional but a bit short. But come on, it's a hammerhead shark bottle opener! These minor issues can be overlooked.


Poppin Hot Oven Mitt

finger, arm, hand, organ, leg, Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
As a bear, I am often quite frustrated when I see bear-paw themed items that are not anatomically correct. You see, we have five toes. Five! So many products only have four. I feel slighted, cheated, insulted even, that so many companies don't even bother to check basic anatomy. These however have five, and therefore this product gets the Official Bear Maul of Approval.


50 Year Calendar Paperweight

gauge, product, clock, tool, measuring instrument, Price: $11 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I used my imagination with this one. I mounted it on a nice wood plaque and suspended a model of the Voyager space craft above it. Now THAT looks cool! For those interested, the planets are all on the floor of this orb. In other words, if you look at it from any side, you look through clear glass. But looking down on it you see the planets on a stary black background. Look from about a 45 degree angke and you still see the planets and syars but the glass magnifies the fartherest planets. Trust me, it looks good and you'll like it. Neptune is near the edge and a dark blue color. Uranus is there too. A blue green color. The weight alloows my model to hover safely above it. That was a good idea!


Classic Rolling Pin Wood for Baking

product, cue stick, sports equipment, Price: $16 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
If you are looking for the Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin, make sure you buy the "Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus". I can not say enough about this fabulous rolling pin and can't stress enough to make sure it is the "Plus" version. The standard or older version comes with 3 sets of discs that allow you to roll out your dough in the following thicknesses: 1/16', 1/4", 3/8" thick. The "Plus" version comes with 4 sets of discs adding 1/6" thickness. The pricing is virtually the same. So do yourself a favor and get the added versatility of the "Plus". This is by far the best rolling pin I have ever owned. It rolls smoothly and cleans easily. I am an avid cookie baker but always avoided cut-out cookies because I couldn't get the dough rolled to a uniform thickness. Now cut-out cookies are a breeze and a joy to make. You won't be sorry!


Squirrel Popper

orange, cartoon, product, egg, toy, Price: $19 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
This caught my eye, when looking for something fun to do with my grandson, who is seven and has special needs. I was impressed with the reviews, and --sure enough-- it was a big hit with my grandson! I started out shooting the balls out of the squirrel's mouth, and my grandson would happily retrieve them. Then I helped him do the "squeezing." Soon he will love being the "shooter," I'm sure. Lots of fun ... and harmless!


Mini Praying Mantis Finger Puppet

lizard, iguana, reptile, hand, toy, Price: $9 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Any one in Kansas City knows the love we have for the Preying Mantis. Who would have thought that one little bug would be able to unite a team and City the way that Rally did and Rally jr. is doing now. I fell for the craze hook line and sinker and knew that I just had to jump in along with everyone else. I know this is a finger puppet but little Mr rally is going right on top of my Royals hat for the remainder of the season. He a larger than I imagined but is of extremely high quality. The stitching and detail are top notch. Folkmanis did an amazing job recreating the preying mantis into something cute and enjoyable for all.


Touch Soap Pump

bottle, product, lighting, drinkware, Price: $8 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say
I purchased this soap dish to hold my scrub pad when we put in black granite countertops. It's not bulky at all but roomy enough for 1 - 2 scrubbers, and since it's plastic I don't have to worry about it chipping against the hard surface. The ridged bottom keeps water away from the pad, allowing it to dry, it doesn't slip around on the granite, and the color blends into the black so it's not visually obtrusive. Perfect!


Potato Masher Kitchen Tool

wine bottle, bottle, moustache, gadget, Price: $14 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
This fun potato masher works great, is easy to clean, and is dishwasher-safe. It's also made of eco-friendly recycled/recyclable plastic-wood blend. I have used this tool several times to mash potatoes, beans (for a dip), and avocado (for guacamole), and it was very effective for all of those uses. Although bits of food get stuck in the spokes, you can stick a finger or other utensil between them and remove any food remnants. There are little bumps on top of the spokes that help grip whatever food you're mashing. I actually prefer this kind of "palm tree" masher to the flat "grate" kind because it's easier to use and clean, and plus I like to be able to rotate/twirl the tool while I'm mashing. The handle is covered in a nice grippy silicone.


