Top πŸ”Ό 10 Toys to Buy πŸ’Έ from Target 🎯 This Christmas πŸŽ„ ...

Wondering what are the top 10 toys from Target this Christmas? Whether you have kids of your own, nieces and nephews, or your friends who have kids, you know you'll have to get something for the little ones. Now the question is: what to get them? What’s hot with the kids changes constantly, thus you might be out of the loop as to what they want. So here are the top 10 toys from Target this Christmas that will hit it big with your or someone else’s little ones.

1. Hatchimals Surprise Ligull Hatching Egg with Surprise Twin

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Inside this speckled egg, are two adorable, loveable twins that your child can hold and play with. When it’s time to hatch the egg (after 25 minutes of responding to voice commands), rainbow eyes will glow through the egg (add another 40 minutes for the hatching process), the egg will crack and the Hatchimal will appear. Each twin has their own unique personality; one that likes to move and groove, and the other that will repeat everything you say. They also sing, dance, tell jokes, play games and more. This is definitely one of my favorite top 10 toys from Target this Christmas.. Recommended for children five years and up and they take AA batteries.

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