5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Last-Minute Gifts This Holiday Season ...


5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Last-Minute Gifts This Holiday Season ...
5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Last-Minute Gifts This Holiday Season ...

Gift giving could be a good experience, or it could end up being quite stressful. The stress comes from not knowing what to give your friend or loved one, and it's something many people deal with. The following tips are meant to help with that so that the chances of getting the right gift are higher, even if you waited until the last minute.

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Look to the past

One thing you can do is think about the past. Hopefully, you've known the giftee for some time, so you might have seen this person get gifts from others. Try to remember the kind of gifts this person got and how they reacted to those gifts. Surely, this person was a little more excited about one type of gift over another. If you can remember this, then use that information to help guide you to the perfect gift as you try to get them something. You don't have to use your memory; maybe a friend of yours remembers some of the gifts this person has loved as well.


Get to Reading

The next tip to ensuring you get the perfect gift is to start researching. Whether it’s Made In Cookware reviews or an unboxing video of the new iPhone, there are plenty of resources online to help narrow down the list of options. Regardless of the product, someone is bound to have an online opinion about it somewhere. You‘ll have to read a few to get a good sense of what this product is like in real life. Also, you won't find a flawless product, so you'll see a few bad reviews. Ignore some of the reviews, like if someone gave the product a bad review because it didn't come in their favorite color.


Think of What They Need

If you know a person's needs or wishes, then that could help guide your decision. For example, if you know this person is in the business world, maybe you can give them a gift card to a tailor so that he or she can alter their clothes perfectly. If you know this person loves baking, then maybe a new cookware set could do the trick. The gift doesn't have to be too serious either. Maybe you can find a funny baking set to keep things a little fresh.


A Total Experience

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is offer an experience. The right experience can be fun and exciting, but you have to think about what this experience will be. For example, if you know this person doesn't love heights, then don't send them off to skydive. What you want to do is something you know this person is going to enjoy, like if this person loves to solve puzzles, then an escape room experience might be the right choice. If this person loves wine, then a wine tasting tour might be the right move.


Personalizing the Gift

Maybe you need to personalize the gift as much as possible? For example, if you have a flair in the kitchen, you can offer a meal or a treat. If you know how to make handmade lotions or candles, then why not consider doing any of those things for this person. The work you put into the gift is going to make the gift more meaningful. This is especially true if the person you're giving this gift to appreciates these types of gifts. There's no doubt it'll be unique, and that's a plus, too.

These are some things you could do to figure out what to give. Whatever you end up giving, it'll be good because it's coming from the heart, which is what matters.

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