Fridge Magnets by Design Studio

product, heart, finger, petal, organ, Price: $13 at amazon.com
Nobody can complain about fridge magnets as a gift when they are this cute.


Cards against Humanity: Sixth Expansion

Kingston University, product, organ, brand, multimedia, Price: $10 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Lol I love this game!


Guardians of the Galaxy - Bobble-Head Figure

cartoon, toy, animal figure, figurine, Price: $11 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Darn you Funko. You won me over.


Mini Air Purifying Bags, Shoe Deodorizer and Odor Eliminator

fashion accessory, arm, hand, finger, textile, Price: $10 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Product works as described, sucks all smell from shoes.


Classic Makeup Travel Case and Holder

bag, shoulder bag, messenger bag, OUG, Price: $14 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I use this as a travel case for my coffee gear (aeropress, porlex grinder, scale, beans, etc) allows me to make good coffee while on the road. Bag is great. Perfect size for my use, or for toiletries kit if you were going to use it for that. well built, I don't see any reason this should or really even could break. Well made product. I now have several pouches from the same brand, impressed with them all. really well built, and after many many business trips so far nothing has even hinted at being a problem!


Washi Masking Tapes - Set of 20

product, box, carton, :::::::, PAPER, Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
This set was certainly worth the price. The rolls all have a desirable amount of tape on them, the tape sticks and holds (at least so far), and the packaging is wonderful. The colors included seemed to be not the best at first, but then I thought of how nice it was to have colors for cheerful, bright times, deeper, rich colors, and in between. It is certainly practical, and I am sure that it will only grow on me more. Also, everywhere else that I looked had the exact same item for TWICE the price and higher! I am not in love with this product, but I could see myself purchasing more of it when I run out. Instead of 4 stars, I will bump it up to 5.


Sleep Spell Holiday Crackers

text, product, brand, logo, label, Price: $19 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
What a cute gift for someone you really like!


SAUCED up Ravioli Spoon Rest

food, dish, dessert, baked goods, Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Funny and practical, it is about the size of an average drink coaster. Great for keeping messes in the kitchen minimized, we can toss a sauce covered spoon or spatula on it, then just give it a quick wash with the dishes. Love it!


Ax Pizza Cutter with Stainless Steel Cutting Blade

product, tool, dci, Price: $12 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Bought this as part of a funny gadget kitchen-themed wedding gift basket...they loved it! I can't comment on the effectiveness of the cutting since I haven't used it but it looked great in the basket. Gift recipient said they really enjoy it and it makes cooking that much more fun. :) Nice size...handle isn't too long, so I imagine you could get good leverage when cutting.


Human Face anti-stress Ball

barbell, product, exercise equipment, ear, sports equipment, Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Just looking at them works also! I couldn't stop laughing!!!


Fridge Magnets

blue, cobalt blue, circle, shape, jewellery, Price: $11 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Exactly what I needed. They hold pictures on the fridge perfectly. Fairly strong magnet. I have used them all to hold pictures on my fridge and even when closing the door fairly hard nothing slips. Looks nice on the fridge as well.


Keyring Headphone Splitter

technology, electronics accessory, electronics, product, electronic device, Price: $10 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
One cute detail I noticed is on the reverse side of the logo: they have a variation of the social network sharing icon that is prevalent on the web -very fitting for such a personal way of sharing your entertainment/work.


Air Purifying Bag

product, furniture, pattern, throw pillow, textile, Price: $8 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I bought this for my fridge because I always forget to change the baking soda. I had it in my fridge for a couple days when the smell of death started overtaking my bathroom. I suspect that the mouse that came as a free bonus with my bowflex died somewhere in the wall because I can't find a body. I couldn't stand the smell anymore, so I threw this in my bathroom before work and spent the night somewhere else. I came home about 36 hours later and I was terrified that the smell would be even worse. To my surprise, it was gone. Someone had told me that the smell of dead mouse would only last a few days, so I took the pouch out to test it. The next morning, the smell was back. I have no idea how this performs in a fridge, but it works great for the smell of death in a 10'x12' bathroom. I'm definitely buying a new one for my fridge and some others for around the house. I'll also keep these in mind if ever need to hide a dead body.


