Perfect Ways to Make Your Christmas Presents Extra Special for a Special Person ...


Perfect Ways to Make Your Christmas Presents Extra Special for a Special Person ...
Perfect Ways to Make Your Christmas Presents Extra Special for a Special Person ...

Are you looking for ways to make your Christmas gift extra special? Christmas is coming and I know everyone is busy preparing for this festive season; starting from the Christmas decor to those special Christmas gifts for your family and friends. When it comes to presents, I have a few ideas on how to give your presents an extra touch of love. Here are the best ways to make your Christmas gift extra special.

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Pick the Right Gifts

First things first - the gifts you are giving to that special someone. You might as well do a little bit of research first before buying a gift for her/him. Know what they like, and what are the things that will put a smile on their face. It is not necessary for the gift to be expensive. There is no use buying your friends a pair of high heels if she prefers wearing sneakers. Knowing what to buy is one of the best ways to make your Christmas gift extra special.


Give Your Presents with Photos

I really love photos as they capture most of our memories when we ourselves forget about them. When you are buying your friends a photo frame for a gift, you can make it more special by attaching the most memorable photo of you and your friends. I guaranteed= that he/she will give you a big smile. You can also attach your photo to other stuff, like a journal, printing a photo on a cup or glass or using photos as a gift tag.


Print Their Name on It

I’m a fan of handkerchiefs especially if they are knitted with my name. Printing the name of your friends on their gifts will make them feel that particular present was meant for them and you were really thinking about them when you bought it. It will really make them feel special during this festive season. You can print their name on other stuff too, like a bracelet, rings, a necklace, shirts, dolls and much more.


Simple but Touching Words

You can’t just give your gifts to your friends without saying a word or by just saying “this is for you”. Instead of saying just “Merry Christmas,” how about we say a few more words? You can tell them that you are grateful for having such a wonderful friend like him/her; you love your parents so much and will do anything to put a smile on their faces. You can say simple words, but something meaningful for that person.


Attach a Card

If you are not really good at talking, try writing your words on a card. Writing a card is much better as you can think first before writing. You can write all of your feelings and all the things that you want to say to her/him on the card. Make sure to make it touching and funny. Please do not write just one sentence.


Surprise Delivery

What can be more surprising than receiving a gift at your front door? This is a very special surprise, especially if your friends or relatives are celebrating Christmas alone. They will be more than happy to see your presents waiting at their front door.


Give Your Presents when They Are Not Expecting Them

I really love giving presents to someone when they are not expecting it. It will make them appreciate your gifts even more. Give your new roommate or your new brother in law a Christmas gift too. I guarantee they will appreciate it even more.


Find a Special Place for Your Presents

For this festive season, try to think of other places to place your gifts other than under the Christmas tree. One holiday, my roommate went out to buy some stuff for Christmas and I put a Christmas present on her bed. It was her favorite dress that she had been eyeing and I bought it for her. She was so happy to see it that she rushed into my room and hugged me.


Handmade Gifts

What could be more special than giving someone your very own handmade gifts? I really love drawing a portrait, and one time I drew a portrait for my friend for her birthday. She really appreciated it and had it framed. It is not about the painting or your skills but the sincerity and effort that you have while you are making the gifts. You can make other things too, like knitting gloves, building a table or cupboard, making a doll, and much more.

I once received a handmade scrapbook from my boyfriend, which I treasure so much. It is not just a plain scrapbook. He attached all of my photos with him and my friends back in high school and he even asked my entire class to write something in the book. It is a very special gift and every time I look at it, I still shed tears looking at all the memories that I made in high school. It is a very special gift that I will treasure forever.

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