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Dollar Store Ideas for Cheap but Awesome Holiday Gifts ...

By Leiann

The topic of this YouTube review is all about spreading Christmas cheer, no matter if you are poor with little money or wealthy being frugal. Some unique suggestions for the person with everything or the person with very little.

Jaime Thomas
Published on Nov 28, 2016

1 Baking

Stuffing an oven mitt with a muffin mix and some utencils is very useful.

2 Movie Night

Grab a DVD or 2 and tie some snacks. A good stress-breaker for the person needing a break.


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3 Coffee Love

Fill a travel mug with instant coffee packets or K-cups, a few creamers and some wafers. Exactly appropriate for the coffee lover that you know.

4 DIY Ornaments

Fill big and clear Christmas bulb ornaments with M & Ms or other small candy. For the person with a sweet tooth.

5 Gift Cards

If you do have the cash, buy a dollar store gift card to allow that special person to choose what they want.

The first 4 are close to $5.00 each while the last is a bit more expensive.

Easy ways to say you care, without emptying your wallet.

Merry Christmas!

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