Stainless Steel Soap

lighting, toilet seat, dishware, Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Well, the thing works, no matter how silly it sounds, looks, and feels. To use it, you simply rub it through your hands under warm or cold water for about twenty to thirty seconds. It gets pretty much all of the smell of onions and garlic off of your hands. I make a lot of gumbo and my gumbo calls for onions, so I've had plenty of opportunities to use this steel soap after making a pot or two of it. Overall, a good product. I recommend it.


Aluminum Universal Magnet Mount for Smartphones

product, eye, Price: $15 at amazon.com

This is What People Say:
This package comes with one magnet and two metal plates. It is super strong, and aesthetically pleasing. The price is competitive with similar products. For example, Scosche, who is a big company with distribution at big retail chains also has a simple mount on the market with no articulation, it is around $15 too, but it's not as elegant as this one.


Wooden Lemon Juicer / Citrus Reamer

brown, wood, horn, produce, hand, Price: $14 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Beauty and function together in a small (but not too small) package. This is large enough to ream out a grapefruit as well as lemons, oranges and limes. It's also very solid, and the wood is beautiful.


Reusable Decal Sticker for GoPro HERO4 Cameras

camera, cameras & optics, digital camera, multimedia, 1080-60, Price: $10 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Used the camo skin and "the frame" case and mounted my go pro to my shotgun for a turkey hunt. Worked great. The skin is great quality.


E Flask Plastic Water and Beer Bottle, 16 Oz, Smoke, 100% BPA Free

product, Price: $13 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Slim, Sleek and different. There are so many water bottles out there but these are so cute and portable. They literally fit anywhere in my purse and in my backpack without creating a bulky and heavy extra weight. I can fit it nicely in my laptop bag without any problem and they seal wonderfully, therefore I have no worries that it will spill any liquids in my bag. Of course unless you don't secure it properly it will cause it to spill and create a mess of its own, just a word of caution before placing it in with any other valuable, expensive electronics. It is as tall as a regular water bottle and holds up just about the same amount of water as the regular water bottles. It is super easy to clean and maintain, no question of what is in the bottle since it is clear and noticeable to its contents. It is a BPA free product and this is really great, knowing that there are no bad chemicals used to produce this product is comforting. It has no smell not does it have or leave any taste of anything other than what you fill it up with. It is super easy to clean, just simply place it in the dishwasher and you are ready to go. It comes with a instruction index which it does state that it is not intended for freezing nor hot liquids, just caution so that you have a great product for a long time. Overall it is a great product by far it has replaced my other water bottles. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.


Hanging Aerium Orb Vase, Teal

vase, food, ball, produce, glass, Price: $18 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
This item arrived well packaged and as described. It is a lovely little vase, I am going to use it for an air plant. It's very small and lightweight and comes with the hanging wire installed and ready to hang.


Corki Bottle Stopper by Zoo

cartoon, figurine, animal figure, toy, Price: $8 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I readily admit I drink no wine. I bought it because it is beautiful. Usually attempts to replicate the corgi combination of beauty, cuteness, intensity and intelligence fall way short, and I don't like the thing. This got it. It also probably works for what it's made for too.


Silicone Hedgehog Card-Holder

product, lighting, Price: $9 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I got the hedgehog in the standard gray and it's great!


Diamond Box

wood, shape, furniture, box, table, Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I am always looking little decorative boxes to give money gifts at graduation, birthdays, and holidays. Areaware makes several options for hiding cash or small trinkets (or even a "legit" small piece of jewelry). This diamond-shaped box is a lovely little wooden gift by itself. Small magnets are embedded in the lid so it snaps closed on the bottom section with a very satisfying little click. Fold up a hundred-dollar bill and tuck it inside---it's a gift the recipient can immediately enjoy, and then the pretty wooden diamond is a keepsake.


Fujifilm Instax Groovy Camera Case

pink, coin purse, product, arm, hand, Price: $11 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Such a cute case! I love it! It comes with a strap as well, so if you are on the go you can wear it around your neck. You can also take the front part of it off (where the lens is) and take pictures while the camera is in the case.


