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Usefull Christmas Gifts under 5.00 for Girls Tight on Cash ...

By Leiann

There are loads of Christmas gifts under $5. No, Christmas is not all about the presents. However, you probably like to see the look on loved one's faces when they are opening up a gift.

Christmas gifts do not need to be expensive to be special. As always, it is the thought that counts. Even millionaires are frugal! So, don't feel like you are too poor or too cheap. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Remember, Santa is watching so give some of these Christmas gifts under $5 to stay on the good list.

1 Candle

Useful for aromatherapy or for when the power goes out, a candle is one of the best Christmas gifts under $5.

2 Coloring Book

No longer only for kids! These have been proven to lower stress levels in adults.

3 Nail Polish or Other Cosmetics

What lady doesn't like to try on a new tube of lipstick, nail color, etc.?

3 A Local Item

Is your hometown known for a certain item? Share that item for a unique and memorable gift.

4 Coffee

Whether coffee grounds or K-cups for the Keurig, coffee is always a nice gift to start the day!

5 A Journal

Journaling is the craze these days, whether for gratitude, health, etc.

6 A Snack

Buy either straight from the store or make homemade. Everyone loves a snack!

6 Box of Tea

Good for the tea lovers whose choice is either hot or iced.

7 Flashlight with Batteries

One may buy a flashlight and a pack of batteries for $1.00 each at Dollar Tree. Also, good for when the power goes out!

8 Book/Magazine/Newspaper

Good for the person who still loves the paper form of reading.

9 Oven Mitt/Kitchen Towel/Dish Cloths

These always come in handy as they wear out fast. Adds a new special touch to the kitchen too!

10 Coffee Cup

Your loved one will remember you with every sip.

11 Soup or Soup Mix

Whether bought or homemade, soup is good for a cool winter day.

12 Loaf of Good Bread

What about a good loaf of Italian bread from the bakery?

13 Jar of Jelly

Buy a special jelly, whether it is sugar-free, a unique flavor, etc.

14 Calendar

A calendar is always a useful present.

15 Sparkling Cider or Grape Juice

The perfect drink for non-drinkers.

16 Eggnog

Whether bought or homemade, this is always a Christmas treat.

17 Pasta with a Jar of Sauce

Give a special type, such as bow-tie with a unique sauce.

18 A Pie

Whether homemade or bought, a pie will compliment Christmas dinner perfectly.

19 A Flower

Whether fresh or potted, a flower or plant is sure to lift up a person's spirits.

20 Donuts

Delicious for the coffee-drinker in your life.

21 Scratch-off Tickets

Maybe your loved one will get lucky!

22 Gift Certificate for Your Personal Service

Whether for babysitting or cleaning their house, do something for free for a loved one.

23 Coupons in Some Sort of a Binder

Are you familiar with a person's shopping habits? Clip and make up a personal coupon binder.

24 Disposable Camera

Pass this around to take photos of the special Christmas day.

Hopefully, the above list has helped you out. Have a Merry Christmas!

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