10 Thoughtful Gifts Less than 10 for Money Conscious Girls ...


10 Thoughtful Gifts Less than 10 for Money Conscious Girls ...
10 Thoughtful Gifts Less than 10 for Money Conscious Girls ...

Deciding what gifts to give someone during the Christmas season can be challenging. Good news! There are loads of thoughtful gifts for less than $10 that won't break the bank.

If you have several people to shop for including family members, friends, and coworkers, holiday spending can get out of hand.

Check out these thoughtful gifts for less than $10 for some inspiration.

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Picture Frame

What is great about a picture frame is they come in varied shapes and sizes. You can place a quote in the frame, or a picture of the two of you together. Another option would be to give a blank frame and let the person decide for themselves what pictures they want to put in the frame.This would also be a useful present for someone who enjoys taking photographs or is at a memorable time in their life. Picture frames are one of my favorite thoughtful gifts for less than $10.



An option for the senses is candles. There are home decor stores where you can find wonderful candles for a low price. You can also have fun mixing and matching different candles and candle holders. Be prepared to smell a variety of options.



Surprisingly, some plants are not very expensive. They can brighten up someone's apartment and bring a refreshing look to an office space. You could even purchase seeds and a small potting plot to gift someone a beginner’s guide to gardening. Also if you are buying for a chef try looking for herb plants that she can use to cook with.



This is another gift the recipient can use from year to year. You can look for an ornament that matches their personality or what they like to do. Some stores carry inexpensive ornaments which can also be fun to decorate with. It's nice to think you gave a gift that can be used in someone's home.



You can look for spices, cooking utensils, a cute apron, or even ingredients for them to make their own food. There are also drink mixer gifts you can give, like a cocktail shaker.


Gift Cards

What is helpful about buying gift cards if you can set a limit to your spending. Many $10 gift cards are available. Also, the person can buy something for themselves with the gift card.

Just think about something they like to do or somewhere they like to go and the place should have a gift card option.



A DVD can be another cheap present which the recipient can use over and over again. If you saw a movie with the person earlier this year you could get them the DVD. This is a good present to get someone you know well because then you'll know what movies they already have. If you know the person well you'll also know if they have a DVD player or if they stream everything.


A Book

There are lots book lovers out there. Adult nonfiction is very popular and can span a wide range of topics. For example, if someone really likes hiking, you can get them a book about camping or exploring the wild. Some books have excellent photography as well.


A Mug

This is perfect for coffee and tea drinkers. You can search for a mug with their favorite show on it or a quote they really like. If you feel like adding more to the cup gift, you can fill it with candy, tea leaves, or coffee beans. You will have so much fun putting the present together.


A Scarf

Sometimes the traditional route is the best. This gift is especially useful if you are in a cold region during the winter.
A scarf is a warm and comforting, yet inexpensive gift to give.
The person who receives the scarf can wear it over and over again and think about you each time they do.

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