Do You Live Here Doormat

Career College of Northern Nevada, Arkansas Alumni Association, text, font, handwriting, Price: $20 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Personally, I bought it because it's hysterically funny and matches my attitude perfectly. If you buy one, read the sticker on the back...it too is funny!


Chill Pills Case for IPhone 5 / 5s / SE

font, moustache, magenta, label, CHILL, Price: $5 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Beautiful case.


Storage Organizer Holder

pink, product, petal, organ, heart, Price: $9 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I was looking for a cute way to store q-tips on my vanity and I came across this little gem! I could not be more happy with it. Some reviewers are saying that it is too small but I think it's a prefect size. I am using regular size q-tips and I have about 25 in there comfortably. The two top petals of the flower come off so you can store a little more but I like the look with all three petals plus I find 25 q-tips on my vanity to be more than enough (I keep more in my bathroom which is what I use on a regular basis anyway). It comes with a plastic clear lid that sits on top to protect the q-tips from dust and other elements. And let's not even talk about how adorable it looks on my vanity! I'm 25 years old and still love this.


TOP BANANA Wine Bottle Stopper

banana family, yellow, banana, food, produce, Price: $8 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I purchased this item for my husband's birthday. He thought it was ridiculous, but once we actually used it, he changed his mind! The stopper works perfectly, and even if you have to put the bottle back in the fridge, the item is flexible enough to stay in place (even if you have to get a little creative with it). It is certainly a conversation piece and everyone who has seen it loves it. Plus, 'Banana' is one of my nicknames (my name is Hannah). The stopper is also very easy to clean and store. Would highly recommend!


Bohemian Floral Crown Headband

green, branch, christmas decoration, twig, fashion accessory, Price: $8 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say: l
Lovely and dainty!


Men's Han Solo and Chewbacca Comic Wallet

art, poster, modern art, comics, painting, Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
My husband loves Mighty Wallets and he was due for a new one. I bought him this as a Christmas gift and he loves it. The design is great and the wallet is very functional. One tip he has is to not over-stuff the wallet!


Black and White Project Notebooks

text, font, brand, label, project, Price: $18 at amazon.com
Perfect for notekeeping.


Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

sink, plumbing fixture, Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Very cool product, makes opening bottles effortless. The only issue I ran into was that the caps would just fall on the floor and I had to pick it up. To solve this problem I purchased "Interdesign Magnetic Pencil Cup" from Amazon, which catches the caps and matches the design of the bottle opener. Purchased together the two make up a rather pricey but effective and cool bottle-opening system.


View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

eyewear, red, glasses, goggles, bag, Price: $14 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
This is awesome! Picked mine up a few days ago, and took a while to get used to but after doing some research on the best apps to download the possibilities are endless for $30! I have an android moto X, and the quality of your phone determines the quality of your experience. This is first generation technology so many of the apps are still in development and not as polished as I would hope, but I know it will only get better. Youtube now has 360 degree videos you can watch with this. Download the google cardboard app first, and you can fly around the world in google earth which is amazing. A great app FullDive which has 3D youtube videos, and an internet browser you can use with this also. This is a must have if you know about VR and AR and want to get in on the fun. It will only get better as more developers create new apps. Best thing is the majority of the apps are free! The negative reviews sound like people who haven't taken the time to research the apps yet.


Pac-Man - Blue Ghost Action Figure

hair, cartoon, hairstyle, head, moustache, Price: $7 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I love Pac-man and needed the Blue Ghost in order to make my Pac-Man Pop Vinyl (separate purchase) feel complete.This is such an awesome Funko Pop, 100% authentic, and at a great price!


Camera Money Box Piggy Bank

camera, cameras & optics, digital camera, camera lens, Camera, Price: $16 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I love this coin bank. It looks and works great.


One Week Treatment Sheet Mask Pack

product, brand, THE, SECRET, DAYS, Price: $20 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
My favorite moisturizing mask sheet. It gives me pleausre of choosing a mask everyday. Each sheet mask has different functions. My face feel soft and moisturized after leaving it on for 15 minutes. It has no break outs.


