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7 Ways to Choose an Amazing Christmas Present He Will Love ...

By Paula

Whether you’ve decided to start your Christmas shopping in plenty of time this year or haven’t even thought about the festive season, there are some simple ways to choose an amazing Christmas present for your man this year. A little planning, plenty of thought and some creativity will all help you to come up with some great ideas, and here are some ways to choose an amazing Christmas present to help you get started.

1 Do Some Digging

If you can’t think of the perfect present for your guy, it’s time to do some subtle digging! Get him talking about his hobbies and passions and find out if there’s anything he really wants or needs. Chat about computer games, sports, art – whatever he’s into; strike up a conversation and you’re sure to come up with some ideas for the perfect Christmas gift! This is one of my favorite ways to choose an amazing Christmas present, but be sure you’re subtle so he doesn’t guess what you’re up to!

2 Ask His Friends or Family

Sometimes it can be really hard knowing what to buy him for Christmas, especially if you haven’t been seeing each other all that long. This is a great time to rope in friends and family to see if you can find out whether he’s mentioned anything he would love to receive as a present. I’ve used this trick in the past myself and it’s usually always successful!

3 Check Special Offers

You can get some great inspiration from websites offering special discounts on gifts. I’m signed up to a number of voucher and discount sites in the UK that often run deals on gifts for Christmas and birthdays. Not only will you benefit from a great deal, you’ll also often find inspiration from the deals that are sent to your inbox – you might never have thought of booking a Thai cookery class or booking tickets to a comedy show as a Christmas gift!

4 Think about His Passions

One of the best things to remember when choosing a gift for anyone is to get something they will like, regardless of whether you like it yourself or not! This means you might have to put your opinions and likes to one side when you start shopping for the perfect Christmas gift. My boyfriend loves boxing, so one year I bought him tickets to a boxing convention for the two of us. It wasn’t my favorite way to spend a Saturday, but just seeing how happy it made him really made my day. So think about your other half’s passions and interests and make sure you choose a gift that will really excite him!

5 Agree a Budget

Sometimes, it can be disappointing to realize you’ve spent a pile of money on a gift for your man, whilst he’s spent just a small amount on you. Likewise, if he’s bought you expensive perfume and a new dress but you just picked up a book by his favorite author for him, it can be a little embarrassing. Make sure you both agree a budget for Christmas gifts before you start shopping – so whether it’s £/$50 or £/$100, you’ll both be spending the same amount on each other!

6 Give Him Something to Remember

What do you think he’ll remember more in years to come – an awesome day out at cookery school with you, or a copy of the latest Grand Theft Auto game for PS3? I’m willing to bet it’s the former. Booking an experience or trip away for your boyfriend is the perfect Christmas gift, and shows not only thought but also planning and imagination! Think about what he likes – whether that’s cookery, driving or extreme sports, and plan something around that, but make sure you keep it a surprise!

7 Start Shopping Early

If you start your Christmas shopping early, not only will you have plenty of time to choose a gift, but you’ll also have time to do some more digging. This could involve showing him photos of things you’ve seen online or pointing out items when you’re shopping together and gauging his opinion. He’s sure to point out things he likes or give you his opinion on things he’s not keen on, giving you time to plan the perfect surprise!

Christmas shopping can be stressful at the best of times, but nothing is more stressful than rushing around the shops on Christmas Eve trying to choose a gift for the one you love. Order presents in advance online or start shopping early to ensure you have the perfect gift in plenty of time! What’s the most amazing Christmas present a boyfriend has ever bought for you?

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