Paladone Tetris Ice Cube Tray

purple, product, magenta, toy, rectangle, Price: $7 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
It is a more stiff tray so the ice is a little harder to get out when compared to other more flexible trays. It works great, makes fun ice shapes, and can be used for more than just ice.


KASIMIR Hedgehog Cheese Grater

clothing, helmet, bicycle helmet, font, wheel, Price: $14 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
This isn't really useful if you're grating an entire block of cheese for a casserole or anything, but I knew that when I bought it. Instead I keep it on my kitchen table so guests can shred the desired amount of cheese onto their food. it is so adorable and I get a lot of compliments. It has also been pretty easy for me to clean which is great since I don't use a dishwasher!


Chocolate Donut Inspired All Natural Soap

food, dessert, sprinkles, snack food, Price: $11 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I was looking for the perfect gift for a friend who loves donuts! This soap came in a very well protected box and smells amazing. I have not yet gifted the soap but I am positive that she will be super happy. Nectar Bath Treats also have lotions, cupcake soaps and bath bombs. I think they are the perfect hostess gift if you are looking for something different. They will be a great conversation starter for the party or occasion and I will be buying more in the future!


Funny Cassette Doormat

compact cassette, musical instrument, family car, electronic instrument, ACOUSTIC, Price: $8 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Love my doormat!!! It's nicer than I thought it would be... And really soft!


KOR Delta BPA Free Water Bottle

bottle, product, drinkware, glass bottle, plastic bottle, Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I love this water bottle! The style is so unique and slick. I have not seen a water bottle quite like it. The spout that you drink out of is perfectly shaped and feels so comfortable when you put your mouth on it. Its wide enough to guzzle but it doesn't spill water all over you. You can also take the entire top off to clean it!


IcoSoKu Brainteaser Puzzle

games, ball, ball, lighting, indoor games and sports, Price: $14 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
This is a great toy/game for anyone who loves Soduku, logic puzzles or things like a Rubik's cube. It is absolutely addicting!!!! We opened it up on Christmas Eve, and could not put it down. We ended up staying up most of the night working it out. And don't be fooled into thinking you'll figure it out easily, you won't. It's alot harder than it seems at first -- or tenth -- glance. Buy it and you will NOT be disappointed!


Dash Salt Cellar with Flip Top Cover

product, cup, toilet seat, bidet, bowl, Price: $20 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I do a lot of cooking and am always adding a bit of salt to my recipes. Even if you do a little bit of cooking, you'll find so many recipes call for a dash or pinch of salt. Having the Chef'n Dash Salt Cellar sitting on my counter with salt in it, just makes sense. I prefer sea salt which is a little more corse than regular. The Chef'n Dash is very sleek and goes with any kitchen decor. The flip cover is very easy to open and keeps the salt fresh. So glad I have this product.



red, heart, organ, petal, toy, Price: $8 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I love this ice mould, so easy to use and makes a great 💗 shape. Thank you


Oogi Junior Figure

cartoon, product, toy, illustration, ear, Price: $10 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
The kid is addicted. She insisted on taking this everywhere for a week, even to bed. It's even better when paired with the bigger figure. Excellent for road trips, plane flights, dinners out, and car camping trips. Makes a really satisfying pop when disconnecting the different suction cups! Adults love it too, which makes it even better for outings to restaurants with long wait times. Truly a hit with all ages! (Review cross-posted with the bigger figure.)


Wooden 3D Puzzle Games Set

wood, toy, indoor games and sports, chessboard, Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I got this to give to my Dad for Christmas. My Dad loves puzzles and has several. The regular 3D puzzles are not his favorite but I thought he would enjoy a different challenge. I was right! It was one of his first presents he opened to play with. I saw him look at it and study it and slowly take it apart. Then laughed as he struggled to try and put it back together. The puzzles are a nice size (about baseball size or so) and I love that they are made of wood. The box to hold the puzzles is also made of wood and very beautiful. I love the quality of these puzzles and my Dad is sure to enjoy them for many years. The display box allows him to store the pieces together and not have to worry about losing any. It also looks lovely in his 'Puzzle Room'. Great product for the puzzler in your family!


TAKE-out FAKE-OUTS Lunch Bags

cup, product, lighting, brand, drinkware, Price: $10 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I like to buy disposable lunch bags for my daughter that are a little more interesting than the traditional brown paper bag. Whether it's just a different color or just different in some way, that's the way I like to go. I bought these because they are just plain funny, but it's actually so much more than that. The quality and size could not be more perfect. I cannot recommend this enough for both the humor factor and the functionality.


MOVERS & SHAKERS Salt and Pepper Shakers

bottle, product, drinkware, plastic bottle, glass bottle, Price: $13 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Exactly what you picture only more deluxe chintzy. The implications of this invention are plenty.


Refleece Pint Cozie Water Bottle

green, textile, material, wool, flowerpot, Price: $7 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Perfectly paired with the KK steel pint cups. Made from recycled Patagonia products. Got 4 colors for 4 cups: red, grey, green and blue (my blue is blue) and they feel great in hand. 2 seem to have about the same texture and the other two feel slightly different. But that's the nature of recycled material and I love it! Extra bonus: they serve as great cup markers when guests are over.


Grumpy Cat Mini Plush (Birthday)

stuffed toy, bird, owl, toy, hairstyle, Price: $13 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I purchased this for a cat-loving coworker. And it brought so many levels of joy: gratitude, hilarity, and of course that it's just adorable. The material of the cat is extremely soft. I wish it came with something to hang it by, as a loop is available on the plushie. But I wouldn't take a star off for the price. it's higher quality than expected, and I did not notice any defects in color nor stitching.


Classic Cup with Silicone Band

PANTONE UNIVERSE, cup, product, lighting, bottle, Price: $11 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Gave this to a designer friend as a gift, she loved it! Its so cute and comes in a perfect square clear box to wrap. Fun gift for friends that have a favorite color and like coffee or tea. Bonus, it is a cool size. Not your typical coffee cup. Adorable.


Tony Moly Egg Pore Nose Pack 7 Sheets

product, brand, food, nose, pack, Price: $4 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I prefer these to Biore, the packaging is attractive, and the sheets dry very quickly. I use them once a week, while using a green tea mask on the other areas of my t-zone. I saw the difference almost immediately, and the weekly use maintains my clearer pores. They seem to work best if you use a warm washcloth on your nose for a minute or so before applying the strips, to open the pores. Once I remove the strip I wash my face to remove any remaining adhesive and the mask, and then use "Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner 10-in-1." This routine has my skin looking brighter and cleaner, and it all makes for a nice Sunday night ritual.


Brass Pencil Case

pen, ball pen, hair iron, Price: $15 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I love to write and I collect writing instruments. This is one of them and it gets a lot of use. It's slightly thick but the balance in weight is nice. It's very beautiful and useful. Midori is one of my favorite brands and I don't get to San Francisco often enough to shop.


Credit Card Size Casino Bottle Opener

surfing equipment and supplies, surfboard, Price: $3 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Really cool wallet tool. a bit heavier than expected but this i probably a good thing. it is solid, sturdy and works so well. it is maybe twice or 3 times as thick as a regular credit card, but still fits in the normal wallet slot. it is extremely easy to use and i dont think it will ever break.


Tassle Lightning Key Ring Charging Cable

keychain, fashion accessory, asnosal3, Price: $17 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
This letting is super convenient. I pretty much use it on a weekly or few days a week basis.


Rustic Leather Pint Sleeve

mug, coffee cup, cup, brown, drinkware, Price: $13 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Simple piece of leather that you can stamp with whatever design you want or leave it plain. Holds a pint glass steady.


JUMBO Cutlery Drainer Kitchen

product, bidet, lighting, furniture, toilet seat, Price: $9 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
It holds the cutlery/tableware and looks cute on the counter. Holds quite a few pieces, including a few serving/cooking pieces.


Kit-Tea Tea Infuser

orange, nose, cartoon, toy, stuffed toy, Price: $13 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Super cute! I have it at work and have had so many people ask where I got this. And how cute it is. Works perfectly. If you attached the top half front to back it works great and doesn't fall apart like some post I read about.

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